Williamsburg: Cuomo Announces Shut-Down Of Massive Satmar Wedding


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Health officials in New York delivered a ban days before a scheduled wedding after receiving reports that “upwards of 10,000 individuals” were scheduled to attend the ceremony in Brooklyn, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.

At his briefing Saturday, the governor explained that state officials received word of a the wedding after the NYC Sheriff’s Office issued a warning against attending an event in clear violation of gathering limits.

New York Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Ducker signed a Section 16 order prohibiting the wedding scheduled for Monday in Williamsburg. The order was served Friday evening by the New York City Sheriff’s Department, officials said.

Although the location of the wedding was projected to be held outside of the red, orange and yellow COVID cluster zones under careful watch by city and state officials, the projected size of the event triggered action from state officials in accordance with current gathering limits.

“We received a suggestion that that was happening. We did an investigation and found that it was likely true,” Cuomo said. “Look, you can get married, you just can’t have 1,000 people at your wedding.”

The state had not heard back from the parties served the shutdown order but they have the opportunity to request a hearing with Zucker, Beth Garvey, special counsel to the governor, said.

YWN notes that the rabid self-hating Jew Naftali Moster of the YAFFED Organization who has been working for years b’emisiras nefesh to destroy our Mosdos Hatorah, has the past few days been alerting the media and the authorities about this wedding. 

Tensions have escalated in the past week in Brooklyn between residents living in neighborhood clusters and city and state officials.

Lawsuits filed against the state accuse Gov. Cuomo of “anti-Semitic discrimination” after the recent crackdown on religious gatherings within cluster zones. The lawsuit filed in federal court this week accused the governor of making negative, false, and discriminatory statements about the Jewish Orthodox community as he imposed new coronavirus measures to counter the state’s rising infection rate in so-called “red zone” areas.



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  1. I think that when were burying Tzaddikim every day, from a highly contagious fatal illness, its NOT a time to make big weddings. If anyone can prove that Moster’s intentions are to save lives, rather than to smear the frum community, Id be on Moster’s side. But because hes been another Sharpton-style publicity hungry rabble rouser over the years, looking to incite hatred of the frum community, I doubt it.

  2. lol everyt time I google up an covid shut down in the jewish neighborhoods a ywn article pops up on top YOU ARE JUST AS RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE TO FRUM COMMUNITY MESIRA JUST LIKE NMOSTER

  3. So we have the inept and tone deaf Cuomo and deBlasio on one side and a bunch of mindless yidden on the other side seemingly oblivious to what is happening around them. How could you even think about holding a chassanah with thousands of guests in the current environment, even outside. There is NO liklihood that the guests will all be wearing masks and socially distanced for the entire evening and more likely, they will crowd together to get closer to the Rebbe. There is no reason they cannot hold a much smaller simcha now with the immediate families and defer the big reception until the infection risks have subsided and a large percentage of the tzibur has been vaccinated.

  4. Would love to know how to pay for a wedding for 10,000 people. Mazel tov! May your wedding take place in Yerushalyim, with the coming of Moshiach.

  5. 1.) What is the point of– or even the justification for– publishing that photo? Isn’t it misleading? The photo obviously cannot be of a wedding that has not taken place yet.

    2.) What could possibly be the justification for planning such a large wedding under the circumstances?

    3.) Could any Governor, Mayor or other public official reasonably be expected to tolerate such behavior?

  6. Why is he different then Jacob Kornblou (who YWN has been defending) who publicly told the Mayor about a shul in BP that was operating on Yom Tov.

  7. “The order was served Friday evening by the New York City Sheriff’s Department, officials said.”
    Blatant anti-semitism right there. And Williamsburg isn’t even in a red zone. Just call it a protest and you should be fine.


    The Same day that CUOMO Singled Out Jews yet again, to cancel the Jewish Wedding-




    In June, Blasio BANNED Health Workers From Collecting COVID DATA on BLM/ANTIFA/PROTESTORS/RIOTERS





  9. When are these people going to learn that these weddings are not going to be tolerated under current circumstances? Why can’t they just follow the rules??

  10. Let’s bring in Heshy Tischler to lead the struggle. It was ok to have ten thousand protesters closely together at the black tans life matter event near crown heights. Trump 2020 and dump all democRATs

  11. Since when is in antisemitism to enforce laws intended save lives and protect the public good.
    Since when is it permissible according to Halacha to ignore public laws and encourage the youth to be flagrant law breakers.

    As a physician dealing with Covid patients I respect Governor Cuomo for his stand. I question the motivation of our rabbis and community leaders who encourage such criminal behaviour that leads to illness, morbidity and mortality amongst our neighbours, jews included.

