Op-Ed: Let’s Stop Shooting Blanks At Senator Schumer


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(By Ezra Friedlander)

In the aftermath of the release of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, we’ve seen much jubilation. But that was followed quickly by speculation from members of our community regarding the role or lack thereof of Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer in the advocacy pertaining to the President’s commutation of Rubashkin’s sentence. In the blogosphere especially, there have been efforts urging people to contact Senator Schumer’s office to express their “outrage” and calling him out on this issue. These recommendations were generally accompanied by lots of chest pounding and inflammatory language.

There have been those who suggested that even Nancy Pelosi, the non Jewish woman who represents California’s 12th Congressional District, has expressed her written consent for a commutation of Mr. Rubashkin’s sentence. And yet, Chuck Schumer, who calls himself the ‘shomer yisroel’, refused to write a letter.

I’m always amazed at how our community manages to shoot ourselves in the foot and display our political immaturity to the world. Or perhaps the right verbiage here might be ‘political suicide’.

There’s an old expression – Those who know don’t speak. And those who speak don’t know.

Dear readers: Do you think for one moment that Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic Leader, is not in contact with Schumer, Democratic Leader of the Senate, on a daily basis?? Do you think they don’t work together to formulate the official policy of the Democratic caucus? Wouldn’t you think that Schumer had given her the green light of approval before she decided to write a letter as sensitive as this to President Trump? Are we really so immature not to realize this? In my opinion, this proves that those who are writing these opinions have zero understanding of the governmental process.

Some may counter by asking why Schumer didn’t see fit to write his own letter as well? Honestly, I don’t have the answer to that question. Sometimes there are questions that beg for an answer yet the answers remain unknown. But I can assure you of one thing. Nancy Pelosi would never write a letter of advocacy for Rubashkin without Senator Schumer’s advance notification and tacit approval.

Let me reiterate that I am not privy to inside information on this issue. I am just surmising what must have occurred based on my understanding of the political process. As a consultant who has been in similar situations in the past, this is my conclusion.

The Rubashkin case was very important to our community and I was as outraged as everyone else about the travesty of justice, as I was elated at the news of his commuted sentence. We all have tremendous hakoras hatov to President Trump and appreciate this commutation.
But we need to understand that there is also a tomorrow. There was also a yesterday. And that yesterday included Senator Schumer coming out against the Iran deal.

It’s never a good idea to try to convince an elected official that he is not our friend. I’m not just addressing the Schumer issue on this. It’s something we have to realize when it comes to other officials as well. Because guess what happens. When you declare someone as your enemy, that is eventually what he will come to be. Once we write him off, this is how he will come to be perceived. And that is not responsible politics for our Jewish community.

The community must internalize that Chuck Schumer is as powerful as they come. In his capacity as Senate Democratic leader, there are a myriad of issues that the community approaches him on for support. And in many cases he responds positively. The day might come when he will be even more powerful as Senate majority leader. Is it really in the best interest of our community to be in a situation where he views us as confrontational?

We need to conduct ourselves more pragmatically. For example, I personally supported Hillary Clinton for president. Yet the moment that Donald Trump was elected, I accepted him as my President and work with the White House accordingly. I decided to treat the office of the Presidency with the respect and honor that it deserves, and I’ve publicly condemned anyone who did otherwise. There is a time, a place, and a season for everything.

We as a community need to internalize the larger picture. Yes we are a vibrant and growing community, boruch Hashem, and we have much to be proud of. But our numbers are minuscule in the grand scheme of things. And we tend to shoot blanks. We sometimes declare war on an elected official, and when that happens outside of our local districts, we become marginalized. Elected officials at the highest level will pass us over and won’t even invite us to sit down at the table with them because of the immaturity with which we conduct our political and governmental relationships.

I say this as someone who is professionally engaged as the CEO of a public affairs consulting firm. I am in no way a community leader. But I see the handwriting on the wall and I feel it’s time for us to take stock of our actions and add real value to all of our political interactions and relationships.

As far as the wonderful news of the President’s commutation of Mr. Rubashkin’s sentence is concerned – Now that’s something we can all be proud of!

Ezra Friedlander is CEO of the Friedlander Group a public policy consulting firm based in NYC and Washington DC. He can be reached at [email protected] and on Twitter at @EzraFriedlander.

