NYPD Arrests Man Who Assaulted Young Jewish Girl in Flatbush – After Assaulting Second Girl on Thursday


The NYPD has arrested a man wanted for assaulting a Frum 13-year-old female last month. As YWN had reported, on Tuesday, January 8, 2019, at approximately 4:30PM, a 13-year-old female was walking on Quentin Road near Stuart Street (just off Nostrand Ave), when an unidentified male grabbed her by the neck then slapped her in the face causing pain and swelling. There were no words exchanged prior to the assault. The male fled in an unknown direction.

Police and multiple volunteers from Flatbush Shomrim searched for the suspect, but were unsuccessful. Detectives were working on the case, and had many leads.

Sources tell YWN that on Thursday afternoon, the NYPD received a report of a 17-year-old girl that was assaulted in front of 2405 Quentin Road. The suspect grabbed the victim in an inappropriate way, and quickly walked away.

Police responded, and apprehended 52-year-old Juelun Li, of 2137 Nostrand Avenue.

He was charged in both assaults:

Forcible Touching (2 Counts)
Act in a Manner Injurious to a Child (2 Counts)
Assault 3 (2 Counts)
Stalking 4

The NYPD told YWN that they are grateful to Flatbush Shomrim for their invaluable assistance in helping them secure video footage of this assault.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. you forgot to mention that the 17 year old girl is the only reason that the cops were able to find him. not only that, but it wasn’t that he “inappropriately grabbed” her… he sexual assaulted her in broad daylight, a block away from her school, while she was walking with TWO classmates. that didn’t scare him away nor did it stop him from taking his time in the assault. from what was heard, he was also let out until his court date. he is reckless and violent and negligent. ALL girls that are minors NEED to watch out.

  2. if this ANIMAL was released by some low life filthy so called judge,we need to organize a vigilante pose and hunt him down like the animal he is and break every bone in his filthy body and make sure this vermin spends the rest of his years in a wheel chair