HORRIFIC TRAGEDY: Mother And 3 Children Among 5 Killed, Dozens Injured In Northern Israel Bus Crash [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


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A horrific crash in Northern Israel claimed the lives of at least five people – four of them from one family on Wednesday afternoon.

The crash happened on Route 89 in the Upper Galilee, near the town of Hurfeish, when a bus and multiple cars collided. The bus overturned in the crash.

In one vehicle, 35-year-old Moran Ben-Eli A”H from Ma’alot-Tarshiha and three of her children were R”L killed. Her sons Dekel and Liam and her daughter Annael were identified. Their father, Reuven, who was also in the car, is hospitalized in serious condition.

The body of a fifth victim, 76-year-old Asher Basson from Kiryat Yam who was driving the bus that turned over in the crash, was identified later in the evening.

According to first responders at the scene, 48 people were treated, some in serious condition, and taken to various hospitals in northern Israel.

The military deployed Air Force helicopters of the Airborne Combat Rescue And Evacuation Unit 669 to aid in the rescue efforts.

The Bnei Akiva youth movement said the bus was carrying children and teenagers who were returning home from a day trip. Seventeen of the children on the bus hailed from the West Bank settlement of Mevo Dotan, said settler leaders.


  1. BDE. What a tragedy.

    Same reaction here as Avraham’s post above. While I’m sure many in their mid-70s are still fully able to drive safely, but it is reasonable to ask why would a responsible group such a Bnei Aikiva take the perceived risk of having a member of the golden age club drive their kids in EY. In the U.S., most states have a minimum age (18 YO) for school bus drivers but I don’t believe their are any upper limits, aside from an annual or bi-annual medical exam requirement applicable to ALL drivers. My only thought is that EY may be having the same labor shortage as the U.S. where most school districts are experiencing critical shortages of school bus drivers. Perhaps the same in EY and that non-profit groups like Bnei Akiva cannot offer competitive salaries and benefits to those offered by Eged etc.

  2. I want to know why you lot feel its necessary to start pointing fingers and playing the blame game the minute you hear of a tragedy. Disgusting is an understatement. Besides for lacking in the basics of emuna don’t you at least have basic human decency?!