WATCH: Car Blows Past Williamsburg Yeshiva Bus With Red Lights Flashing


The attached footage was captured on Sunday morning in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Watch how the bus turns on his red lights to pick up a young boy heading to Yeshiva, and a car speeds around the bus.

This happened on Bedford Avenue and Hewes Street.

Just a few weeks ago, YWN reported that NY Governor Cuomo wants school buses in New York state to be equipped with cameras to record drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses.

Cuomo says installing stop-arm cameras on school buses will significantly improve safety for the 1.5 million students who ride school buses in New York state each year. The devices would record when a vehicle passes a stopped school bus and issue a ticket to the motorist.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Hey Meshige…..YES!! Anyone who can identify the car from the YWN video by magnifying its license plate and reporting the number to the police (along with the YWN video) would be a real hero and may save a child’s life by placing your meshige friend in jail.

  2. Stop supporting the Bus Drivers Club
    If Bus drivers would be a little more considerate with other people time then people would stop passing on flashing red lights
    They are allowed to drive like maniacs, cut off people,
    If you see someone wanting to make a turn in to a block u know u have 3 stops it’s ok to let someone go ahead of you instead they make sure not to let anyone in so people get frustrated
    It’s a 2 way street the way they treat others they get treated

  3. YW posted this article to report a critical episode that happened in our community. It is not supporting any club here, nor discussing if bus drivers blow through red lights… don’t stop at a stop sign.. didn’t make left turns from the right lane, etc. They are not discussing if every bus driver is a perfect driver. This article is specifically reporting how a car just drove past a loading school bus while its’ red lights were flashing. (to those that think they may pass a red flashing light….just because a couple of bus drivers to not drive properly, or they have to wait to long for 6 kids to get onto the bus, it doesn’t justify.. putting one child’s life in danger!) (That child that got on to the bus did not mistreat you jack green)
    This is an obvious disregard for the safety of any child that might be getting on or off the bus at that time. The car drove past a bus while the red flashing lights were on!
    Driving is not a right, it is a privilege. Those that blatantly disregard the law should not be allowed to drive.
    Yes, this driver should be ticketed and points placed on his license, as driving is an advantage for those who follow its’ laws.
    I wait with my children at a school bus stop. We had bikes, motorcyclists, cars and SUV’s drive by the bus while it was loading. I have already observed countless almost. Hashem lo Yishan, Hashem Shomer Yisroel! And we should not stop davening.

  4. That car was not speeding, except in the technical sense that the speed limit for that car at that moment was zero, and it clearly exceeded it. The car seems to be going slowly and carefully around the bus, in a manner that would be considered very reasonable if it were legal. But it’s not legal, and there are some traffic laws it’s just not OK to break, even if you think you can “get away with it”. There is an עינא פקיחא, and hopefully there will soon also be a camera to issue automatic tickets.

  5. @leah1532 I didn’t give right to the car all I said is you don’t know what the bus driver did to this car that caused him to do this
    Tell me on your kids busses are they all seated or standing on the drivers head?
    Does the driver wait till every child is seated before driving?
    Does he deserve the privvliage the drive did he pass all your safety or just because he is the bus driver you are excusing all that looking away at all the the safety
    I should start uploading videos from all the bus drivers how they drive like animals maybe then you will have a different vision on the drivers

  6. Jack green, this video is not about the drivers. when there is a flashing red light one may not pass regardless of if the passing car is frustrated etc.