Republicans Accuse Obama Of Exceeding Authority


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obalIn the courts of law and public opinion, congressional Republicans increasingly accuse President Barack Obama of exceeding his constitutional authority for the benefit of special interests, most recently by delaying a requirement for businesses to provide health care for their workers.

In one instance, Senate Republicans formally backed a lawsuit challenging the president’s appointment of three members of the National Labor Relations Board without confirmation. The Supreme Court has agreed to review a ruling in the case, which found that Obama overstepped his bounds.

Most recently, the White House’s decision to postpone a key part of the president’s health care law drew rhetorical denunciations Tuesday from Republicans who ironically want to see the law repealed in its entirety.

The White House disputes the allegations.



  1. Obama has a very liberal idea of presidential powers, as have almost all the presidents going back to the early 20th century. Bush (and especially John Yoo has legal advisor) seemed to think that presidents had the powers of English monarchs before the “Glorious revolution”. However the problem isn’t the man, its the system. The only politician addressing the issue is Rand Paul.

    P.S. And deciding to ignore a law that is incomprehensible and probably unimplementable is probably not an impeachable offense. While he took an oath to uphold all laws, ignoring ones that would clear be disasterous (and noting most of Congress agrees with him on this) is probably a valid defense (in legalese, it’s called “necessity”).