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FRIGHTENING VIDEOS: Hamas Terrorists Terrorize Jews In Manhattan’s Diamond District

Demonstrations that brought out both pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian supporters to midtown Manhattan on Thursday led to some tense confrontations, with police saying multiple arrests had been made.

There was no information on the number of arrests or the circumstances, but video clips posted to social media showed some punches being thrown before police stepped in and created space and barriers between the two sides.

Other videos showed what appears to be Hamas terrorists – dressed in Palestinian Kafiya’s and driving in the back of a pickup truck – in the nearby Diamond District, where Jewish store owners have had a longstanding presence.

In one video, people could be seen scrambling to get some distance after an explosive device was lobbed at Jews.



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  1. We need to wake up and do Teshuva ppl!!!! Its time for us to realize that we were never in control and that theres only one Hashem!!! May He protect us

  2. Hey Geraldo Rivera, you moron, looks like Israelis terrorizing innocent Palestinians in NYC. Oops I got that backwards.

  3. A profoundly irresponsible headline. No different from idiots referring to Israelis as Nazis. You are simultaneously underplaying what Hamas is and emboldening future hate.

  4. In other words:- This entire debacle is exclusively de Blasio’s fault.
    This should be keeping nancy pelosi way busier & more concerned than some peaceful protest on January 6th, and who cares about her laptop?

  5. Wow Natzi Germany right here in NYC.
    Who could have imagined that 20 years ago, September 11th when those muslin terrorist crashed the twin towers, are now marching down 47th street freely, throwing rocks & lighting fireworks, & screaming death to the Jews.

  6. Hold on. We can all sleep safely tonight, knowing that Letitia James is vigorously investigating former President Trumps private tax return from 1978. Same for fellow democrat Cy Vance.

  7. this are Ocasia-Cortez and Ilahns Omar people and also Sanders people.Thats typical manner of the palestinians.

  8. Extreme language warning unable to post videos – Ok. Thanks for the censorship, Mom. It’s not like it’s 2021 and we hear bad language every single say living in the real world…. LOL

  9. Long past time to ditch the idol of Zionism. It is clearly against the Torah to counter-protest against these dangerous savages with the “Palestinian” flags. This is simply Zionist idolatry.

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