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  1. I’m really disappointed in this Op-Ed. The writer is treating the community as if they are dumb sheep who should follow his advice. He’s basically saying don’t make me look bad in front of my buddy Chuck. He’s concocting arguments out of thin air as to why Chuck did not have to personally write a letter and degrading Pelosi in the process by saying that she doesn’t move without Shumer’s Consent.
    Additionally, he’s basically saying we should not use our constitutional right to protest (via phone calls and e-mails) lest it backfire. So is he openly telling us that if we don’t shut up and make nice to Mr. Schumer then he won’t care about us, his constituents?

  2. Ezra:

    I have enormous respect for you, as a person, and for what you do. You are more of a community leader than you think. I value your opinions, and I know that you speak from extensive experience. I preface this because I disagree with you on some of the issues here, and I do not wish to do so disrespectfully. I believe you know more about the inside machinations of politics than I will ever understand. I am only a constituent and a voter.

    1. History already shows how the choice for Hillary was incorrect. We are now viewing the stark evidence of how extensive and deep her dishonesty and corruption went. My support for the current Russian investigations is based on the observation that it is turning up oodles more dirt on Hillary than on Trump. Her platforms were completely wrong for America, and the voters showed that. I just wait for the indictment and her conviction on serious capital crimes. Trump was right about her heading to prison. She took politics to a cult level of operation, which should have never been allowed to develop. B”H morality won this time.

    2. The Iran deal was the only time in the past several terms in which Schumer was on the right side. I took note that he waited many long months before expressing any opinion. My suspicion was that he waited to verify that it would pass without him, and then just kissed up to the constituent base by voting no. I have never found him trustworthy, and I would need documentation to prove me wrong about my assessment of his Iran vote.

    3. Schumer has placed party politics before morality, the Constitution, the will of his constituents, or even the “Shomeir Yisroel” he fancies to be. I reviewed his accomplishments in the Senate. Nearly every single bill he sponsored or cosponsored was something we would call trivial. He was absent on all the important issues, waiting to see how the winds blow before making himself relevant. On those panels where he questions nominees, I found his questioning to be primitive, absolutely disappointing for someone with so many years of public service on his resume. Frankly, I found every speech of his and televised performances disappointing, wondering how he qualified to run for elected office. If Pelosi, who is about as close to brain dead as someone might get, signed the petition with his blessing, why could he not do so? Who was he kissing up to? More politics?

    4. My most important comment is this. Your position that we should be cheering Schumer on is because he is already in office, wields power, and we never know when we will need it. Therefore, don’t be honest with our opinions. Consider him the best thing since sliced bread and woo him, since we may someday need a favor. In light of the severe disappointment I have in him, the best I can do is daven that he leaves office by retirement, soon. I am not of the school to fake support because of a possibility of a future favor. As I would expect him to be impeccably honest, I cannot stoop to compromise my own honesty and believe he is fit for the job and worthy of my praises.

  3. Chuck Schumer is a self hating jew, and stop with your political nonsense.
    As we all know for many years, the modern Anti Semitic are the Democrats like Obama and so on…..

  4. Ezra stop kissing up to liberal democrat like schmuer and nadler
    Schmuck schmuer is fighting trump every step of the way and we should despise him for that
    Because of people like nadler we got the Iran deal

  5. Well that confirms it, Pelosi doesn’t know how to think for herself and needs Schumer to tell her what to do.
    Schumer supports toeiva etc. so you stay away from him as far as possible. Period.

  6. Sorry I don’t buy your arguments. Anyone who could support Hillary Clinton for president , Mr Friedlander, after all the scams, scandals and outright illegalities she has been involved in has a very skewed vision of politics, in my opinion. Fifty years ago, Rabbi Avigdor Miller wrote and spoke against liberals and what they would do to society. One only has to look around to see how prophetic his words were.

    Boruch Ha-Shem for President Donald Trump—a TRUE friend to the Jewish people, unlike the typical self-serving politicians.

  7. Same Ezra who tried to sell us the Brooklyn bridge
    When Nadler voted for the Iran deal, is trying to clean the dirty Schumer.
    Ezra it’s time for you to quit.
    You don’t represent klal Yisruel.
    You only represent YOURSELF.
    how low you got

  8. Ezra you lost us a long time ago!!!!!

    Chuky is a Rosheh, who could care less about Sholom Rubashkin and the terrible injustice that was done to him (precisely because he is a frum Yid).
    Go sell your Luckshin to someone else!

  9. Ezra is at it again, making sure that his friends (and political contacts) on the Left are well-fed with hard-earned Jewish money. He can call himself whatever he wants, but we all know he’s a political HACK of the worst kind. (Hey, have you called your friend Hillary lately to lament her loss?)

