Chareidi Teens Riot in Jerusalem Causing Damage To Vehicles and City Property


Dozens of Chareidi teenagers rioted at the Bar Ilan intersection in Jerusalem on Friday night causing severe damage to traffic lights and vehicles that were passing on Bar Ilan and Shmuel Hanavi streets.

Kikar Shabbos news site reported that an eye-witness to the protest said that this violent protest has become a regular shabbos affair that includes stone-throwing at passing vehicles and blocking of roads by pulling trash cans onto the roadways. According to the eye-witness, these were marginalized teenagers who were committing the acts of violence.

Police officers from the Yasam special patrol unit and the border police who were dispatched to the scene utilized skunk spray cannons in an effort to disperse the crowd and arrested at least six people. Sources tell YWN that America Yeshiva Bochrim were among those arrested.

Municipal workers were dispatched on Motzei Shabbos to fix the traffic lights and clean up the rest of the damage.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Why YWN must you always post such stories? Why must you always write CHAREIDI? You seem to revel in the negative reporting? You never stop!

  2. Does anyone have a clue as to what they were “protesting” and why the police don’t act with force to arrest and imprison the rioters.

  3. This type of protest is unwarranted no matter the reason. Their rabbis and parents must properly educate these “marginalized” bunch. There have always been “fringe” groups of haredim, stone throwing was never acceptable. On Shabbat? Obviously there is something wrong here.

  4. Where are the Rabbanim. The same Rabbanim who boast approaching store owners on Shabbos to close shop, must go out to encouraging the kids to keep Shabbos?? Stones ricochet off the cars and back at the people. This is a real problem we must address. Immediately.

  5. I’m assuming these rioters are somehow associated with Peleg Yerushalmi – not exactly known for their peaceful behaviour. People should know that this group do not represent Charedi Jewry, neither in Eretz Yisroel, nor at large. They are a group who’s sole purpose is to ”Take the Torah into their own hands” and as any straight-thinking person can see, their version of Torah-true values couldn’t be further from what the Torah actually requires.

    D’rachecha Darchei Noam, V’chol N’Sivosecha Shalom.
    I’m not sure which religion these people represent – but they certainly do not represent G-d and his Torah.

  6. Officially they are demonstrating against the light rail being dug in the area, followed by buidings being raised and the place having a complete facelift. They fear it will bring in the chilonim

  7. I’m assuming these rioters are somehow associated with Elliot.Kent

    Based on what?!
    There are signed letters by both the many gedolim who represent Degel HaTorah faction of litvish Chareidim in Israel and the many gedolim who represent the bnei Torah faction (Peleg) of the litvish chareidim that even when we must protest against actions of the Israeli government that threaten the Torah it must be done peacefully
    Period fact google it

  8. Lol i was there and almost everything in the article is false. 90% of the people throwing rocks were non religious israelis and there were a few young chassidic kids throwing too. The yasam unit was not involved at all. No skunk spray was sprayed only water and the water truck broke a traffic light. About 5-6 people were arrested although most were arrested for no reason, the police was arresting random people who did nothing. The trash can was a one time thingy. Its really not that bad.

  9. Yaaapchik: at least if ALL demos and protests would be reported using the style headlines and timeliness. I, too often get the feeling that YWN differentiates between demonstrations. When pensioners block major Israeli thoroughfares, it’s usually with a tinge of (justified) sympathy. And when it comes to Dati Leumi demonstrations, one often gets the feeling that YWN wholeheartedly identifies with the protesters.Whatever these erstwhile Zionists demand is totally justified. After they are practically Hashem’s earthly representatives! Only the Chareidim and their (mostly) farshluginer demands– they should sit at home or in their Yeshivas, say Tehillim, eat cholent if it’s Shabbos. Make no mistake, I do not and cannot condone any sort of chilul Shabbos that is not pikuach nefesh. But, generally the feeling is that Chareidi protests are never legitimate, not on Tuesdays and not on Shabbosim.

  10. @Elliot.Kent: You are highly misinformed. Did you read the article? The Eitz/Bnei-Torah (so called “Peleg”) community is not made up of fringe youths. Lollllll! Love ‘em or hate ‘em… but they are the opposite of fringe… Please try to refrain from commenting without at least rudimentary knowledge of a given subject.