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Fox’s Judge Jeanine Back On-Air After Remarks About Muslim Rep. Omar

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro is back on the air after a two-week absence following her comments questioning a Muslim congresswoman’s loyalties.

“Justice with Judge Jeanine” returned Saturday. The former judge and prosecutor thanked her viewers but didn’t directly discuss her apparent suspension.

Pirro asked on-air March 9 whether Rep. Ilhan Omar’s traditional Muslim head covering indicated the Minnesota Democrat followed Islamic religious law that Pirro called “antithetical to the U.S. Constitution.”

Pirro later said she’d simply tried to start a debate. She added that being Muslim doesn’t mean a person doesn’t support the Constitution.

Fox said at the time it “strongly condemned” Pirro’s comments. The network didn’t explain her subsequent absence, declining to comment on what it called “internal scheduling matters.”

A message was sent to a Fox spokeswoman Sunday asking about Pirro’s return.


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  1. rt, right….. because so many of your freshmen Democratic congresswomen aren’t anti-American, anti-constitution, and aren’t anti-Israel.

  2. It seems to me if that machsheifa omar can say such terrible things about Jews and their loyalty to America, that it works both ways, and people can question her loyalty to America also. Free speech works both ways, not just on the wrong (left) side.

  3. Pirro said absolutely nothing wrong. When someone wears hijab, It’s completely reasonable to wonder how much of Mohammed’s example she seeks to emulate.

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