WATCH: Leading Flatbush Rabbonim & Roshei Yeshiva Have COVID-19 Message For Community


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Rav Elya Brudny, Rav Yisroel Reisman and Rav Moshe Tuvia Lieff speak to our community about the continuing dangers of COVID and the need for masking, distancing and testing.

See the video below:


  1. Wait, we’ve been inspiration to the world? Did I miss something. When was that? Everything else in the message seems reasonable enough.

  2. Rabbosai, use seichel. If you feel really sick, then test if you must, but we need to get the numbers DOWN! If all you feel are sniffles, DON’T TEST. If you only “think” you might have COVID, but feel fine, DON”T TEST! DO NOT TEST AS A MATTER OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!

    All the government cares about is the percentage of positive tests not how sick people are or the number of hospitalizations and deaths. Your positive test when all you feel is mild aches and pains will just jack up the numbers. It’s not like testing for Strep when you fill a prescription for an antibiotic and actually benefit from testing. There’s nothing to do for a positive test.

    Do you want to make a REAL difference? If you feel perfectly healthy, TEST!. If you have antibodies, TEST! Let’s get the numbers down!

  3. With all due respect, this will not work. Even if you “nip it in the bud” this time, it will still come back unfortunately and you will have close down for the 3rd time. This is the case now in Europe. This cycle will keep on repeating ad nauseum and will do more harm then good ,destroying the economy and peoples sanity. The only thing that will work is keeping the vulnerable in seclusion , and pursuing a policy of herd immunity, whereby life goes on as normal for the rest of the population.

  4. hey @becauseisaidso: I don’t have a problem if you don’t want to test, but if you have symptoms then you should be staying at home and not putting others at risk. In my experience most people will not do so unless they have a positive result.
    Besides, while you may fool a few people in the govt’ for a short while with these sort of shenanigans, you won’t reduce the spread of the virus so you may be able to keep your business open, but people (and now it is becoming more common to see young healthy people in their 30’s and 40’s being hospitalized)are still getting very sick and or dying.
    However, if people could just wear a mask and practice basic social distancing much of this can be avoided

  5. Imo people should test if they feel good to unskew our positivity rate but should especially test if they suspect they have covid, so that they and their family can quarantine and to warn people that they were exposed to. I find it reckless that people with covid symptoms are being told by others to disregard their potentially deadly infection and not go test.

  6. ahgutvurt, exactly. This is the reality. BUT I say if poeple want to drag it out in their communities they can do so, but they cannot expect wveryine will jump on that wagon when their way defies the reality of the virus.

  7. It defies our Torah, our mesoroh and who we are as a nation of maaminim bnei maaminim for people to argue against the pesak stated in this video, unless your own Rov has paskened otherwise.

    As frum yiden we have a simple solution to our problems where you unsure as to how to act Al pi Toroh – “asei lecho Rav”. Follow your Rov’s guidance, and life will be simple and fulfilled.

  8. Problem 1: there is no long-lasting immunity
    Problem 2: a person with very mild symptoms or none is still expelling hundreds of virus particles with every breath, every single minute, for weeks.
    Problem 3: no one can know the long-term effect of the disease on young boys and girls who get exposed.

  9. A little leitzanus destroys a lot of mussar. Will the leitzanim please refrain from their nonesense so that the message of the rabbonim, not the anonymous laitzanim hiding behind a keyboard, can be heard?

  10. @fakenews Agreed. If you feel sick, stay home. Never said otherwise. The point is to get the percentage of positive tests down so the city will leave us alone.

  11. It’s dangerous and bad advice to tell people not to test. The point of knowing about a positive test is to be extra careful about staying in quarantine, even, if possible, from one’s own family, but, certainly, not to venture outdoors. Without confirmation of a positive test result, many would not implement that level of caution. They might even decide to be careful when feeling ill and venture outdoors when feeling better. Imagine such a person lowering their mask to speak with friends who they, per chance, meet on the street? Is it inconceivable that upon feeling better they might assume (having failed to test and now feeling well) that they have not caught the virus, when in fact, they might have? Passing it to just one person could cause a massive spread, G-d forbid.