    Schumer is at best an obstructionist who cares about The Party, Schumer, and The Party in that order.

    Let us not forget how he had his finger in the air to see which way the wind blew when it came to the disastrous Iran deal (created by his friend Obama, and shrilled into the self-described Echo Chamber by Ben Rhodes…). Once he knew it would pass, he could continue to lie to his constituents about his true passion for the deal. Now it turns out that Obama was not only giving Iran a pass on missiles, and plane loads of cash, but he also was giving Hezbollah a free pass. Thanks for having our back, Senator.

  10. Please, Ezra, don’t hock us a chynick!
    Pelosi didn’t consult with Schumer re Rubashkin, this wasn’t a National security issue, with huge ramifications just a basic humanitarian one, one that required basic human decency and mentchlichkeit, which pelosi had and Schumer didn’t.

  11. IMHO – With all due respect – suggesting that Pelosi needs (and received) a green light from Schumer on something of this nature reflects a lack of understanding of how these things work.

  12. Ezra Please pardon my French. This op-ed is written just for some “lecking” you did the same joke for congressmen Nadler…
    I guess that’s part of your business…

  13. Ezra, You said it BEST

    “Those who know don’t speak. And those who speak don’t know”

    Partying in D.C. does NOT make you Klal Yisroel’s representative, you sounded more authentic, taking selfies with Lady Gaga.

  14. Ezra: if you told me in 1980 to vote for Reagan I would have voted for Carter. If you told me to oppose Communism I’d support it. You have no credibility in my eyes.

  15. Fortunately, Ezra Friedlander, represents ONLY HIMSELF, and his opinions ARE NOT those of the larger FRUM JEWISH COMMUNITY. Using his considerable skills as a COVER-UP ARTIST, he has already, in the past, attempted to make spoiled meat smell good. There is a long list of self-hating or outright frum Jew hating politicians who have hired Ezra to make him look good to the Jewish community. Ezra you do a great job of flim-flam…but most of us don’t buy into it.

  16. This genius writes “I decided to treat the office of the Presidency with the respect and honor that it deserves, and I’ve publicly condemned anyone who did otherwise”. I guess that means you condemned the Shomer Yisroel too who day in and day out disrespects our president. What? You condemn him? Didn’t you also posit that “The community must internalize that Chuck Schumer is as powerful as they come. In his capacity as Senate Democratic leader, there are a myriad of issues that the community approaches him on for support. And in many cases he responds positively. The day might come when he will be even more powerful as Senate majority leader. Is it really in the best interest of our community to be in a situation where he views us as confrontational“ and yet as you yourself wrote you would condem a person like that. How could you? Do you realize how dangerous it is to do that? Lol your a complete fool and I can’t unders how anyone would hire you to represent them.

  17. Ezra, the more you say, and the more public you go with your “pay for play” positions and opinions, the more you disgust everyone. Ezra, get a real job, and stop the nonsense.

  18. Time to choose a NEW Trade.

    1) 20 Years ago you ran around as (in your opinion) the CLOSEST Jew, to the Next U.S. President.

    Fast forward: GORE was the SORE LOOSER.

    2) Iran Deal, you were מטהר את השרץ בר”נ טעמים. And tried to sell us the Booklyn Bridge.

    Fast forward: We discover Obama paid $1.3 TRILLION Ransom, and turned a BLIND eye to Hezbollah.

    3) 2016 Presidential Campaign, again you backed the (Now obvious) Wrong candidate, once again you tried selling us out to the highest bidder.

    Fast forward: It’s PRETTY CLEAR, who REALLY has OUR back.

    4) Can you name ONE pro-Rubaskin Signature that you brought to the table, Sans Sen Schumer ??? I DIDN’T think so.

    QUIT Playing (Madoff style) politics, before your (supposed) clients will see through the smoke. But at the very least DON’T portray yourself as Klal Yisroel’s Representative.

    We did just fine all these years since the 1930’s, and will continue to do so (NOT B’Ezras Friedlander, rather) B’Ezras Hashem.

  19. Quote !! I decided to treat the office of the Presidency with the respect and honor that it deserves, and I’ve publicly condemned anyone who did otherwise.  Your Words !!
    Where did you Publicly Condemn Schumer For Disrespecting The office of the Presidency on a Regular Basis ??

