HEARTBREAKING NEWS: U.K. Government Murders Two-Year-Old Alta Fixsler A”H


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YWN regrets to inform you of the Petira of two-year-old Alta Fixsler A”H.

All of those following the plight of Alta in Manchester know that every legal angle was exhausted to prevent the U.K. government from pulling the plug on her. Sadly, that was done on Monday evening. A judge had ordered her to be taken off all machines by Monday.

A minyan of family a close friends were in her room, as singer Sheyela Gluck sang emotional niggunim as those gathered wept about what was about to unfold.

Alta A”H had suffered a brain injury during birth and was unable to breathe or eat on her own.

The Fixslers, who are Belzer Chassidim, refused to disconnect Alta from life support and the doctors referred the decision to the court despite the fact that her parents, the legal guardians, opposed it.

The parents’ claim that they and Alta are Israeli citizens and they want to transfer Alta to an Israeli hospital was rejected. The explanation that they belong to the Jewish religion that forbids taking Alta off of life support fell on deaf ears. The parents also stated that they want to live in Israel with Alta and when it comes time for her to die, they want her to be buried there without any delay, and this request was also rejected.

The judge rejected all their requests with the justification that Alta is a toddler who is not familiar with and doesn’t understand what religion and Judaism are – and therefore this argument should not be considered at all.

The family pleaded with the highest courts to allow them to fly her to Israel for care.

The British government refused.

U.S. Senator Schumer arranged for her to receive U.S. citizenship so she can be flown to the US for treatment.

The British government refused.

On Monday, the British government murdered Alta Fixler A”H.

Boruch Dayan HaEmmes…

Alta Fixler levaya live
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  1. lech lesholom , these neshamos are gilgulim & tikunim that we know little about
    practicly there is no shiva for such a child , as the guf wasnt a bar kayama on its own
    tehei nishmasah tzerura …klal yisroel stands be arvus with the broken parents

  2. BDE – please advise levoya and kevura arrangements as soon as they are known. At least Mary Hassell is not the Manchester Coroner so the meis should be released immediately.

  3. presumably whoever pulled the plug had a dif of a rodeif….no one killed them?
    I would have.

    Strike that–I still would, if I knew who it is and encounter them.

  4. Don’t blame the UK government — it had no authority to save her. The courts ordered her death, because the law required it, and there’s nothing the government could have done about it. The government must obey the law.

  5. The British were never Ohavei Yisroel. They were complicit in many anti Semitic actions throughout the millenia. Hopefully Queen Elizabeth and her family suffer repercussions along with the rest of those wicked people. Their British accent makes the impression that they are upright people. They are absolutely not.

  6. Have just returned from the Levayo. It was so sad but also so inspiring to hear the father talk about his love for his daughter o”h but also his complete acceptance of Hashem’s decree. What a Kiddush Hashem!

    Only Simchos

  7. just wondering why did the uk government care to keep the child alive. MONEY?
    they were offered all expenses, and AMERICA and ISRAEL offered to take in the child to take care of her. ????

  8. what kind of law? any sense to it?

    why is the government more powerful then the parents?

    why didn’t they let him take the child with a volunteer ambulance and then transfer with a plane to a different country

  9. Certainly, the UK government played a nasty and unforgivable game for this family. Perhaps I know most of the story, but not all of the details. What was the intent for this little girl? Was it to bring her to a hospital in Israel or the US, in hopes that she will suddenly get better? Were there medical professionals advising that she had a substantial chance of experiencing a recovery, or did we anticipate that she’d be in a vegetative state for decades? From what I understood from the most in the medical community, her life would likely have been spent connected to life support in a facility. Of course Hashem can heal all, but to likely lay on lifesupport for years to come- that’s not an answer. BDE

  10. Chachomom hizohoru bedivreichem.

    It’s natural that when news like this happens, emotions run high and people say bad things.

    Let us not forgot the UK has been a Malchus shel chesed for our people since ww2 and the Kinder Transport right up to nowadays being one of the few allies Israel has.

    It’s not helpful or polite to throw around accusations and name calling at the governemnet which was following the law. The law was interpreted by the judge to consider that this poor baby has only a life of suffering.

    Whether you agree with the judge or not is a separate issue.

  11. What have you got against the Queen? She and her family have never shown any sign of antisemitism. And she bears no responsibility for this murder. That’s entirely on the courts.

  12. Hy”d.

    This is not the first such a case in England. Another non-Jewish couple were forced by the British courts to have the doctors pull the plug on their child. I’m sure it happens often without a fight from the parents. Basically, these people are murderers, descendants of murderers. The desire to murder courses in their blood, their spirits are dark and evil.

    May the family be comforted and the murdered child should rest under the kisei hakovod.

  13. As Jews we are forbidden to pull the plug, but if a gentile does it without our consent, how about feeling relieved that this child is not suffering anymore? When we see people in a vegetative state, young or old, don’t we ask Hashem to relieve them from their suffering? I think we need to view the verdict as a blessing in disguise. Alta is finally in Gan Eden.

  14. I know you will all say that prolonging life, even by a second is a halachic obligation. I know this, and we did everything to stop the authorities, however if Hashem orchestrated for a gentile to pull the plug, we need to feel relieved.

  15. @Milhouse: It is the government’s responsibility to set the law in a manner that protects human life. After a similar case a few years ago with Alfie Evans, there was talk about an Alfie law, but apparently nothing happened. The UK parliament i.e. each and every MP is partially guilty of this murder. They had ample time to sort out the legislation. Judges and the PM always blamed the British Law.

