Crown Heights Jewish Community Throws Support Behind Eric Adams For Mayor As New Poll Show Him In The Lead


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The Crown Heights Jewish Community held a meeting with NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams on Tuesday, where the highly influential community leaders threw their full support behind the candidate.

Extremely credible sources tell YWN that there are some significant developments in other Jewish communities around NYC, where some major endorsements are expected for Eric Adams in the next few days.

Meanwhile, late Tuesday night the NY Post published a poll that shows Eric Adams as the frontrunner in the race for Mayor.

Eighteen percent of likely Democratic voters said they were backing or leaning toward Adams, followed by 13 percent for Yang and 11 percent for Garcia, in the Fontas/Core Decision Analytics survey.

Both Adams and Garcia gained ground from the prior Fontas/Core survey conducted in March, while Yang saw a drop in support.

The 60-year-old, who has served as borough president since 2013, has spent 22 years in the NYPD, helping establish 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, to improve relations between the black community and police.

Adams has been a staunch supporter of the Jewish community in NYC, hosting events to better relations between communities, and giving funds to much needed community organizations. Most recently, Adams was able to facilitate the funds to Williamsburg Hatzolah for two brand new ambulances.

(YWN World headquarters – NYC)


  1. The greatest mistake the American Jewish community ever made, and it’s just the start. Is, we let the antisemites (left, eurotrash, Islamists) work on the black community all the way up, until 29% of blacks poll as antisemitic!!! There was a well financed concerted effort by Brits and Islamists to make blacks hate Jews. It’s because our nature is to leave people alone. While simultaneously not fighting against the Islamist violent and demographic takeover of NYC. First with Weiner’s Muslim Brotherhood wife, then more directly with AOC. And now there are 600,000 or more Islamists living in NYC alone. A million in a decade.

    What we should have done is teach the black people who seem widely unaware, what Islam is doing to black Christians throughout Africa. The atrocities non-Muslims face in Nigeria, Eritrea, Somalia, South Sudan and so many others are the worst tragedies in the world over the past few decades. Reported a drop, but barely. But what goes completely unreported is that according to the victims many these African Islamist governments are openly being trained by Iran through Hezbollah. Iran has the blood of millions of blacks it should have nothing to do with on its hands, while it accuses others of colonialism and racism. The power Iran has in terms of propaganda and colonialism can only be explained by the global antisemitic obsession. And the weirdness of Jewish self hatred and stupidity.

    Even more so how few American blacks know or even care about what’s going on in Ethiopia, Nigeria etc to black Christians mainly (most of the other religions have been wiped out long ago). It’s actually bizarre. Why aren’t Jews educating African Americans to be against Islamist immigration, and, why aren’t Jews against Islamist immigration?

    Now look what you’ve done.

  2. Heaven forbid they would throw their support behind someone who actually LIKE the Jews!
    NYC has never been as peaceful as it was under Juliani and Bloomberg!

  3. It may be a good idea for Jews not to be a monolithic vote. Reliable voting for the same party/person makes parties/candidates not interested in pursuing you. As someone said “what do we have to lose”?