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Overnight: Baltimore, MD: Major MVA Leaves 4 DOA

baltimorecityfd.jpgA major MVA took place in Baltimore last night between a fire truck, and an SUV – which left 4 people dead. The accident happened shortly after 3:00AM at Clarks Lane and Park Heights Avenue in northwest Baltimore – right near Rabbi Taubs Shul, and Shaarei Zion. According to YW reporter MD-018 who was on the scene, the fire truck (T27) was responding to a report of smoke in a nearby building when the accident occurred.

In addition to the 4 DOA’s, another 5 people were transported to the hospital – 1 in critical condition (from the SUV), and 4 others with serious injuries (from the fire truck).

The extrication took close to two hours.

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  1. from the baltimore examiner: They (the SUV driver and passengers) were identified as driver Iryna Petrov, 49, front seat passenger Mikhail Petrov, 35, and backseat passenger Igor Saub, 24, according to Sterling Clifford, a spokesman for the police department and mayor. Clifford said the Petrovs were married, but he did not know where they or Saub lived.

  2. I live about a block away from where it happened and happened to up.

    I heard sirens(which must have been the fire truck responding to the call about the smoke),then all of the sudden I heard 3 LOUD bangs,then about 5 minutes later I heard many many sirens which didnt stop for a while.

    Park heights ave. was closed from Fords till Clarinth until about 11am.

    What a tradgedy.May we only hear Besuros Tovos.

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