PHOTOS: Gov. Cuomo Visits Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg, Promises Not To Interfere With Yeshiva Education

Governor Cuomo visiting the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg on Thursday ,August 30 (@SatmarHQ)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo visited the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg at his home on Thursday night. Leaders of several community Mosdos attended the meeting.

According to a BeChadrei Chareidim report, the Governor reassured the Rebbe that he would not interfere in Yeshiva education. Orthodox Jewish Yeshivas in New York City have been under investigation in recent years over allegations from a group called YAFFED that the yeshivas provide an inadequate level of secular education.

Cuomo is up for re-election in November, and is facing a furious primary challenge from ultra-liberal activist Cynthia Nixon, a former actress.


Also last week, New York State Senator Simcha Felder visited the Rebbe and received his bracha and full support.

(Photo by JDN)

Just before Pesach, Felder held up the New York State budget over his demand that the Senate pass a bill recognizing the positives of a Yeshiva education. Felder, a Democrat, is often the decisive vote in Albany’s 63-seat upper chamber, as he tends to side with Republicans. Many prominent state Democrats have declared war on him.


(Nat Golden – YWN)


  1. As they say, “Mishenichnas Labor Day Marbim B’patronizing political promises to Rabbonim”. Forget about what is good public policy, just say what they want to hear, ask for a bracha and move on to the next chassidus whose rebbe will promise you his chassidims’ block vote.

  2. .געלט אהין געלט אהער
    .רעבע אהין רעבע אהער
    .שבת אהין שבת אהער

    .יעצט בלייבט אלעס כשר

    ווען מ’כשר’ט געלט ווערט אלץ פארענטפרט!

  3. I will vote for Nixon, why? is she wins the Republican Molinaro actually can win, this Cuomo has been around 8 years he did NOTHING for tuition or yeshivas but he managed to passed toeiva marriage his big accomplishment and has been attacking Trump who helped klal Yisroel non-stop.

  4. Cuomo is a crook and nixon will go against anything holy. The democrat have destroyed the state and the city of New York and obumma try to do it to the nation. While we need to make America great again. The way to do it is to get rid of the crooks President Trump is a big mouth but he is draining the swamp

  5. Anything for a vote.
    Seriously, if the yeshivas wanted to protect their independence, they would make sure that their students had a proper general education in accordance with the law. If neglecting the children’s education ever becomes a serious issue, the yeshivas risk the state coming in with more rules and more oversight and control.

  6. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled in Yoder v. Wisconsin that the law of the land in the United States is that parents have the constitutional right to choose to discontinue all secular education after eighth grade, should they so choose for religious reasons.