  20. This political hack of an article reads like a soap opera. Mr. Ezra should be embarrassed to spend time selling such rubbish sentences.
    The comments here are all you need to know about how the “expert advice” is being received by the common folk of you and I. We don’t need to be lectured about why it’s not a good idea to whine or “declare war”. Everyone here is saying the truth. We won’t be so wishy washy as to cling to Schumer for dear life. He does not care, he has already subscribed to become the leader of the far-left/fake news world and combat the president at every opportunity.
    That’s what President Trump’s win showed: we don’t need to be “oh so best friends” with people like fake tears Schumer who feels like he can constantly freeze us out when it’s not election time. He has a mind of his own and so do we…vote him out!

  21. Look, every yid needs to make a Parnassah, and this good Jew makes his Parnassah by working for politicians. Hatzlacha Rabbah – but that doesn’t mean we have to be fooled…

  22. I remember his “op-ed” explaining why it’s ok for Nadler to vote for the Iran deal. Nu, ב”ה, I don’t need to do that for Parnassah, but I guess he does…

  23. Thanks ezra for bringing awareness.

    U r totaly right that pelosi doesnt move without schumer.

    Schumer knows what whats best for us. But he also needs to protect his political image by the outside world.

    We dont know poltics like the poloticians know.


  24. Gotta love the pictures!!
    “Quick everybody, I was in closed door discussions, privy to the most secret of internal affairs, listen up we have a most important job to do – everybody forget how Schumer keeps on ignoring bipartisanship and his constituents! Oh, so you voiced a different opinion – tsk tsk, what very bad children you are! Now the next time The Schumer will need to make an important decision he will look unfavorably on this and I alone will need to approach him and regain favor!”

    Will be contacting him to send a respectful but firm message that I am not fooled by this spin of Public Relations 101. Oh, and it’s actually more of a chilul Hashem when every American knows Schumer is Jewish and sees how he sly and obstructive he is, making it seem like all of his dirty actions are for on our behalf. it would behoove us all to speak up against the Consulting Cronies when him and other disaster politicians are intent on weakening both Israel and the USA.

  25. Ezra Friedlander may Hashem protect you
    All tru the sad Jewish history there were Jews like you Who sold Out Klal Yisroel
    For there Owen profit and personal gain
    Your unfortunately not the first and Not the last Hashem yearchaim
    May g-d Spare yr soul . It’s time to do big time shuvah .
    Klal Godol Trust In Hashem
    Not A Man Esp a low man like you

  26. To +MDShweks: I know he needs to make a parnassa but there are better ways of improving Schumer’s image in the community while maintaing the source of income. Nothing against Ezra, he has a thankless job of being paid to defend people he knows are hard to defend.

    To +Holala: seriously, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t show up to this administration’s chanukah party and at the same time defend Schumer’s silence on issues important to us. Schumer should be getting an earful from you about how he has totally lost his direction. He could be leading democrats to work with Trump, instead he has totally gone off the deep end. He may know things we don’t know, but you could use that excuse for any politician that you represent: “They really care about us but because of x,y,z they can’t make it publicly known or act on it. But trust me, I’ve spoken to him and he is doing things behind the scenes.”

    Schumer is not some newbie politician. He can speak up and be heard, no need for quiet calculations and favor scores. We the voters have had many years to look at Schumer and we are not impressed anymore. I think it is healthy and helpful for Mr. Friedlander to know our opinions the next time he heads to Washington. This is not a gullible group sir.

  27. Re: SELFIES.

    NOT sure what your point is, Ezra posted the picture, and being that it’s still on his Twitter account a YEAR later. He’s obviously VERY Proud of it.

    Check it out yourself

  28. Well, just as YOU, Mr. Friedlander, can give your opinion… so can we. B”H we have that right. So don’t insult us by saying YOU have the right to speak, but WE don’t, because we don’t know anything. WE aren’t stupid and we will decide who is good for frum Yidden & who isn’t. Better jump ship or your parnassah will sink along with Schumer.


  30. Dear Ezra

    it is a chillul Hashem that you work & publicly support schuck schumer for office & telling others to support him, when he is a toaiva supporter & meshumad, being that you work directly for him THAT MEANS THAT YOU ARE ALSO A TOAIVA SUPPORTER R”L
    how will you answer to Hashem when you go up to the olam haemes? the lies & the corruption that you try to fool & convince people to support the people you pay for play from the corrupt hillary to Schumer & Nadler etc…

    it is a major Chillul Hashem when THOUSANDS of yidden worldwide watch you support & work for these corrupt & Toaiva people. Now is the last chance to do teshuva by removing yourself from these wicked unhuman people. Don’t Tell Hashem that you were not warned directly of the punishment hat C”V awaits a frum yid that supports toaiva & works for dishonest & corrupt people thus making yourself into a a dishonest & corrupt person trying t oconvince people to support Schumer.

