CELEBRATION OF HEROES: Shwekey, Weber, Leiner, Worsch And Eric Adams Come Out To Salute Flatbush Hatzolah And Their Families [VIDEOS]


An impressive and incredible event was held on Sunday night honoring the 250 heroes of Flatbush Hatzolah and their families who sacrifice so much so their father/husband can perform his lifesaving duties.

Until now, Flatbush Hatzolah held an annual membership appreciation dinner touting the devotion of its members and their families, but this year the organization wanted to include the real heroes of Hatzolah: The entire family of each member.

When a Hatzolah member runs out of a Shabbos Seudah, and returns 3 hours later, it’s not only him that gave of his time; it’s the entire family. An idea was therefore hatched to put on a dazzling musical performance for the families Within two weeks, all the preparations and legwork had been completed.

Brooklyn College auditorium was booked, and major Jewish singers were lined up, all of them eager to perform for Hatzolah members. Yaakov Shwekey, Berri Weber, Simcha Leiner, Mendy Worsch, and the Mezamrim Choir immediately expressed their eagerness to take part in the first-of-its-kind event. Freilach band and a lighting company were hired, and the event was made official.

The finished product was stunning. More than 2,000 family members of each Flatbush Hatzolah volunteer packed into a “sold out” separate-seating audience, where the crowd was wowed by the entertainers.

The event began with Divrei Bracha via video from the Posek of Flatbush Hatzolah, Hagaon HaRav David Cohen Shlita. He thanked the members for their Mesiras Nefesh, and then gave the members a Bracha, to which the entire audience responded with a booming “AMEN!”

The show then began with impressive musical performances by the singers, who all made a point of thanking Hatzolah for being there for the community 24/7. In a surprise appearance, Rav Mordechai Jungreis of Nikolsburg paying tribute to the tzaddikim of Hatzolah with the singing of “Every Yid’s a big tzaddik.” The Rebbe then gave a Bracha to the entire audience, as well as the family members.

Word of the event reached NYC Mayor Eric Adams, who has held a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Hatzolah. Adams was accompanied by Mayoral Senior Advisor Joel Eisdorfer & NYPD Inspector Richie Taylor. The crowd was stunned when the mayor was called up to speak, as no one in the audience knew of his plans to attend the show.

“Many people don’t know, but I am an honorary Hatzolah member,” Adams began.

“I know as a former member of the NYPD, that every time I put on that uniform, my family did that tour of duty with me. And every time a Hatzolah member responds to a call, they are leaving at home their wives, their children, their mothers, their fathers, and they respond and they give a part of themselves and it takes a caring dedicated family to know that the most godly thing about us, is when you give back and make sacrifices. So I want to thank all of the families who are here. Thank you!”

Adams received a standing ovation for his words.

Many people worked very hard to make the event a success, and Hatzolah told YWN they would like to publicly thank the singers who jumped on board in record time. After hearing what the event was about, each one agreed to be available in incredibly short notice.

Some members who gave of their precious time over the past few weeks to make the event happen include: Moshe Wulliger (F54), Jack Rothenberg (F80), Alan Esses (F96), Shmuli Hecht (F-245), Rafael Bruck (F-190), Avi Ganz (F-197), Executive Director of Flatbush Hatzolah Michael Solomon, the producer of the event Isaac Hidari, Rabbi David Haber who was the amazing Master of Ceremonies, Avrumie Schreiber and Tzvi Blumenfeld and the entire Freilach Orchestra, as well as Boruch from Halo Productions for the lighting.

Flatbush Hatzolah thanks the volunteers from Boro Park Hatzolah for sending numerous volunteers to cover all emergency calls in Flatbush for the duration of the event.

The event lasted more than three hours, and the entire membership and their families went home with an incredible feeling of Achdus and reenergized to continue on their mission of life-saving 24 hours a day.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “In a surprise appearance, Rav Mordechai Jungreis of Nikolsburg paying tribute to the tzaddikim of Hatzolah with the singing of “Every Yid’s a big tzaddik.”

    He should have sang about the greatness of the Hatzolah members, rather than implying that every Yid does such things.