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OUTRAGEOUS Treatment of US Citizens At US Embassy In Jerusalem

The American citizen community in Israel is up in arms regarding the treatment of numerous young American families at the United States Embassy in Jerusalem.
On Monday March 13, the young families arrived at the US Embassy on David Flusser Street in Jerusalem to register their newborn babies for emergency passports. These families wish to return to the US for Pesach, and had arranged emergency passport appointments via the Embassy’s new appointment website.

Yet when they arrived bright and early Monday morning – dad, mom, and newborn in tow – they were brusquely refused entry. Embassy employees stood outside and explained that as of this very morning, the rules had changed: Any person without previously documented US citizenship could not receive an emergency passport. While the parents held proof of citizenship, and their children were eligible for citizenship, the new rules precluded the newborns from being given passports.

The young families argued that no one had notified them of any rule change. They had made legitimate appointments in the past few days and had schlepped out early, most of the mothers barely a week after birth. But their words fell on deaf ears.

Embassy employees responded callously and threatened to call security if the applicants wouldn’t move off of the public grass. One employee rudely announced that he is the only one capable of assisting them – and that he refuses to do so.

In the unseasonably hot March sun, the new moms and their babies sweltered outside with no proper place to sit, while the men tried to reason with the employees, but to no avail.
The same thing happened at the Tel Aviv Embassy Branch Office, as well.

Baruch Reisman, whose wife gave birth just five days ago, stated, ”I have 5 other children at home; I had to arrange a babysitter to leave home at 6:40 am. We arrived for our appointment and were sent away. I am extremely disappointed that this is how the Embassy treated my wife and I, who are both American citizens.”

Another one of those mistreated added, “We are American citizens and have the legal right to be helped. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told to get lost. Our experience at the embassy leaves me wondering: what advantage does being American give me?

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, service at the US Embassy has been lackluster. American citizens have needed to wait many months for appointments, and many have anteed up money to ‘machers’, who expedite appointments. Today’s events, however, represent a new low.

Says P., a dad who was refused entry, “My child has the legal right to an American passport. If American embassies don’t uphold the law and honor their word, we’re in trouble. We had a legitimately scheduled appointment, yet we were treated like criminals.”Rena Adler, who was treated discourteously and was sent home, concludes, “ For the first time in my life, I am embarrassed to be an American citizen.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. You can always do what Rabbi Kelleman did to get his baby to America for emergency treatment:
    He got his baby a diplomat pass!!!

  2. A bit confusing. The change in the CRBA and appointment system was announced back in January and posted on the website in the first week of February. In any event, no excuse for rude behavior from the embassy staff (although wanting to travel back to the U.S. with the yinglach for the sedorim is less of an “emergency” than c’v serious illness or attending a funeral for someone in the family who was niftar.

  3. Better to be an illegal immigrant and come into the country illegally. This way you will have all the benefits and assistance you will ever need.

  4. Not getting involved—What more can you expect from a turncoat traitorous jew who is “married” to a shiksah?

  5. This is all connected to the vicious wicked democRATS who commissioned this lab to make Corona to hurt President Donald Trump שליט”א in 2020 elections, and who are all a pack of evil wicked self hating Americans, utilizing Corona as an excuse to simply do nothing whatsoever, other than live off the backs of we hard working American tax payers

  6. This is a directive of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Embassies work at the discretion and direction of POTUS and his staff. This was not a mistake! It’s deliberate. And it’s shameful!

  7. On February of 2020 I was in a terror attack and asked them to grant me permission to see the council in Tel Aviv
    (Not even the one in Jerusalem) and they refused doing so. It’s not uncommon for them. that even during emergencies the don’t know how to function properly.

  8. They should call US State Dept in Washington. Or probably a US Senator or Congressman (from the place they lived in US) can usually make enough noise to get something done.

    I’d try Ted Cruz office he’s exceptionally attentive to such issues.

  9. The vast majority of workers at the Embassy are Arabs, I never saw a Jew working there, so I’m not surprised.

  10. Is Paysach Freedman getting involved, he’s extremely good in these matters? Also people should write their congressmen/senators to investigate.

  11. be quiet and stop complaining, you are not entitled to anything.

    there will come a time when Israel will forcefully close the U.S. embassy and expel all U.S. diplomatic/embassy staff

  12. This is 100% these people’s fault. The embassy sent out multiple notifications letting people know. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    I’ve copied the exact email sent out some time ago
    March 1, 2023

    Subject: Message for U.S. Citizens: New Guidelines for Emergency Appointments

    Emergency Passport Appointments Are Only for Passport Renewals for Documented U.S. Citizens

    Over the last 18 months, we have made multiple attempts to provide avenues for those who have emergency travel to the United States to get a limited-validity, emergency passport. Please understand that for us emergency means the death or illness of a loved one in the United States. It does not mean a trip to bring a new baby to meet their U.S. relatives. The previous urgent appointment system had to be taken offline because of the sheer number of non-urgent appointment requests.

    On February 6, we introduced a new system for emergency passports, including daily workday releases of emergency appointments, to facilitate this. Under the new system anyone who gets an emergency appointment only gets an emergency passport with a purple cover, valid for less than one year. You should understand there is no such thing as an emergency Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA). We will never issue those through the emergency passport appointment system.

    Unfortunately, even this system is being abused as we continue to see far too many applicants who do not actually have urgent, emergency U.S. travel. In particular, it is often used for first-time passports for infants who apply for an emergency passport and then return to us soon after for the Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA), without ever using the emergency passport for travel. This steals available appointments from people who truly need them.

