Trump Polls at 52 Percent; Best Approval Rating in 23 Months


President Donald Trump’s job approval rating among likely U.S. voters hit 52 Percent on Monday in a daily tracking poll conducted by Rasmussen. Forty-seven percent (47%) disapprove of his job performance.

That number is his highest since March 6, 2017, shortly after his inauguration. It has been even longer since Trump’s ‘strongly approve’ and ‘strongly disapprove’ numbers weren’t under water. They were even at 39 per cent each on Monday.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The poll is not accurate. Taking into account 100% negative fake new coverage (including 52% negative from Fox News) and all anti-Trump brainwashing TV entertainment he should be polling around 80%.

  2. Always double the number for any Republican, and then add 30, since no Republican ever gets above 70 and no Dem ever gets as low as 30 for the handicap. That means Trumps approval rating is actually 134%.

  3. For some reason Rasmussen always has higher numbers for Trump than any of the other polls. Will so many of us not answering phones any longer because of the constant robo calls, I wonder who participates in these polls.

  4. Such polls can not be tested against the real world since in the real voters never get to choose whether or not they approve of the president, only who they prefer to be president. At this time, the Democrats are threatening to nominate someone who is cross be Hitler and Stalin, which makes Trump look good. If the Democrats choose a moderate (someone who favors border security, free trade, a muscular foreign policy, and supports both capitalism and religion), and if such a person manages to convince the Democratic left that he/she is the only alternative to Trump (who most Democrats see as the “Great Satan”), then Trump will be in big trouble in 2020. Realistically, Trump will probably run against a reincarnation of McGovern and will get reelected.

  5. Go to Real Clear Politics and look at their time series data looking at th results of about 8-10 polls (including Rasmussen) and you will understand why no one take Rasmussen seriously. They are always about 7-8 percentage points higher than the average of all the other polls.