WATCH IT: Boro Park Shomrim Apprehend Suspect Who Steals Car With Young Teen Inside


A terrifying situation was quickly brought to an end thanks to fast-acting Boro Park Shomrim volunteers.

The dramatic incident unfolded just minutes to Shabbos, when a known-car thief jumped into a parked vehicle on 45th Street near 15th Avenue that had its motor running, and sped off. In the backseat, was a 14-year-old boy.

The owner of the vehicle called Police and the Shomrim hotline in a panic, reporting what had just taken place, and gave a description of the vehicle and the direction it was heading.

Meanwhile, the maniac driver pulled a knife out and threatened the young teen, who managed to jump out of the vehicle a few blocks later.

Around 10 minutes later, a Shomrim member noticed the vehicle on 18th Avenue and Dahill Road, and called Police to give them the vehicle location. The vehicle kept driving to Cortelyou Road and East 3rd Street, where he was apprehended.

He was taken into custody by Police and charged with at least 7 charges.

Thankfully, the terrified passenger was not injured.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


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  2. Hey there poster #1, THE JUDGE, that’s the Courtesy, Professionalism, and Respect that the police cars have emblazoned on their sides means!

  3. Cmon give the cop a break I am sure that is the tone they use on anyone getting too close to the scene. Meanwhile, who leaves a car with motor running and doors unlocked?

    Completely unnecessary racial profiling over there. He was a bit overzealous and probably should have been a bit nicer to the guys who just apprehended the criminal they were trying to catch. Your comment was totally unnecessary though

  5. The Judge

    Your comment is racist and rude.
    They don’t need bystanders gawking, and they have a right to ask pedestrians to clear the area.

  6. @the judge
    As an aside the cop is actually not black. Look again. Not that it makes a difference your comment is inappropriate either way.

  7. It’s amazing to see how finally the bigots on YWN are starting to be called out.
    Let’s continue to fight racism (when it’s a cop or a criminal, both.)

  8. @ Honesty period, Pashut08701, mommamia22, bk613, Huhhh:
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    Hope it will clear out the story a bit better!