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SEE THE VIDEOS: Police Rescue Sara Netanyahu After Angry Mob Barricades Her Inside Hair Salon

Police needed to rescue Sara Netanyahu from an angry mob of violent demonstrators, Tuesday night. The mob had gathered outside a hair salon in Tel Aviv, where the prime minister’s wife was getting a haircut.

Once the protesters learned that Netanyahu was at the Kikar HaMedina Plaza, they rushed to the scene, and the police were called to keep the masses away from the building, as she was forced to wait inside the salon for hours.

Eventually, large police forces arrived on the scene and evacuated Netanyahu.

Afterward, the prime minister tweeted a picture of himself embracing his wife, expressing that the anarchy needs to stop because it could end up costing lives. In contrast, Justice Minister Yariv Levin released a statement on Wednesday night, calling the protesters’ actions insane and unprecedented. He added that it was time to apply the rule of law to those who claim to speak in the name of the law but who trample the law and individual rights of those who do not agree with them.

The protest in Tel Aviv came as part of a broader movement against the government’s plan to overhaul the Israeli justice system.

(AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

13 Responses

  1. Selective outrage.
    Where are the words like the “extremists” or “ridiculous angry mob” or a lot worse that is used only on Chareidim??
    As long as these blue and white flags are waived, then the hate speech isn’t spewies.
    Glaring media bias.

  2. I only bow to shabbos keepers…..I also bow to Bibi and Sara…two amazing souls…to the rest of you I wouldn’t bend backwards with such hate mongering….awful….may they all be punished for this hate….

  3. freaks in red and white bonnets like nuns who killed jews and like kkk who hung blacks….I don’t give a hoot for liberal at all…don’t ask for a dime

  4. This is all allowed,its also against the law. But the leftist and there supporters like Lapid ,Ganz can do what ever they want. why dont they caLL for law and order? Or tell public to stop insulting peopüle in a democraty.
    The only raise there voices against chareidim and religious people. Worser then Gojim

  5. but who trample the law should have been trampled by these horses, & at least would never have to contend with these tramplers of the law, ever again.

  6. Who is paying the mob?

    If this was Jewish please they would be in jail for life without trial.

    The Lapid yashka freak and his UN US REFORM buddies must be tried for sedation

  7. Friends. We must oppose what is taking place in these riots, surely.
    But it behooves us to remember that we must do so with dignity. Both because we are B’nei Kedoshim, and because they are our brothers and sisters.
    And most of all, because just responding with vitriol does ZERO to help ANYONE.

  8. We can all see that this goes beyond legitimate democratic protest. Where is the “skunk” used on the Charedim? Why are high-profile people like Ehud Barak and the Mayor of Tel Aviv allowed to incite without prosecution? This is a crime. Why wasn’t the lynch mob that went after Sarah Netanyahu investigated and arrested? Why was the man inside Simcha Rothman’s house not doing serious time? Because the leftists have a right to break the law! Why doesn’t the PMs wife have personal security?

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