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Maryland College Dreidle Spin-Off

ddd.jpgMore than 500 University of Maryland students will spin dreidels today in the hopes of recapturing their Guinness World Record title – the NY Examiner reports. UMD students first captured the title in 2000 with 535 simultaneous spinners, but Temple Emmanuel, a New Jersey synagogue, stole the distinction in 2005 with 541 spinners. “This is our record. We need to defend our title,” said Rachel Farber, a UMD senior who also spun in the 2000 contest.


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  1. It makes a nice change to read about something harmless & fun instead of death & destruction. We all need to lighten up (no Chanukah pun intended!)

    Hope they get their record back!

  2. University of Maryland is not UMD. It is UMUC or UMBC (depending on which branch…just thought I would point that out 🙂

  3. Justsmile613 I hate to be so blunt to say you are wrong.

    University of Maryland is UMD. Also Known As University of Maryland, Also Known As University of Maryland, College PaRK.

    UMUC is University of Maryland University College Also Known As University of Maryland Night School.

    UMBC is University of Maryland Baltimore County.

    They are three seperate schools(although UMD and UMUC share SOME parts of the same campus.)They are not “Branches”, they are all affiliates of the University System of Maryland.

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