    The only anti-semitism I see is the future intolerant your community will have to deal with from non jews and secular jews who will regard the frum community as selfish law breakers who endanger our community. Our rabbis are setting the stage for the new blood libel of the future..

  12. To “[email protected]” -a special Bracha was made in Shemona Esrei by Chazal (who BTW knew more about molecules than you ever will), it’s called VELAMALSHINIM, go check any commentary on prayer and prove it means anything else.

    As far as your claims that Chasidim aren’t taught about what’s not visible to the human eye, ask any kid if he heard about God and Gehennom, not too visible to the human eye but yet quite a good place to start.

  13. I can’t believe that frum Jews would be so irresponsible as to schedule an event for ten thousand people.

    And I can’t believe that people are blasing Cuomo for cancelling the event. He cares more about Jewish lives than we do.

  14. @5TResident There is 2 ways to llok at the pandemic and yddishkeit do we say theres a pandemic do we say that we have the pandemic so what about minyanim chasunas bar mitzvos yomim tovim ect or do we say that we have minyanim chasunas bar mitzvos yomim tovim ect so what dod we do abt the pandemic? isay the 2nd object

  15. Gadolhadorah
    “There is no reason they cannot hold a much smaller simcha now with the immediate families and defer the big reception until the infection risks have subsided and a large percentage of the tzibur has been vaccinated.”
    1) This is not how weddings work in Jewish law
    What vaccine?
    What will the vaccine accomplish more than natural antibodies?

  16. “JEWS are the only GROUP being TESTED AS A GROUP by BLASIO and CUOMO.”

    I am an observant Jew and I have not been tested for COVID. Neither has my wife.

    I went to outdoor minyans this past Shabbat with only 20 people attending, all socially distanced and all wearing masks. I have been working entirely from home since mid-March. I avoid mass spreading opportunities like they are the plague. (They are.)

    I plan to survive this pandemic.

  17. What at antisemite. This is what you get for voting democrat. All you askonim telling us to register Dem to vote for this man. He is the most of 2 evils.

  18. Hello all! Gut Voch! WE cannot have these mass chasunas as small chasunas will be cancelled. The Rebbe us a decent person and will adhere. I promise YOU ALL!

  19. This moster going around being moiser on any frum institution is a big rachmanus and is creating a shreklicha Gehennim for himself let us Daven for him

  20. In the coming Parsha, Rashi writes about marital relations in the Teivah(7:7):

    הָאֲנָשִׁים לְבַד וְהַנָּשִׁים לְבַד, לְפִי שֶׁנֶּאֱסְרוּ בְּתַשְׁמִישׁ הַמִּטָּה מִפְּנֵי שֶׁהָעוֹלָם שָׁרוּי בְּצַעַר
    “The men separately and the women separately, because they were forbidden to live together as man and wife since the world was living in a state of distress”

    While this may not be practiced today for various reasons, the general principle would seem to hold true, that we should think about the pain of the larger non-Jewish society even when getting married, or when Davening, for that matter. The need for this sensitivity is universal, and goes beyond any particular Jewish group.

    In addition to public health concerns, there is “eivah” and anti-Semitism, and the ethos of the 3 Shavuos, one of which is “not to rebel against the nations of the world”(though some would counter with the Oath of ” the nations, that they would not oppress Israel too much”).

  21. Anon: “This is gonna be fun…”

    You have a perverted sense of “fun”. If they have the wedding, which will inevitably result in increased infections and hospitalizations, you will be laughing?? Or maybe if the police try to shut it down and there is violence and injuries you will be laughing even more??’
    Yep, lots of “fun”.
    Really a tragedy that BOTH sides are acting so irresponsibly.

  22. Mr. Moster (1) Likely prevented human suffering by helping to shut down a “super spreader” event and (2) prevented an even larger Chilul HaShem by helping to keep this very bad idea of an event from occurring.

    When are we going to understand that we need to manage our own house (as it were) if we want to end both the spread of this insidious virus as well as the attacks against Jewish communities?

    Mr. Moster is not to blame for this. The “Rabbinonim” who thought that such a large gathering in the middle of a pandemic bear that responsibility.

    Let’s get it together, okay?

  23. Just FYI you Satmars, many countries including Israel and Britain, weddings are limited to:- Capped at 15 people maximum. So shame on you Satmars who are totally devoid of reality. All this in addition to all the various Takonos even before Corona, to scale down the size of Simchos!!!

  24. distracted, it costs nothing to have thousands of spectators. And if they each bring a present, even if it’s only $18, you make a profit. You can even give them a sandwich and come out ahead.

  25. Talk about being selfish and stupid. So many Yeshivas including their own schools in Boro Park are under attack and to do this at the same time?? How foolish and irresponsible. The Rebbe should be a model for his followers showing them that keeping are Yeshivas open are our priority; not making huge events with ten thousand people and creating such a huge chill hashem.

