Former Journalist Attacks Bennett’s Claims That Unvaccinated People Are Endangering the Public


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Former channel 13 news presenter and journalist Oshrat Kotler published a letter thsi past week castigating Prime Minister Naftali Bennett for his claims that unvaccinated people are endangering public health.

In a public post on Facebook that was written as an open letter to the Prime Minister, Kotler attacked Bennett.

“Those who were vaccinated become infected with coronavirus and infect others with coronavirus, and also develop serious illness. So on what basis, exactly, are you demanding a million people who are concerned about the vaccine to go get vaccinated? I also got vaccinated, and suffered from a very frightening inflammation of the heart muscle, to this day I suffer from arrhythmias and impaired thyroid activity.”

“There are thousands more in the country like me! The FDA warns of this side effect as well as others that have been discovered in the meantime, so how dare you incite against a million Israeli citizens? Your claim that the unvaccinated are endangering public health is a scandalous claim that has no scientific basis. People who are vaccinated are contracting the disease, infecting others with the Coronavirus, and even developing serious illnesses as a result.”

Kotler spoke on 103FM and said “I was terrified, it still terrifies me. It is a divisive, inciting text with no scientific basis.”

“I am in contact with scientists, there is a very big controversy among scientists both regarding the vaccines and regarding the method by which coronavirus disease should be managed or dealt with. Among the billion vaccinated people around the world, if we can believe the data, one million in Israel (who have not been vaccinated) is a minority, so it lacks rights?”

Kotler added: “With regard to the Green Tag regulation, please explain what the actual benefit is of preventing unvaccinated people from attending events when it is clear to everyone that even people who are vaccinated still contract and spread the disease. How are you and the Health Minister, who once preached liberalism, giving voice to this flagrant discrimination against a wide range of society based upon medical issues.”

She continued: “The Coronavirus is here to stay, including its variants. We need to learn to live with it, and not force people to take a vaccine, or to uproot entire swaths of the population. We need to understand this virus not incite against our own people.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The real scary part is that it’s not just Israel, it’s a pattern in the whole world. The control is getting out of hand and they will keep villainizing anyone who doesn’t follow their agenda. Even worse any 3rd world country inhumane policies are being adopted by 1st world countries truly looking like a one world government. People who still don’t realize this are totally out of touch. Just remember it took many years to throw Jews into concentration camps once the masses accepted and even proactively wanted that. These things don’t just happen overnight. It’s a long process of breaking into people’s mind and making them accept anything.

    But just keep telling conspiracy. Just likw the Covid passports and mandatory vaccines were a conspiracy. How did that turn out?

  2. I’m shocked to see such an article here on Yeshiva world, who have been spreading garbage propoganda and lies about covid vaccine and corona every day. A little glimmer of truth is nice for a change.

  3. I’m shocked that YWN posted this letter and not ignored it. Seems like the editors here are waking up to the reality about vaccine safety unlike they acted one sided during the measls outbrake. The truth will always prevail!

  4. I would like to commend YWN for its bravery and honesty for posting this article. Its very hard to reverse positions after pushing a one-sided agenda for so long. I am really impressed with their editors that were willing to post this. Its a huge zchus for them that will result in more achdus in klal yisroel, less people rejecting, criticizing and marginalizing others for a baseless lie and hatred that was sold to them against the unvaccinated people (many if not most have recovered immunity or have real safety concerns). May the truth continue to spread and in the merit of realizing that we can not control this virus – because Hashem controls it based on our teshuva- and in the merit of people being kind to one another even people of different opinions and views, may we merit the coming of moshiach very very soon!