    I daven to Hashem & beg you to do TESHUVA ASAP before its too late

  31. By Avraham Avinu, the Torah points out that he says little but does much.

    Obama was the worst Pres of the US. But to his credit,
    Obama doesn’t go around saying I am a watcher over black people. He simply created programs that help them, pardoned hundreds of them, to his credit in that respect he said little but did much. was never concerned people would say Oh he’s only helping them because he’s black.

    But Schumer Big Talker “i watch over the jewish people” , but does little— embarrassed to help a jew because what would people think that a jew is helping another jew. So even if Friedlander is right that he gave Pelosi “tacit approval” SHAME ON SCHUMER for being embarrassed to help a jew. When an attack on a jew by an anti semite judge which almost amounted to a slow legal death against a jew, you shouldn’t be giving TACIT approval. You should be the loud mouth you’ve always been. Perhaps you should learn from your idol Obama in this regard, it’s ok to publicly help your brother without worrying about showing favoritism.

  32. anyone who has to think more than 2 seconds to decide whether to oppose the Iran deal, this is not someone I want in office. What takes so long?? Yes he came out against it—- very “Tacitly” —- and at the last minute.

    SCHUMER stop being so Tacit with issues that are of great import to the Jewish people.

    You do not have my vote anymore.

    – Proud Jew

  33. It’s time to put Ezra out of business.Nobody minds a person seeking to make a living.However when a person will sell his own and Torah values down the river it’s imperative to stop such an individual.Lets start with the Agudah who uses Ezra (and pays this slime) to run events for them.We also need to let the politicians know that he’s not respected and just the opposite he is looked down upon and is completely non influential.Finally after backing a lesbian for Mayor ,defending Fat Jerry on Iran ,and now defender ” Shomer” Chuck we should “chuck” Ezra out of our community.
    If we continue to show rachmonus on schooling like Ezra people like Ezra will hurt us if we allow it.

  34. We all know you are the CEO of a political organization. You organize events and politicians respond to you when you reach out to them. I have never to date written to anyone about politics. Your op-ed requires a vigorous rebuttal and dissent.

    You should not have written that letter. Yes, you scored points with Schumer and the likes of him. In the process you disparaged klal yisroel and that is not forgivable or condonable. You continue to act as a puppet and lackey of these politicians who I am sure grant you many favors of which I am also sure we do not know about.

    Your appearance in look and dress denotes orthodoxy. Your actions, however, negate what orthodoxy represents. You wrote a self-serving propaganda letter to further sway people to your foolish adulations of public officials who do not serve the interests of frum” people. It is about time you purify your soul from the arrogance you have exhibited in knowing what is best for us with regard to the likes of Nadler, Schumer, and their doting and obsequies stoolies and seek the guidance of our rabbinic leaders before you assume you own the pulpit to chastise ” klal yisroel.”

    Aaron Feinberg, attorney.

  35. Politicians, I sincerely hope youre all reading how the Orthodox community feels about Ezra.

    Ezra, I sincerely hope you get the message and get out of politics..

  36. This letter by Friedlander is fake news & full of speculation the fact is schumer didnt write a letter which proves hes a low life end of story nothing more needs to be said. dont forget Friedlander is a die hard hilary supporter who like obama hates jews

  37. I agree with the title,stop shooting blanks. Instead We should shoot real bullets in the sense that we should financially, and vocally, support,a candidate to unseat Mr Schumer from his undeserved seat in which he does not represent the interests of our community or quite frankly the country. We should support our President Trump who is trying to make our country great again, and help elect candidates who have the same praiseworthy goals as our President. We should not be afraid to voice our opinions in a free country and we should not be cowered by the likes of Mr Friedlander who wants to shut up free speech and free expression in line with the Establishment swamp politicians in both parties. The government which has as its primary obligation to protect the safety,security, and health, of its citizenry, has instead been corrupted by Swamp creatures like Schumer and Friedlander. Schumer is clearly closely connected with the corrupt, organized, collusion, efforts of the FBI,CIA, and NSA, to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump. This is a slap in the face to the American Voter. Shame on Schumer and Shame on his enablers.