  26. They ASSUME its 10,000 people. Nothing close to that number. Not even 400…..
    And only a very small fraction compared to BLM rioters….
    But I guess the Moser Moster is more concerned with the Rebbe’s and his chasidim’s wellbeings than the BLM’s. What a racist!

  27. How did they get 10,000 that seems like a lot?

    I hope this thing doesn’t happen the world is already sick of our behavior. It’s getting hard to defend our name when each day someone brilliant from the Jews comes up with some new shtick to put in everyone’s face.

    I mean it’s not like the world is looking at us with a magnifying glass. at cuomo’s and de blasios conferences all questions are about jews.

  28. The ONLY reason why Coumo and DeBlasio have the audacity to do what they are doing is because of Jewish “religious” mosrim. It’s always the Jews causing our biggest trouble. Why didn’t he make sure the anti-Trump rally in Manhattan didn’t happen?

    And people use your brains! Why are we the only testing for the virus in mass numbers? Stop being stupid, stop listening to these so-called” leaders” and cars with speakers urging people to vote… it brings our numbers up while other communities and neighborhoods which don’t have mass testing but don’t have their numbers going up this way with asymptomatic people and false positives. Only get tested if you feel that you have the covid-19 symptoms or if you’re traveling and it’s mandatory to get tested or for medical reasons. Otherwise, if you have no symptoms, their is no reason to get tested for the virus. Rather get tested for anti-bodies if you want to know whether you’ve had it or not.

  29. You know, it’s really pretty amazing. The “other” Satmar just lost their Rosh Hakuhal to COVID-19, and YWN had several BD”E notices of other prominent members of the community who were lost to COVID-19. Nonetheless, this branch of Satmar moves forward with plans for a wedding with over 10,000 attendants (despite the attempt to paint it otherwise in the letter put out after this came out – look at the schedule and locations listed, and you can tell what was actually planned) that is highly likely to turn out to be a superspeader event – and when they’re prevented by the State, which is trying to protect peoples’ lives in spite of themselves, YWN blames Naftali Moster for daring to let the state know what is planned.

    In the Parsha of Egla Arufa, it is the Ziknei ha’Ir who have to say “Yadeinu lo shafcu es ha’dam ha’zeh” – we personally have not spilled this blood. Chazal explain this to mean that the while it’s obvious that the Ziknei ha’Ir did not actually kill the individual, they have to testify that they treated the slain individual properly – they gave him food and shelter, and sent him on his way with proper escort. In planning an event, I would thing that there is no way that the leaders of Satmar who gave it their OK could say “Yadeinu lo shafchu es ha’dam ha’zeh” – they not only did not make sure people were properly protected, they actively encouraged the people to endanger themselves, and would bear the achrayus b’dinei Shamayim if someone were to C”V die as a result. As such, I would think that they’d owe a great “thank you” to the hedyot – and he most certainly is a hedyot – who prevented them from being nichshol.

    an Israeli Yid

  30. To all those saying let’s beet the virus or we will beet the virus if so-and-so that is pure Kochi Votzem Yodi. So forget about Muster or Kornblough, can you really look in the mirror and say that you trust that hashem is running the world.

  31. 1. Is having such a large-sized wedding potentially dangerous for the spread of covid?
    2. Is it making a C.H. to have such a large sized wedding now (or even in the past)? Not just because of the virus but also people are hurting economically or hurting educationally.. Did anyone reading about the wedding have positive feelings about it?
    4. Is this an attempt by Moster to besmirch Yidden so he can advance his other agendas?Should we give him more reasons to defame his fellow Jews?

  32. My wife and I had covid, in all it’s glory, at the end of March. All my kids were tested and have antibodies. Since then, we are bH living normal lives. Shul is regular, chasunas are well attended. Went to a beautiful oif ruf kiddush this shabbos which was bH well attended. I live smack in the middle of a red zone but I’m not in any danger because I identify as a Floridian. The courts already paskened that nature follows each individual’s preference.

  33. > Ronnbo October 17, 2020 9:11 pm at 9:11 pm
    > “Since when is in antisemitism to enforce laws intended save lives and protect the public good.”

    Since they singled out Jews, and only Jews, from a plethora of different groups (of which only a few examples have been mentioned by other comments) that openly violate with impunity.
    And since the “red” zones they had declared excluded non-Jewish zones that are MUCH worse in tested COVID infections than the Jewish “red” zones.
    And now they have even announced that they will designate “red” zones on a block-by-block basis.

  34. Is a Rebbe’s shtecken also “religious liberty “or that be Second Amendment
    ? Shmek tabak?
    First we abandon the public sphere and commonweal rights and stabbed it in the back
    Then we choose to uphold every last convenience for us as “religious liberty “