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Health Dept. Gives “Cease & Desist” To Main Satmar Kiryas Joel Shul; Warns Of “Criminal Charges”

The Orange County Health Department visited the main Satmar Shul in Kiryas Joel on Wednesday morning and platstered a “cease and desist order” on the building. Viral photos on social media showed a man hanging up sign up from the Health Commissioner as a NY State Trooper stood nearby.

The letter can be read below, but most interesting is what appears to be a veiled threat of “criminal charges” if the social distancing rules are not adhered to.

Part of the notice reads: “The Orange County Health Department has received reports of mass gathering within the above addressed premises, You and all Congregants are directed to take any steps necessary to ensure that no more than 50% of the posted limit for the above addressed location, including maximum posted limits in any given room is not exceeded.”

“For the safety and welfare of you and your congregation, the greater community, and to avoid subjected yourselves to possible criminal charges you are are hereby directed to comply with the structures of the law and the Governor’s Executive orders.”

Hours after the “CEASE AND DESIST” notice was given to Satmar, the Kiryas Joel Office of Emergency Management released a one page alert in Yiddish about COVID and asked everyone to take proper precautions.

In a related story published on YWN WhatsApp on Wednesday, for the first time since assuming leadership, the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Joel will not be spending Rosh Hashanah in Williamsbug. A notice was sent out that the Rebbe would remain in Kiryas Joel. It was unknown if this was just for Rosh Hashanah, or all the upcoming Yomim Tovim.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. unfortunately this is not only satmar, were all guilty to a certain extent of being lax and lowering our guard towards this serious pandemic which affects all of us
    it comes a point where people have had enough of being locked up and being forced to change their whole way of living. be it shopping or davening or school or vacation or having to remain locked up and quarenting we are being confronted by a new reality for the foreseeable future and until we realize this is SERIOUS AND LIFE THREATENING we risk our own lives as well as those we come into contact with
    may we all be zoche to tichle shuna vkilosehu vetuchul shuna ubirkosehu

  2. It’s highly unlikely that an entire community has antibodies which only appear to last for 4 months. if everyone in the community had worn masks and social distanced for a month after Purim we wouldn’t have Covid interfering with our Yom Tovim.

  3. Democrat controlled states and cities across the country are all lying about COVID data to justify their un-constitutional lockdowns and violating the rights of citizens, Democrats and their Corporate cohorts need to be arrested and tried for treason and sedition! self appoint themselves as dictators……don’t believe anything they say and replace them asap, Traitors!… Most U.S. Citizens Are ILLITERATE To Their CONSTITUTIONAL Rights, Attorney General Barr Said yesterday the Constitution was Violated by the Lockdown, Will He Do Anything?

  4. can somone who is a lawyer explain what the constitutional law it is to not obey the health department and crowd in a public space is there a law criminalizing this everything seems gray and not clear

  5. can somone who is a lawyer explain what the constitutional law it is to not obey the health department and crowd in a public space is there a law criminalizing this everything seems gray and not clear is it

  6. Satmar as well as everyone else on 13th Avenue, has to play by same rules as everyone else vis a vis face mask & social distancing.

    They should remember, that Corona plays by same rules to them, as to everyone else in society.

    BTW if they don’t like Orange County, how about their relocating to Victoria State Australia, and then we shall see their attitude towards Orange County.

  7. Proud Republican: Yup, they all have “antibodys” in lieu of brains. Don’t “give in”….resist until the very end. No masks…no social distancing. All those levayahs in Willy back in March, April and May and all the nightly stories here in the YWN and other media about those who were niftar from Covid in the frum tzibur were all FAKE NEWS. No bodies, no levayahs, no hespeds. Never give in. Your “freedom of expression” is worth dying for.

  8. It’s a protest!! Nothing to worry about! Cuomo has done NOTHING to save human life in the State of NY besides for blaming Trump. Let me see him do the same to the Black Community. He wouldn’t dare!!!

  9. Not since WWII has the HEALTH BUREAUCRACY been so CORRUPT and Dangerous! They have Partnered with the Leftist Media and DemocRats and BLM and Antifa to Destroy our Economy, Violate our RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS, and OUR CIVIL RIGHTS!

    Satmar and other Jewish Groups Must Hire a Lawyer to Ask the Justice Dept Attorney General Barr to SUE the HEALTH DEPT and NIH, for using INFLATED NUMBERS from PCR TESTS THAT GIVE UP TO 90% False Positives, for Using Inflated Death Numbers from Ventilator deaths in April, for Forcing SHULS to Close against our Constitutional Rights, for MASKING MANDATES that VIOLATE OUR HUMAN RIGHTS and have NO SCIENTIFIC BASIS or any Data that it’s Safe to Mask Children all day.

    Wake up, Yidden, this is WAR, but instead of GUNS AT YOUR BACK, they stoke fear of a Virus at your Backs.

    Here are Articles with PROOF of what I’m Saying:

  10. Perhaps we should adopt the policy being used in some Asian countries of requiring those who fail to wear masks and violate social distancing rules to dig the graves for local Covid victims. I’m sure the proud Republican and his chevrah would view such kavod hames as preferable to having to pay a fine to the NYS Health Department.

  11. Kiddush Hashem everywhere, you just need to look closer.

    Now, two great Jews in the news who care about saving Jewish lives –
    the Orange County Health Commissioner and the President of Ukraine.

    Shana Tova.

  12. If the health commissioner cared about protecting people from the deadly COVID virus, they would have encouraged Hydroxychloroquine +Azithromycin + Zinc and vitamin D. They would have encouraged all healthy people to take Vitamin C, D and Zinc daily.

    O wait, they should have told Dictator in chief Coumo to not force nursing homes to take back COVID patients.

    If I remember correctly in the beginning they said masks are huworthless it’s for the people who want to calm themselves down by thinking its doing some

  13. At some point, if yidden decide for themselves that they want to be korbonos in the mindless pursuit of some abstract notion of “liberty” and “personal freedeom” we should step back and allow them to walk off the cliff. Sadly, medical ethics will not allow a hospital ER to give them the lowest priority for treatment if c’v we do get a surge in covid cases in the next several weeks. At a minimum, perhaps CT Lawyer can provide them with a link to good trust and estate lawyers in the NYC/Monsey Metro area.

  14. All this for a fake virus? Any yet they never shut down those BLM protests. It is clear that Esav sonei Yaakov will always be a thing

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