  38. Dear Mr. Friedlander,

    I patiently read your words and defense of Senator Schumer and would like to post a few responses to your arguments:

    1. It’s difficult to accept your words as your business is to defend and support politicians. By definition you have a certain bias and therefore are not really the one who should be writing this type of article. I would suggest next time finding someone else who doesn’t make a living through politics to express your viewpoints as they will be more accepted by others.

    2. Your contention that we need to refrain from disagreeing vehemently with politicians reminds me of the world 100 years ago when it was in the Jewish community’s best interest to praise dictatorial rulers out of fear of reprisal against us. I believe we live in a different era now, in which it is important that politicians hear how the Jewish community feels about their positions. Otherwise, there will be no change as the politicians believe they can do anything they want and still curry favor with the growing Jewish community, and it’s just no longer true. The only opportunity we have to have our positions represented in Congress and in the laws they make is to honesty express them. I think your brand of politics is outdated and explains why President Trump defeated Ms. Clinton who took for granted that she would be supported by the traditional Democrats regardless of her political positions. Must the Jewish community, in your mind, continue to hold back its criticism to guard against the possibility of payback in the future? I think that approach is no longer valid and it’s time the community begin to speak their mind, in a polite way of course.

  39. You gotta love this clown… ” the moment that Donald Trump was elected, I accepted him as my President and work with the White House accordingly.” WOW! He really is delusional in his self importance. I would assume that Trump was really nervous after he won, knowing that Friedlander supported Hillary, and Trump was worried that his efforts to get him in his better graces would not bear fruit. (“Hey Reince, can we at least get EZRA to WORK WITH US? We need Ezra, or the whole country is doomed! Who should we put on this, maybe Jared? ” ) I can imagine that his monumental decision to “work with the White House” was greeted with champagne corks popping and back slapping all across the West Wing…

    Seriously, who in the world is this wannabe? Why is his “op ed” even published? And why is is opinion being disseminated, let alone debated and commented on?

  40. not only does this op-ed encourage us to stop shooting blanks at senator schumer, it actively encourages us to genuflect at the altar of a politician who cares for himself and his political fortunes and not a lick for his constituents.

  41. Friedlander kisses up to all the liberal, left wing toeva-niks for money. Its a chillul Hashem time after time.
    Basic rule of politics is the following:
    We don’t need anymore anti family, anti Israel, anti G-d liberals running NY or anywhere else.

  42. Ezra, Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease stop making a fool out of yourself once again.
    1- You are NOT a community leader or representative.
    2- You are stuck in the old style “Jewish Liberal Wisdom” of 30 years ago.
    3-In some strange way, you like to be seen with elected officials. I suggest that you go for some therapy tp quell that urge.
    4- You epitomize Chazal’s saying “Syag L’chochma Sh’tikah”. its is uncanny how every time you open your mouth you appear more out of touch then the previous time.
    To the Editor, please stop posting the musings of this clown.

  43. R’ Ezra, here’s some solid business advise. Forget about right and wrong, just to succeed in this business of yours you should give Schumer a cold shoulder. Let him see that you’re a man who truly represents something – that’s the only way you’ll succeed in anything.

  44. Is this the same Ezra Friedlander who went AGAINST every Daas Torah/Rebbes/Rabbanim and actively supported the openly homosexual supporter, David Weprin when he ran against Bob Turner for Congress???
    Is this the same Ezra Friedlander who supported the big LGBT supporter, Lew Fidler over David Storobin in the race to win Carl Krugers seat???
    Yes it is.
    I remember Ezra lecturing us on how homosexuality wasn’t such a big deal. “WE” have to get over it. It’s the law of the land and WE have to grow up already. Well, B”H, both those perverts lost. The Frum community came out in force and voted for Kvod Shomayim! Unfortunately Ezra doesn’t give a hoot about Kvod Shomayim or about the Aibishters Kavod!

  45. Ezra,
    I think you should quit while you are ahead. No one takes you seriously, and you are becoming a joke in the community.
    It is very obvious that you are a paid hack, and by admitting that you voted for Hillary, you prove that point even more. It didnt bother you, that if chas vesholom Hillary would win, she would try to destroy both Israel, and the USA.
    As long as you can put a few dollars in your pocket. Now you come along with Chutzpa to threaten the Jewish Community, and scare them from opposing Schumer, because we may need him down the road. We dont need him or people like him. Hashem will protect us from people like him.
    Stop pandering, get out of politics, and find yourself a clean business. You are embarassing your great father the Liske Rebbe, and are an embarassment to your choshuve yichus of Liske Rebbes going back many years.

