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YWN has been inundated with reports of inspectors flooding the Flatbush and Boro Park “red zones” on Monday.

By 11:30AM, inspectors from the NYC Department of Buildings had already visited nearly two dozen Mosdos Hatorah.

Initial reports state that inspectors are asking to enter the buildings, and if denied, they are given a summons for a court appearance in a few months along with a $15,000 fine.

Highly credible sources tell YWN that the inspectors were provided a list from the State that has the names and addresses of every single Yeshiva, and were hoping to visit each one today.

YWN had no information if any Yeshivas were even open.



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  1. Meanwhile in Westchester, over 1000 active cases, 50 hospitalizations, 6 deaths just last week. No red zones, no enforcement, not a word from Cuomo.

  2. BS”D
    Will an attorney please come forward?
    Is a private school required by law to allow in an inspector who does not have a court order signed by a judge?
    What is the $15,000 fine and summons for, particularlly if the inspector is not allowed in?

  3. Are you sure this is true because three of our “leaders” were pratically begging on their knees for him to stop…I’m sure this news is a mistake.

  4. This is what Happens when Jews Fell into BLASIO’s and CUOMO’s COVID-PCR-TESTING TRAP.

    Other Groups: Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Asians, BLM- DID NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP.

    Even though Blacks and Hispanics have Twice the Hospitalizations, all Over NYC, Every Borough.

    That’s why Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Asians, BLM, Are Enjoying The Freedom in NYC , and JEWS ARE BEING PERSECUTED, RACIALLY TARGETED, RACIAL DISCRIMINATION.

    But Y’all just keep Testing and Reporting to Herr Blasio and Herr Cuomo.

    And YIDDEN keep allowing Yourselves to be put on High Pressure UNMONITORED, BACTERIA-Laden VENTILATORS.


  5. Imagine if the inspections were to reveal exemplary levels of compliance with those of the regulations that are reasonable and justified.

    Imagine if the overwhelming response from Orthodox Jews to the present demands from the Governor and Mayor were to take a two-pronged form:

    1.) Recognize and acknowledge the parts that are reasonable and justified (such as placing some restrictions on weddings; minyanim; non-essential business, etc.) and make a sincere, concerted effort to ensure all members comply with those;
    2.) For the parts that are not justified (and, in many cases, nor even logical, such as closing schools and parks; excessive restrictions on shuls, on commerce, etc.) make the case using substantive, well-reasoned arguments that reply upon facts and logic.


  6. This government was elected in by blind citizens including many self-identified “Yidden” in places like Williamsburg. You did this to yourself, and the rest of NY has to carry the burden! This is what you get for electing Left-leaning establishment governors into power.

  7. Imagine we wouldn’t have coumo as governor! Bderech hateva, we would have 15 or more levayas a day. We would need more cemeteries! Chasidai umos haolam

  8. response to derech eretz; your logic makes sense here & we have done a terrible job explaining our position
    here is the challenge
    a. there is no boro park covid response team… “MEN DARF” who is the men?
    b. ” reasonable & justified”- thats it frum neighborhoods , rabonim , & gov. are so far apart on restrictions, YET each think they ARE BEING reasonable & justified. i daven in a shul with hundreds of ppl & i sincerely believe its reasonable.. i try to wear a mask when i am around other neighborhoods as a sensitivty .., i did wear one in bp between yomkipur & sukkos as at that time i felt it was correct.. it was a good & humbling experience
    you are also correct FACTS is crucial – and in the spring i followed closely hatzoloh scanner, chevra kadisha.. hospitals… yiddish inteligent blogs with a ton of anecdotal data
    we are almost out of this i think yeshivas will begin opening by mon

  9. “Does the Health Department need a warrant to inspect a business?”

    Enough with the games. The closure was set for 2 weeks, and the numbers are already declining. Governor is already talking about “reevaluating” on Wendsday.

    I’ll give the benifit of the doubt that the overwhelming majority of מוסדות follow the rules. Let’s jot down the names of those that recieve summonses so that we can identify the bad actors who makes things worse for everyone.

  10. If a Yeshiva is “closed”, and as such there’s no one there to “open up” for the purpose to allow the inspectord to enter the building, there’s no basis to fine the school.

  11. On the positive side. Our mosdos are as safe as they have ever been. Between the police, Sheriff, DOB, DOH, FDNY, and dozens of cameras trained on every building who would start up.

  12. @stevenn, you are wrong. There are so many goyish neighborhoods and cities with many more cases and deaths from coronavirus. Cuomo doesn’t care. He doesn’t lock down any of those places.

    If all Cuomo wanted to do was help, he wouldn’t have inspectors look at EVERY SINGLE YESHIVA. They are trying to make trouble. Because it’s not only the yeshivas, it’s also the stores, shuls, and everywhere else in the chareidi communities. He wants to make trouble.

    Cuomo is a huge rasha and an anti semite. And when his father died, rav avigdor miller said baruch hashem. Hashem should please remove cuomo from office.

  13. The inspectors visited two yeshivas in Queens last week. Both were in a yellow zone where schools are permitted to remain open. Nonetheless, the inspectors handed out $15,000 fines to each school because “our manager, martinez,” told us that jew-schools are not allowed to be open anywhere. (these fines were rescinded before the day was over). Wake up, people!

    I have many more horror stories to share with you but Halloween is still two weeks away. In a very busy commercial building in NY, the tenants demanded that the management designate a special elevator for “people from the red zone.” The management declined the request. Wake up, people!

    Trump signed a law making anti-Semitism on college campuses a federal crime. When Biden is elected, it will be a Federal mitzva to commit anti-Semitism. And to add insult to injury, the pro-Trump lunatics will look at the supposed “jewish” vote and blame his fall on the jews who they will deem to be ungrateful slime. This story began the same way a number of times over history and we already know the ending.

  14. The Liberal Dem’s script is copy/paste from their descendants going all the way back in history, of blatant antisemitism that has a new name in every generation. Currently it’s defined as , “we mean your wellbeing”. That’s why they’re feeding the media w all this skewed stuff and harassing our entire community. From the goodness of their hearts.

  15. @jews4biden: “Cuomo is a huge rasha and an anti semite. And when his father died, rav avigdor miller said baruch hashem.”

    1.) Rav Avigdor Miller (z’khuso yagein aleinu) departed this earth in 2001– nearly fourteen years before Mario Cuomo’s passing in 2015.

    2.) There may be any number of reasons to consider both Andrew Cuomo as well as his late father Mario reshaim but antisemitic? I see no evidence for such an accusation. Granted, the current Governor Andrew may very well be guilty of selective enforcement efforts targeted at Orthodox Jews but as best as I can tell, such selectivity is neither (a) exclusively directed at us nor (b) directed at us because we are Jews.

    3.) Your posting handle, jews4biden, would appear at odds with the views you have expressed.