HAFGANOS: Hundreds Of Chareidim Protest “Religious Persecution Due To Corona” In Jerusalem [VIDEO ROUNDUP]


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Some 600 Charedim blocked the intersection of Bar Ilan and Yirmiyahu Streets in Jerusalem on Tuesday evening in protest of the arrests of Chareidim who were in violation of the Coronavirus regulations. The Chareidi protesters, mainly members of the Eidah Chareidis were expressing their outrage over what they consider to be religious persecution.

The protesters lit dumpsters on fire and slid them onto the roadway blocking traffic and access to the area. They fought with police officers who attempted to clear them from the roadway and allow the traffic to flow through the intersection. The Police Special Patrol Unit and mounted unit attempted to control the throng of angry protesters and used water cannons to disperse the crowd.

Deputy Commissioner and Lev Habira Precinct Chief Shimi Marciano was present at the protest that had gone out of control.

As a part of the protests, numerous displays were set up along the intersection depicting various scenes. One showed a baby carriage and held a sign that read: “The father of this baby did not get to participate in his son’s Bris, because he was tossed into prison for the sin of attending shul.”

Another display read “Our dances turned to mourning as the Police troopers arrived to destroy our weddings, fined and hit us, and even sprayed us with skunk water.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Unlike the American courts which are siding with religious freedoms, the high court in Israel is so liberal this is precisely why ppl arent rushing to make aliyah

  2. The father of this baby did not get to participate in his son’s Bris, because he was tossed into prison for the sin of attending shul. Now it doesn’t take much to know why these salacious police have earned themselves the distinguished appellation of “Nazis” They only have themselves to blame, and as for Netanyahu, this upcoming election :- I have for the very 1st time, withdrawn my support & vote from Netnatyahu.

  3. We are used to such behavior of demonstrators here in the USA. Most of us were turned off by the BLM protests all summer long. 99% of these claims are bubbe meises. If you don’t want to go to jail and miss your family, stay home.

  4. I’m not sure what exactly these people are protesting. They have been behaving as if Covid doesn’t exist while the rest of us are stuck in endless lockdown as a result.

  5. 600 people? no way!
    we see some stoop id Peleg litvats and a dumb brisker snorting “Nazi” but no real Meah shareim people there.
    Basically there are those who light the fires and since most charadim dont have internet for entertainment so they go to watch the hafganots.

  6. Shame on the people who go against the Torah! You can as well go around as a non-jew! All the clothing you wear with the hat is worth ZERO! You’re making an enormous chillul Hashem! That’s not what Hashem wants! Hashem wanted us to learn our lesson from COVID, but these people just want to bigger punishment! STOP THE CHILUL HASHEM IMMEDIATELY! stop screaming NAZI, you people who do this and go out on the street and rebel – YOU ARE THE NAZIS! You are not careful with the rules. You people who go around are rozchim because you cause people to contract COVID, and they can die because of YOU! I think if we will all stop doing a chilul Hashem, then Hashem will surely stop COVID. STOP and think if your one of them, and if YES, THEN STOP IMMEDIATELY!!!! Thank you!