  46. Ezra,
    its time i took pen to paper or key strokes to key board regarding your political recommendations .
    first you recommend hillary for president which goes against everything the jewish community wanted forget the from community
    now when family members of rubashkin are saying shumer-(not shower as he calls himself)was absolutely against his release you try selling the orthodox jewish community that of course he was in lock step with pelosi SO WHY DIDNT HE SIGN???
    do u take us all for fools ?? u have a point about not antagonizing sitting politicians but you lost your clout as far as the from community is concerned as your decision is biased based on who’s paying you
    you have the CHUTZPA to ostracize the from community when you are on record blasting trump before the elections being you were paid by hillalry
    i have no problem with you making a living as a political consultant and PR firm but don’t weigh in on who our community should vote for
    when you sell out to who ever is paying your check
    be open and honest unless thats already too late?

  47. Ezra,you are a backstabbing cold blooded traitor and criminal,who would sell his soul and anything else for a few FARSHTINKENE dollars, you don’t fool anyone.
    We will never forget and forgive you for the traitorous and murderous double cross in supporting the election of this piece of filth Jerry Nadler who unashamedly supported the murderous Iran Obama deal.
    After world war two,Jews who collaborated with our enemies we had names for them,maybe you too deserve that name

  48. My dear Ezra,

    Unfortunately for you, your brand of politics has long since grown stale and ineffective. Your business and parnassah is built around being mechanef politicians and drumming to a new beat each day, whatever it is that advances your agenda at that given time. Just look at your most recent record of endorsements, Hillary Clinton, Jerry Nadler you were wrong on both of them. If I recall correctly, you once wrote an op-ed for Yeshiva World defending Barack Obama and his Israel policies. Ugh!

    Just some advice- stop watching CNN and MSNBC for your daily news stream. We’re in a new era now, one in which your brand of politics just is not the flavor of the day.

  49. Our dear Chazal offer us their sagacious and timely advice and bidding: הוו זהירין ברשות, שאין מקרבין לו לאדם אלא לצורך עצמן. נראין כאוהבין בשעת הנאתן. ואין עומדין לו לאדם בשעת דחקו. True then and true now. It’s wisdom of Chazal, eternal and everlasting, their vast knowledge, perception and insight far more acute and pointed than anything anyone can offer today.

    Of course throughout our long and bitter Galus, we’ve had Shatdlanim, selfless people who worked tirelessly on behalf of Kehilos and individuals in time of need and על כל צרה שלא תבוא. They knew their bounds. And they knew the ropes, how to properly grease the right wheels. Those were the REAL שתדלנים. They always had HaShem before their eyes, they took a Torah’dig approach to their numerous dealings with the personalities they had to interact with, and at times were granted with Chein and success from Above.

    But Yidden ALWAYS understood to tread with caution, to keep apart. We observed Torah and Chazal’s wisdom faithfully. We ALL knew what a “politician” meant. No. As much as we’d like to convince him our even OURSELF, he is NOT our friend. And he will show it… at ANY time… When you least expect it.

    We have no need, no use, for modern Public Affairs /Relations etc. We could use the שתדלן of old, who did, selflessly, begged HaShem for assistance, and (when graced with Hatzlachah from Above) got things done. Quietly. Unobtrusively. For the honor of HaShem, for the sake of another Yid in a bind,

    The lubricant that greases those wheels is dirty, vile and filthy, putting it mildly. No it’s not a job for a frum Jew to be in… caught between debased persons and character. Buttering up to depraved and corrupt individuals… Aligning oneself with agendas of evil and immoral issues. Issues and stances that should disgust ANY NORMAL moral upright person. How in the world can a Torah-Jew-looking person align himself with those bunch, what a blatant Chilul HaShem!!!

    But at least when the wind is blowing one way… when most politicians decided (for some reason) to get involved, most joined the band wagon and went along. It’s VERY TELLING when ONE, who most certainly should have, DID NOT. And trying to defend him will only cost one’s own credibility.


    And let me note, now that he’s ברוך השם released, a lot more bomb-shells are going to be released in the coming days. True, he is probably bidden to keep his mouth shut to an extent, but MUCH will come out now!!!

  50. So basically give Schumer a pass because he probably and very likely was behind the scenes in Rubashkins release. And why he did not publically support it – I don’t know but I love Chuck and he must have good reasons. Trust me I know what I’m talking about. I’m a liberal and voted for Hillary. Maybe, Just maybe you and your liberal friends are so concerned with your public image that you forget that authentic people don’t worry about their image. They worry about actual character. Maybe one day you will too! Until then spare us your professional opinion. And YWN spare us from this nonsense.

