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THE LATEST FROM DEBLASIO: NYC Bans The Term ‘Illegal Alien’; If Used Expect $250,000 Fine

Using the term “illegal alien” or threatening to call ICE on a person in New York City could result in a hefty fine.

The NYC Commission on Human Rights said using the term “illegal alien” is illegal under law “when used with intent to demean, humiliate, or harass a person.”

The new legal guidance also includes threatening to call ICE on a person or harassing them for their English proficiency or use of another language.

Those found to be violating these new guidelines could face up to $250,000 in fines.

“We take immense pride in our city’s diversity and the immigrant communities that call New York City home,” Deputy Mayor Phil Thompson said in a statement. “This new legal enforcement guidance will help ensure that no New Yorker is discriminated against based on their immigration status or national origin.”

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Examples of violations, according to a news release:

  • Harassing a restaurant patron because of their accent.
  • Refusing repairs on a unit occupied by an immigrant family and threatening to call ICE if they complain.
  • Paying a lower wage or withholding wages to workers because of their immigration status.
  • Harassing a store customer by telling them to stop speaking their language and demanding they speak English.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

17 Responses

  1. The logical problem with this idea is that it is one-sided. In other words, it is itself discriminatory. Why should it not be just as problematic to call someone, for example, “privileged white man” – “when used with intent to demean, humiliate, or harass a person”?

  2. They came for the 2nd amendment, and you were quiet. After all, it doesn’t affect me. Now they’ve come for the first amendment.
    The Thought Police want to increase the hate crimes levels. Unfortunately for them, hate crimes committed against illegal aliens is almost non existent. It’s the same for Muslim Americans. Now that doesn’t fit the narrative created by the msm. It doesn’t fit Beto O’Rourke & Mayor Pete’s privileged white guilt agenda.
    Mayor DeBlasio is/has done NOTHING to stem the rising tide of anti semitism against Orthodox Jews in his own City! He’s done NOTHING to crack down on clear Hate crimes perpetrated against taxpaying Orthodox Jews in his City. Instead of dealing with the reality on the ground, he’s pushing a made up agenda which doesn’t exist. Unfortunately the incompetent Shomrim only encourage his erratic behavior. Open the latest FJJ or Jewish Vues and you’ll see pictures of them kissing the behinds of higher echelons of the donut eaters. You keep allowing blacks to throw bricks at Yidden and we’ll keep honoring you.

  3. How many years is it going to take for real people to rebound against the nonsense the left-wing middle and upper classes are ramming down our throats? How long is it going to take for people to openly laugh at queers who pretend they are normal, to just grin at two “married” women, to refer to those who are in our great country illegally as simple illegal aliens? Make no mistake about it, the pendulum is going to swing back, away from the lunacy of today.

  4. So basically, a private citizen gets prosecuted for violating federal law, but the mayor of NYC could thumb his nose at federal law and no one will bother him.

  5. This raging idiot needs to be impeached.

    Some of these “offenses” are already unwise and probably included in existing laws. Others cannot be legislated, and if passed as laws, should be challenged in court, where they would get thrown out.

  6. This is the same city that just had the racist PM of Malaysia give a speech at Columbia, where by the way, the school didn’t cancel the event right?
    “Harassing a restaurant patron because of their accent.”
    But you can harass and kick a restaurant patron out if they’re in the “wrong” political party or have the “wrong” employer right?

  7. I believe that this law was enacted to protect legal immigrants from abuse mainly because they are foreign. These legal migrants -American and/or almost American- suffer discrimination because they look, act and dress different and have accents. Rubbed the wrong way the American will always threaten to call “Immigration” now referred to as ICE on the American-foreigner or tell him/her to go back from where they came, as well as poking fun at them. This law will now give these Legal Americans some sort of justice or at least allow them some dignity.

  8. Sosha:

    You’re full of baloney. This is thought police, and this concept needs to be stopped. Illegal aliens are illegals, and should be known that way. The Dems y”sh refuse to address immigration reform, hoping to get their votes and return America to the Stone Age. There are legal ports of entry, and there is a process.

  9. Check out ari shaffir- the amazing racist, on youtube.
    He calls la migra on a few illegal aliens.
    Its comedy

  10. The little I know: You have every right to express your opinion and I recognize your right. Why would you say that I am full of boloney? I merely stated my opinion. Although you accuse me of something – being full of baloney(?)- you have yet to show me where I am wrong.

  11. This is fake news. The first amendment applies in NYC just as it does everywhere in the USA, and nobody can get in trouble for using any words they like — except when used as a form of discrimination in housing, employment, or public accommodations.

    It is ALREADY the law that employers may not use hateful language to harass their employees because of their race, sex, national origin, etc. Similarly landlords may not harass their tenants with such language, and shopkeepers may not use such language to discourage certain people from patronizing their stores. All the new announcement does is make it clear that this includes harassing employees, tenants, or customers over their immigration status.

    As for extorting an employee or tenant by threatening to report them to ICE, that has always been a crime. This announcement just reminds people of it.

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