    Therefore, effective Monday, March 13, emergency appointments will be limited to those who are already documented as U.S. citizens and need to apply for a passport using form DS-11. No passport applications for undocumented applicants will be accepted, including children. There are no exceptions to this policy (which will be explicitly stated on the Emergency Appointment selection button on the scheduling website).

    This revised policy will allow us to schedule additional CRBA appointments for those who are trying to document their children as U.S. citizens and to receive a first-time passport, and better serve the entire U.S. citizen community.

    If your current passport is valid through end of your planned trip, or if your previous passport is still valid or expired less than five years ago, you are not eligible to make an emergency appointment. The fastest way to seek an emergency passport is to drop your complete DS-82 application in the drop box ( at the Embassy in Jerusalem (make sure to write ”URGENT” or “EMERGENCY TRAVEL” on the envelope). Alternatively, you can send your DS-82 to either of our locations with the same annotation. Then send a note through the online inquiry system that it has been submitted so we can be on the lookout for it.

    “Limit Exceeded” Message Just Means No Appointments Are Available!

    Many of you have reached out asking about this error message when making an appointment.

    This just means that there are no available appointments in the category in which you are looking.

    Actions to Take:

    All U.S. citizens should enroll in the Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive Alerts and ensure you can be contacted in an emergency.
    Visit our Embassy webpage on COVID-19 for information on conditions in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.
    Refer to our website for the latest Alerts and Messages for U.S. citizens.

  13. btw these new laws were actually created by Donald trumps David Friedman, but due to covid did not go into effect till today. in fact i knew about these changes since back then, and since all covid regulations were finally taken away i knew this will become law eventually

    now the time has come

    for all who blame Thomas nides…. he was actually fighting to cancel this law. but israel begged for it. yes. israel, though not sure if it was bibi or lapid yimach shmo

  14. Last time I was in Jerusalem US embassy I was not allowed in and was told point blank that Jews have to apply for what they need through TelAviv. This is for the Palestinian Nationals. 😤😳.
    Despicable State Department wouldn’t allow a US citizens to enter US Embassy because they are JEWS?
    Who is running the show?
    The Nazis with Hitlers orders?
    Jews can’t enter US EMBASSY?

  15. We are stuff necked. Love. US. Gentile Amalek Nation. Period. Don’t fight to leave here. Passover is in Israel. Listen to Hashem. Door closed to Evil

  16. I’m glad to see that all the negative comments against US policy stopped after the post from Yanky. We are so often our own worst enemies.

  17. check for all info
    this embassy was already known for its nasty attitude while it was still a consulate

  18. Not being an American I’m greatful for my morning smile. Passover belongs in Israel. Travel in reverse. May this structures doors never close

  19. Yanky.aanis and aishes chayil, so, to clarify, if someone has a confirmed appointment, say this week or next, will they get a purple temporary passport for their newborn baby to travel? Obviously they’ll have to get a regular one sometime during the year!

  20. @Yanky .Anis

    And all the other iber chachomim.

    My sister has a family emergency that would exempt from the new guidelines (emergency that is life/death) and wasn’t even allowed to show the letter which stated this from a Doctor.

    There’s zero chance in my mind you’re a yid, as a yid would be able to be Dan lekaf zechus.

  21. Mis-treatment of Frum Yidden in the embassy is not new. I have friends who went to the embassy years ago for different issues, and were not treated properly. The main problem is the state department hires locals to work in the embassy and the locals are rarely yidden. Mostly Yishkoelim work their and all nastiness comes from them.

  22. The rules did change. I received an email about this from the embassy last week.
    And Shimon Nodel, this has nothing to do with Israel – this is a conflict with the U.S. embassy.

  23. The whole story is bogus. These are applicants for travel documents, not emergency passports as per the legal definition of emergencies.

    They have NO business even applying for emergency consideration.

  24. YWN is trying to help us – thousands of us, and your comments are so wrong and judgmental.
    Please see the letter I wrote a couple of days ago to YWN.
    Thank you, YWN, taking on this issue. It’s real and it’s OUTRAGEOUS!!!!
    Dear Editor,
    As a media outlet I’m hoping you can help US citizens in Israel with your influence and access to so many people,
    by publicizing this disturbing story.
    The US citizens in Israel (myself and family included) are being denied their rights. They are not being given appointments to the embassy to renew or order passports or report a birth abroad etc. If you go online to make an appointment it says that there is no appointment available in the next 365 days and the next year’s appointment is not available. Yet, if you email the embassy they ONLY answer you’ll get is to go online.
    What’s really going on?
    There are private people and companies who wrote a simple program that grabs all available appointments and then they sell these appointments illegally to us for a hefty fee – the same appointments that they stole from us.
    My daughter was invited to her grandparents in the USA for the summer. We need to renew her expired passport, yet we have no way of doing this without paying big time.
    Calling the embassy has not yielded any results and countless emails are not responded to properly either.
    There is an easy solution. The embassy can change their online appointment portal to require name, social security number etc. and the name cannot be changed on the appointment. Then you can’t sell it. Period.
    This has been going on since Covid and they refuse to correct this issue.
    If we go renew the appointments for our kids, we have to pay thousands of Shekels for appointment we are legally entitled to.
    I’m hoping you can do a story on this. There are so many people who would be happy to speak to you – including organizations who have been trying to work on this.
    As a media outlet I feel you have the access and it can really help frustrated people.
    {When we call, the operator says “please send an email” and hangs up. This happens over and over again as they are obviously instructed to hang up if they hear the word appointment}

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