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FOOTAGE IN TIME FOR PURIM: French Jew Visits Kevarim Of Mordecai And Esther And Iranian Jewish Communities

A Frum man from France traveled for a week to visit Iran, documenting what he had done and shared his findings with BeChadrei Chareidim – video footage from the kevarim Mordechai and Esther.

With Purim just a week, this French Jew visited the kevarim and was mispallel, releasing a call to world Jewry on behalf of Iran’s Jews, who he reports are in need of tefilin and mezuzos.

Gavriel, a French Jew and resident of Paris, visited Iran for a week, stopping at the Jewish kehillos in a number of cities, returning with an important message, “There is a major shortage of tefilin and mezuzos” for Iran’s Jews.

In a conversation with BeChadrei Chareidim, Gavriel explained details of his visit to the enemy nation last week. “I visited for a week, and in most places, I did not wear a kippa in the street, with the exception of a few places in areas of Tehran, Shiraz, Ispan and Amadan, where Mordechai and Esther are buried. I also walked around with a kippa where there are large Jewish communities, as I was not afraid.”

Gavriel added, “There are a number of kosher restaurants there, the Jews are in great distress because of the lack of tefillin and mezuzahs. I plan to return there this August to bring them tefillin and mezuzos that I hope to receive from donors. If someone can contribute to me, I will be very happy,” he said.

He also said that he was not afraid to come to Iran because he was born in France and holds a French passport. “So, they did not ask me any intrusive questions, I went around the airport in Tehran with a kippa. I went to visit all the holy places for Jews, even Mordechai and Esther as we are close to Purim, and it was a very great experience,” he concluded.

In 2011, YWN reported that Rabbi Yisroel Meir Gabey, a man from Eretz Yisroel known to travel the globe to try and fix neglected Kevarim, also visited Kevarim in Iran – including the Kevarim of Mordechai and Esther, the Kever of Chavakuk Hanavi, Daniel Hanavi and others.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. @sifsei not so fast. there’s one gemara in meseches megillah that says he was not a navi, but there’s another later on that says he was. rash”i’s comment ad loc might be understood to be addressing the apparent “contradiction”. sorry, i don’t remember exact mareh mekomos.

    also, given that sefer daniel has the ketz hage’ulah hidden in it, he certainly had some level of some form of prophect.

  2. Doniel WAS a Navi. He was one of the later Nevi’im who existed during the Golus and was an advisor to Achashveirosh.

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