NYS Assemblyman Rosenthal Endorses Yang For NYC Mayor


New York State Assemblymember Daniel Rosenthal on Tuesday endorsed Andrew Yang for Mayor of New York City

Representing New York State Assembly District 27 — which includes Kew Gardens Hills, and parts of Kew Gardens and Forest Hills — Assemblymember Rosenthal has fought hard to bring real tangible results for his constituents.

Said Assemblymember Daniel Rosenthal, “As New York City is facing an unprecedented health and economic crisis, hate crimes against the Jewish community are rising at historic levels. Getting our City back on track requires a new approach to leadership and creative thinking. Andrew Yang not only has the vision for a path forward, but has shown his deep commitment to the individual needs facing all of New York’s diverse communities. I am proud to endorse his campaign for Mayor.”

A rising star in New York politics, Rosenthal was instrumental in mobilizing Kew Gardens Hills in support of Council Member Jim Gennaro in February’s special election. The turnout and support for Gennaro was nearly unanimous in Rosenthal’s portion of the overlapping electorate.

Over the years, Assemblymember Rosenthal has been a fierce proponent of increased funding for our educational institutions, both public and private, securing security grants for houses of worship and increasing access to healthy and culturally sensitive food, particularly through the economic hardships created by the pandemic. As Chair of the Assembly Task Force on Food, Farm, and Nutrition Policy, he has been a leader in addressing food insecurity through programs like Nourish NY which connects regional agricultural producers with emergency food organizations, including many kosher providers like Met Council.

Rosenthal, an outspoken voice against rising antisemitic incidents in New York, praised Yang’s resolute stance against the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions. Amidst a group of community leaders, Rosenthal cited Yang’s commitment to yeshiva education, religious freedoms and creative problem solving abilities as important qualities in the City’s next mayor.

Said Andrew Yang, “I am deeply proud to have the support of Assemblymember Rosenthal, a true leader in the Jewish community. As mayor, I will be committed to making sure all members of New York’s Jewish community feel welcome and safe in our City, and will respect their right to religious freedom. I look forward to working with Dan to address important issues facing New York’s Jewish community and accelerate our COVID comeback together.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. What’s wrong with Rosenthal? And the Frum people in the pics? Have they learned nothing? Stop electing democrats. They run cities into the ground. Do these NYers not feel taxed enough? Yang wants to do away with all modes of transportation…..except for roving electric tram cars.