    @Yaapchik: While it is absolutely correct, there is a lot of anti-semitism in the UK authorities, firstly we have to be grateful to our host country. Besides the US there is probably no other country outside E”Y with so much Torah and Yiddishkeit and by at large the authorities are very supportive of the Jewish population.
    But, this case has little to do with antisemitism, as there were several non-Jewish similar cases over the past few years. The only thing most disturbing is the ascertain of the Judges, that a toddler is not considered Jewish until he/she makes an informed decision.

  16. The UK deserves all the Muslims they get. Before you know it the Muslims will pull the plug on them. Midah keneged midah That is the Jewish revenge to the UK.

  17. If you believe in socialized medicine (cf Bernie Sanders and the Democrats), that’s a feature, not a bug. The United States could be only one or two elections away from the same thing. And you can be certain that the WOKE death panels won’t consider frum lives to be worth saving. The British people have consistently voted in favor of socialized medicine, and it is so popular that all major political parties support it, death panels and all.

  18. No doctor or court can extend or shorten a life beyond the time Hashem decreed for it. Hashem in His infiinite wisdom decided that that neshomo needed all the tefillos that were offered for it. יהי שם השם מבורך מעתה ועד עולם.

  19. Milhouse– give me a break. If they really wanted to save a little Jewish girl they could’ve intervened somehow, if it was one of their kids they would’ve found a way…Alas, it was as everything is, Min Hashamayim, even if we don’t understand it.

  20. akuperma this had nothing to do with socialized medicine As people were willing to pay.

    and its cute that you think “death panels” are not a thing with private health insurance. My office has a staff member whose sole job is to get patients tests/treatments that they need. She is good but not always successful

  21. Alta a”h’s death was min hashamayim but the murderers will still be held accountable in shamayim. Any murder or killing is a gizarah from shamayim but that doesn’t mean the murderers will not go straight to gehennom. The murderers are happy now that they got their wish but they won’t be too happy when they see what awaits them after 120, if they even live that long because hopefully someone will murder them before that, midah k’neged midah.

  22. Of course everything is מן השמים. And now that’s it’s done we accept the decree happily (easy for us to say harder for the parents to live this but that’s another conversation) but you can’t get away from the fact that this was absolute murder and it being the law doesn’t change that. If she is alive and you do something to make her die it’s called רציחה.

    And to tgishabbos are you serious??!! Where’ve you been recently? It sounds like modern medical ethics has corrupted your brain. It’s not our business what type of life a person will live. It doesn’t make it ok to kill someone. The Torah teaches us what’s right and what’s wrong. Not laws or ethics. The torah says לא תרצח and there’s nothing else to discuss

  23. The irony is, yesterday in Parliament, MP’s were extolling the virtues of & paying tribute to Sir David Amess, an MP who was murdered in a terrorist attack as he was meeting constituents. That night, this same government murdered a 2 year old Jewish child.

    The MP was a very religious man. I wonder if this was an eye for an eye…

  24. For those who expressed their love of the British, contemplate a moment about their treatment of the Jews in Eretz Yisroel during the British mandate. Complete disarmament of Jews while arming Arabs to the teeth. Refusal to allow immigration. Harsh punishment for any Jews trying to defend themselves. Yup, the British are evil.

  25. Lavan also claime “LAWS” when he had Yaakov marry Leah. This judge must be a descendant! Great Britain has no oversight over justices.

  26. ubiquitin: If socialized medicine is to work, you need to prohibit people from going out of plan. Thus the National Health Service decides what care they will pay for, and nothing else is authorized. If they decide your case is not covered, you aren’t allowed to go out of plan. The agency decide when your case is hopeless and from that point you are in hospice level care whether you like it or night. Socialized medicine (e.g. “Medicare for all”) only works if they force everyone to respect the bureaucratic decision.

  27. The government does not make the laws. Parliament does. You can blame Parliament for not having changed the law, but it takes a majority so you can’t blame every MP. But in any case that’s not the government.

    The government has to obey the law, and the courts say what the law is. Just as happened here with Terry Schiavo, HYD, who was murdered by the State of Florida at the order of a wicked judiciary.

    And there’s nothing antisemitic about it. The same would have happened even if the baby had been the Queen’s great-grandchild. She has to obey the law too.

  28. By the way, the Holocaust was min hashomayim too. Otherwise it would not have happened. But that does not absolve the ones who did it. They didn’t do it for Hashem, they did it because of their own rish’us.

  29. Meir G – you wrote “practicly there is no shiva for such a child , as the guf wasnt a bar kayama on its own”
    Do you have a source for this? I spoke to several Rabbnonim and they seem to feel that once it reaches 30 days whether or not it was ever capable of surviving on its own there’s still a chiyuv aveilus, but they didn’t know of clear sources. What you say also sounds somewhat reasonable but do you have a source?

  30. I dont know why you write A”H, I think HY”D is more fitting.

    Why is it that the Brits had opened borders for years, resulting in huge amounts of radical Muslim refugees entering the country, resulting in many deaths from terror attacks, which they for sure predicted, but allowed it nevertheless, and they put up a fight, to have their way, to murder and execute an innocent child, the answer is because the world including western countries and democracies, hate jews for no reason at all, its just a cancer that consumes the world, therefore they find satisfaction in having the ability to murder a child belonging to the jewish nation.

  31. akuperma

    “If socialized medicine is to work, you need to prohibit people from going out of plan.”

    I’m sorry, this is incorrect. 11% of England buys “supplementary coverage for more rapid access to care, choice of specialists, and better amenities, especially for elective hospital procedures.”

    (source: commonwealth fund)