  51. While I thought I’m the only one who can not stand this guy who thinks himself as the spokesman of klal…

    He does have some valid points – there is no point in this whole Anti-Schumer campaign. Everyone should cool down and choose your Battles. His name was not needed in the Rubashkin campaign and I don’t think it mattered in this case.
    Does it bother us when many other supported it and his name was missing? Yes!
    Did he prevent any progress?
    I doubt he did.

    Do I think Schumer is a friend or an honest person? By far –No!
    He only serves himself, and anyone thinking otherwise needs to follow politics closer.
    Asides that, don’t forget, as important and as much as this issue was on all of our minds – he is not a frum Jew and will never understand this.

    Now is he really that desperate for our votes?
    I don’t think so. He has enough without our votes – he runs in the entire state – not locally .
    If it would have served him in any way he would have long been vocal on this.

    If you are to choose your Battles there are far more effective issues at hand, which many will support us and will help. Bottom line – this does not serve anyone any good.

  52. It serves him, and anyone else to know that we’re not a bunch of IDIOTS. We’re not wishy-washy. And we care for people who have spine. People who put issues before their careers. Now when the utter truths will be revealed … we WILL MAKE A TUMULT!!!!! Watch heads roll…

  53. Fact is, if nor for Schumer, Rubashkyn would have been released a long time ago. All those pictures with Freidlander and Schumer underscores Ezra’s bias on this issue. He doesn’t know why the שומר ישראל didn’t sign? We all know. Schumer is a self hating Jew who only cares about getting votes from the Left. His anti Iran deal stance came too little and too late. Why did Freidlander back Hillary? Was he interested in payback from the Clinton Foundation? She is a crook and bad for the USA. Just because the Satmar supported her is not a valid reason. They have a completely different perspective on the world events. They are still fighting Zionism and Clinton was no friend of Israel, so that makes her a good candidate.

  54. Rosh,
    “If nor for Schumer, Rubashkyn would have been released a long time ago.”

    Do you have privilege info we don’t?
    Please name a source

    Also, voting for Hillary is by far an issue that should nullify anyone. Many frum Jews voted for her over Trump, after all Trump was not that much better at the time.

    There are much better issues to pick on Ezra than Hillary.

  55. About a year ago I was bullied by YWN for speaking up against this disgraceful Ezra hack, at the time no one stood up for me and I thought I was the only yid realizing how horrible this person was, Today I am delighted to see klal yisroel standing up against this moron. We got brains baruch hashem.

  56. While having derech eretz for our elected officials is important, it’s essential that they know what their constituents think.

    Ezra, the frum community is fuming mad at Chuck. They see him as having sold out.

    He has had no problem beating his chest when he proclaims to be our “shomer”, yet when one of the most powerful democrats in the nation allowed the sitting democrat president to stab Israel in the back (then again in the heart) with the Iranian deal, we all saw very clearly what Chuck was about.

    I’m sorry that I’m your line of business you have to cuddle with these political slime bags.

    It’s about time that our community realises that they keep voting and supporting people that really don’t have our best interest in mind.

    Chuck is a disgrace.

  57. This is from the most ridiculous opeds that I’ve seen in a long time

    Firstly I haven’t seen all the blog attacks on Schumer for his non involvement with Rubashkin

    Secondly the premise that Nancy Pelosi could not write a letter on a non partisan issue without Schumer’s tacit approval is extremely offensive and condescending to Mrs. Pelosi. I don’t believe it for a second.

    Finally how about the author taking his own advice and refraining from criticizing President Trump? Like it or not he will probably be in office for the next three year at least.

  58. I wish I can understand why YWN post such hypocrisy from a fraud like this Friedland. He calls himself a spokesman , when he gets paid from these left groups. Why should this faker get a platform on YWN to spew his opinion. I beg YWN not to give this fellow and the likes a platform. No one would hear of this guy if YWN wouldn’t have posted it.

  59. Mr. Friedlander should have the decency not to offer advice to the Torah community regarding events or individuals when he cannot be objective. He is well known for professionally representing causes and individuals which are ultra liberal. Most of the time, his clients and causes advocate and legislate for positions which are inimical and anti Torah and Halacha. That his code of ethics allows him to do this is sad. To foist it on the rest of us and cloak his “advice” as necessary and vital for the benefit of our community is despicable