TIMELY: Important Statement From Vaad Roshei Yeshiva of Torah Umesorah


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New proposed State regulations completely negate any value of limudei kodesh, and open the door to the imposition of curricular requirements that are antithetical to Torah morals. They empower local boards to evaluate our staff and our curricula, and the projected protocols demand of school boards to direct yeshiva parents to remove their children from schools determined to be substantially inequivalent.

Only the voice of the entire Torah-population in the United States, rising in strong protest during this comment period, can quell the looming decree, a projected declaration whose threat and menace border on that of a gezeiras shmad R”L.

New York State was the cradle of Torah education since its infancy on these shores, and today it is still home to its greatest number of Torah-students. Every Torah-community and institution can trace its earliest roots back to that formative period, and every contemporary mossad can chas vesholom be left vulnerable to future fallout and consequences yet to follow from these critical and extreme proposals.

Thus, it is the obligation of every ehrliche Yid, resident of any state, to express his/her opposition to this impending danger.

We plead with you to mobilize each and every individual within your reach to immediately issue their opposing comment; there are but very few days left for us to do so!

Vaad Roshei Yeshiva, Torah Umesorah


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Kahane,
    Yes. The government has always had the right to look into schools. The reason they haven’t in the past is because when Jewish schools were set up there were 2 factors. 1. Even the Frum were looking for Torah im Parnassah. The expectation of the Frum parents is their child will graduate college, be a professional, and remain a Ben/Bas Torah. 2. They wanted as many Jewish kids to attend the day school as it was the best chance of a kid in America ending up Frum. These parents were very into education and if they felt the school wasn

  2. Wasn’t proving a strong Secular education that prepared them for college they wouldn’t send their kids. With these 2 factors the day schools provided an excellent Secular education. When the govt looked around and saw most of these kids becoming professionals there was no reason to waste time or hassle with investigating the Jewish schools. But now that they see Jewish schools are not providing a good (or any) Secular education they feel they need to step in. I’m not saying I agree or disagree as I’m not in that situation and I’m not worried about my kids as they receive a very good secular education so the govt won’t bother them. I’m just telling you the facts and the law.

  3. Dear Mr Kuvult “I’m just telling you the facts and the law” guy,

    It’s easy to say “I’m just telling you the facts and the law” when you just make them up.

  4. Same question: are these rules for any educational institution or for those that apply for government funds? (Not to underestimate the financial need).

    Does this apply to homeschooling? If yeshivas will have to teach inappropriate things, this could be an option

  5. Maybe yeshivas should come with a specific positive program rather than just oppose. Propose acceptable classes, focus on regents instead of teaching diversity. Making testing a requirement rather than programs would minimally disturb educational process.

  6. Look Am israel we’re always on threat to learn about Tumas Hagoiym.
    During Rome all the way to the Spanish times
    https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/the-spanish-expulsion-1492 (For more info you can copy and learn)
    Am Israel are strong. Aman ratza larog
    ולאבד וכו״
    Let’s face it they want to make sure that whoever lives in this country… will pay their fare share..
    they figured that Jewish kids are a easy predator and now the goyim scratched their head strong enough to understand that Jews had and will always have ( BH) a big percentage of (of almost uncontrollable birth rates. So they decided to Enslave generations
    Of יידישא קאינדרלך to pay up the deficit of their means. Without any consideration to limuday Kodesh or our very own right to exist in a dignified way
    It’s unfortunate to see this time coming to an end
    Sell your houses for a loss and reestablish new communities
    There will be a time that people will Beg to leave this country and the won’t be able to it.
    Jews don’t belong in a Tumatic place
    And the Goyim keeps teaching us the hard way how much we are unwanted
    Why would they want anyone that preaches about Hashem and Morality
    While teaching little kids how how to sing the anthem? And then kneel to a Basketball game or a Baseball game
    Do you see it on Soccer fields?
    Not to mention that we can’t hear singing During Sefira. And Kal Vachomer not with those kinds of constituents that are running the country.
    Rabosai wake
    Download VPNs and see what the world is thinking about the beautiful United States
    We became one of the dumbest countries if not the dumbest

  7. To Kuvult
    You write “But now that they see Jewish schools are not providing a good (or any) Secular education they feel they need to step in.” I don’t know where you got your information from. The curriculum in the yeshivos I am associated with have basically stayed the same for the last 50 years. I am associated with both Very chasidish and litvish yeshivos. The state began looking into Yeshivos about 10 years ago when Mr. Moster established YAAFED and put forth the claim that what he learned in yeshiva didn’t prepare him for the real world. This lie has been debunked by the fact that there are thousands of yeshiva graduates that are boruch Hashem successful with a yeshiva education. In addition, the Torah ethics and life skills the yeshivos teach their students can only be taught with our education system not the public-school education.

  8. We don’t care about the education department’s new regulations. We just going to ignore it.

    Stop responding to their nonsense

    We will revolt

    We are not sheeps

  9. Always_Ask_Questions,
    All schools are under these new regulations, even homeschooling.

    As far as creating something “positive”, the regulations exclude Jewish studies, including chumish and Gemara as alternate studies. Thus demanding upwards of 20 hours a week for secular studies, something that’s incompatible with the Yeshiva system.

    Literally the only tool we have left right now is to write these letters.

    Yaffed is spending a tremendous amount of money to get their followers to do the same.

  10. JayD, pretty sure the plural is “sheepes” not “sheeps.” Otherwise, right on, brother! Why try to influence legislation so that it is just and sensible when the much simpler option of breaking the law is available?