Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah Releases Kol Korei on Decrees of Israeli Government


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Agudath Israel of America, today, shared a Kol Korei from the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of America:

(Free translation)

Shevat 5782

We hear cries of pain from our brothers who dwell in Eretz Yisroel as the Israeli government plans decrees that will seriously affect the Torah population there. Examples include:


  • desecrating the Kosel HaMaaravi – the last remnant of the Beis Hamikdash and the place from which the Divine Presence has never left – by permitting in it mixed prayer services and desecrations of our holy religious values;
  • acting to remove the safeguards for modesty accepted by the chareidi population upon themselves with respect to the use of “kosher” phones;
  • spreading Shabbos desecration such as in public transportation and the like;
  • canceling oversight over kashrus;
  • intruding into the education systems of chareidi institutions;
  • conspiring to undermine the yeshivos by forcibly conscripting their students;
  • and, most pressing now, acting towards weakening Jewish identity and holiness by allowing any community the authority to perform conversions. This will result in invalid conversions where the convert does not properly accept upon himself the obligations of Torah and mitzvos.


The ultimate outcome of all this will be to uproot the Torah from its status as the foundational identity and eternity of the Jewish people, and to turn the Jewish people into a nation like all others.

We address the Israeli government: You have no right to intrude into the realm of Torah, mitzvos, or Jewish education. These are the pupil of the eye of the Jewish nation. We will object strongly against these plans, just as our ancestors have over the course of history stood against any who have attempted to turn us away from Torah law.

To the G-d fearing religious public we say: This is a time fraught with danger for the Jewish nation, and we must cry out – from the depths of our hearts – that Hashem save us. We are obligated to increase our tefillah until Hashem awakens a heavenly spirit by which these edicts will be cancelled.

May it be Hashem’s will that the words, “They shall do no evil nor any destruction in my entire holy land,” (Yeshayah 11:9) speedily be fulfilled, and may we merit the day when the Glory of Hashem fills the world.

Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of America


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The zionist government only knows the language of public protests. It is high time now, again, for the Litvish Roshei Yeshivos together with the Chasidishe Rebbes and Sefardic Rabbonim to have a public protest in New York against the Israeli government, just as they have jointly organized in New York in recent years past, and say Tehilim b’rabbim to stop these gezeiras shmad by the Israeli government.

  2. If the significant amount of chareidi yidden who don’t vote, would, this would never have happened. Sorry, but when your way of life is threatened, you need to vote or else you have no one but yourselves to blame.

  3. Wakeup and smell the coffee. The holy Satmar Rav cried years ago for precisely these reasons but it took the Gedola Hador of this generation to actually SEE the צרה before their eyes to “get it”.
    For starters, the Medina was founded to eradicate Yidishkeit. Sometimes they do a better job than others to hide their true motives but now its blatant. Blatant hatred to the Torah and to the essence of our existence.
    But we the True Yiddn are called all names for saying it since the inception of the “treifene Medinah.” We are named antisemites by “good Zionist Jews” for standing up for the principled of our holy Torah.
    And to the Agudah “toooo little toooo late.”

  4. Goyish state that appropriated its name from Yisroel pursues policies of hashmad. The time to have stopped collaboration with kofrim and to have put them in cherum was over 70 years ago. If you had your child to the IDF, even to an IDF yeshivah deferment system, you essentially are a moser. You might be a moser who also is a shavuy or in onnes (kefiah), in which case you aren’t liable for the mesirah, but if you can be podeh yourself and save your kids from captivity, you really should. I personally think Satmar should form a militia. Perhaps the three oaths prohibit going up in a wall against kofrim who already breached their oath…

  5. Seriously, this regime takes your children captive. Yiddin really need to organize to spare their own from kefirah indoctrination. That justifies a war. Really. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR JUST WRITING LETTERS. CAPTIVES FROM YOUR NATION NEED LIBERATION FROM THE MEDINAH IN YISROEL.

  6. The IDF only has 200,000 active personel. Why not just train 200,000 Yiddin quietly in guerrilla tactics in upstate New York, all go up on tourist visas, start a demoralization campaign against the Medinah from there, make it abundantly clear to any IDF soldier that if they defend the kofer state then their lives will be on the line and that they ought to resort to mutiny to liberate themselves when they get the go-ahead, and then quickly in one fowl swoop give the go-ahead so all 200,000 take hostage all security sites and finally end the kefirah captivity in a coup. Seriously. I honestly believe if Yiddin wanted to liberate themselves from kofrim in Yisroel, they could by Rosh Hashanah.

  7. I almost have lost respect for a nation that neglects to redeem its own captives. The leadership of this nation should be ashamed for its failures.

  8. Americans, stop buying all the lies being sold to you by disgruntled people unable to deal with the loss of their Avoda Zara Netanyahu.

    Here are the facts:

    – No one is permitting mixed prayer at the main Kosel plaza, a side already existng and largely deserted area is being slightly expanded. Additionally, All videos of the Kosel before the state of Israel show there was no mechitza and it was a mixed prayer area.

    – No one is outlawing the sale of kosher phones it is the the monetization of them through abuse of peoples dependence on kosher numbers that is being finally stopped.

    – Public transportation was initiated by the previous government which included the charedim.

    – No one is forcibly conscripting students.

    – No one is canceling oversight of kashrus, long overdue corruption, cartels and illicit monetization of kashrus is finally being dealt with.

    – No one is intruding on the education in charedi institutions.

    – No one can become a Community Rabbi in Israel without being ordained by the Rabbinate which follows strict halacha.

  9. A few thousand guys in yeshivish and chassidish lvush standing outside the Israeli consultate on Second Avenue screaming gevalt and saying Tehillim isn’t going to change any specific policies in EY and will only get tuned out by most Americans who long ago gave up trying to understand Israeli politics. Indeed, many New Yorkers will just lump this demonstration in with those of the NK who also stand on Second Avenue monthly screaming about the Zionists. Working to support your preferred candidates in EY is a more effective way of protesting.

  10. The Gedolim, both in the US and in Israel, know exactly what makes the Zionist government tick. They don’t need your advice. They know how to gauge when a public protest will help, and when it will backfire. When to go forcefully and when diplomacy is the more productive route. They know when to delay a protest until the situation is ripe, and they also know when to play their cards right. [Protesting at every opportunity undermines the effects of a protest (aka Hafgana) and is counter-productive in the long term.]

    If you feel that now is the right time and place to to stage a protest, I’d recommend you quietly and privately approach a heavyweight Rov and explain your position. If indeed the Rabbonim feel that is the best course of action, we will all come in full support and show the government, and the whole world, that we won’t take these gezeiros lying and that Hashem Hu HoElokim!