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YWN EXCLUSIVE: President Trump To Attend Private Fundraiser In Deal, NJ

President Trump will be visiting Deal, NJ, next week, where he will be attending a private high-end fundraiser.

Sources tell YWN that the event will be held at the home of the late Stanley Chera Z”L, a close friend of Trump, and one of the most prominent members of the Sephardic Syrian communities in Brooklyn and Deal NJ. Mr. Chera passed away in April from COVID-19. The President would frequently mention Mr Chera in his speeches.

The prices to attend the fundraiser are quite costly.

According to an internal invitation sent to likely donors, to meet the President at a round-table is a whopping $250,000. Cheaper options which include photo opportunities and a reception are $35,000, and a smaller option is $5,600.

President Trump had previously attended a fundraiser at the Chera residence when Trump was running in 2016.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. So, Trump is coming from Washing DC to New Jersey. He should be subjected to the TriState 14 day self quarantine requirement. Let him hide in Bedminster at his golf club for two weeks before going to Deal, he wont be missed in the public spotlight.

    I guess this fundraiser is expecting a tiny turnout, due to NJ gathering restrictions, it can’t be very large.

    Imagine paying all this money for a Covid-19 opportunity……………….ridiculous

  2. If you read the fine print a large portion of the money is going to the convention account. That means your money is going to pay for a silly mistake of trying to move the convention to Florida. Meanwhile the syrian yeshivahs are having great financial issues, as many laid off needed Rabbis, Moros, and teachers and gave out zero raises this year. I think the money would be better spent donating to your community schools instead of paying for silly mistakes.

  3. [To replace previous]

    @ msl613: Who is served by such a comment? What is the alternative to the President? A party committed to a virulently anti-white, pro-depravity[1], pro-terrorist agenda. A party cynically exploiting a clearly senile man in a desperate attempt to keep their highly fractious Coalition of The Fringes from unraveling. The Democrats openly support the BLM-ANTIFA terrorists and the pernicious, thoroughly debunked “systemic racism” narrative.[2] Flawed and inadequate as he is, Donald J. Trump may be all that stands us between us and all-out anarchy, dissolution and savagery, HaShem yishmoreinu.[1]

    @ Joseph: Certainly, the President is someone who has a long record of being quite favorable and friendly toward Jews. And for that, certainly, hakaras hatov is warranted and required. But let us not limit our concerns to the narrow, parochial consideration of Is it good for the Jews? (And certainly, kal v’khomer, not on the question of what’s best for the Zionist usurpers of the holy name Israel and the State they established in defiance of the overwhelming consensus of leading rabbinic opinion).

    No man is an island. We live within the broader society. The kindness that a mostly white and mostly Christian United States of America has shown us has been extraordinary. We owe it to this demographic, especially, who make-up the very founding core of this land, to stand with them against the unprecedented, appallingly vicious attack that they are under; to support and encourage them in their fight to defend themselves, their heritage, their legacy, and their values. It’s OK to be white!

    [1] Another hardly insignificant specific area where the President and all but at most a few Republicans are admittedly sorely wanting in standing-up to the depravity and insanity but the Democrats are all-in with it is the “LGBTQ” inversion of morality and, now, even objective reality. Confused children are irreversibly harmed. Involuntary feelings have been deceptively, manipulatively conflated with voluntary behavior. (See MassResistance[DOT]org and ACPEDS [DOT] org )

    [2] Heather MacDonald’s work is invaluable here. But you might have trouble finding it, for MacDonald– eminently reasonable, measured, humane and compelling as she is– has now been increasingly censored and unpersoned by the Ministry of Truth. Think my Orwellian reference overwrought? Then you may be blissfully unaware of the increasingly Stalinesque environment we are living in.

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