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Important Message From L.A. Rabbonim: Don’t Come From Out Of Town Collecting This Purim

As Purim approaches we all turn our eyes to Hakadosh Baruch Hu to protect us and deliver us from all illness and distress.

In past years the Los Angeles community has welcomed and responded generously to the numerous groups of yeshiva bachurim soliciting funds on behalf of their worthy institutions.

This year’s Purim needs to be different. The still severe health concerns in combination with the potential for Chilul Hashem require that we firmly urge that groups not be sent to our community this year. This includes bachurim whose families live in Los Angeles and are home for Purim.

We strongly encourage the members of our local community to maintain and where possible increase their support of mosdos of Torah and Chesed, and are mispallel that in the Zchus of our assistance and caring for one another this Purim will bring אורה ושמחה וששון ויקר.

Rabbi Gershon Bess
Kehilas Yaakov

Rabbi Asher Brander
LINK Kollel

Rabbi Avorhom Czapnik
Jewish Learning Exchange

Rabbi Dovid Edelstein
Bais Tefilo

Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn
Kehilat Yavneh

Rabbi Shmuel Einhorn
Zichron Moshe

Rabbi Shmuel Fasman
Kollel Los Angeles

Rabbi Sholom Ginsberg
Kehilas Yitzchok

Rabbi Boruch Y. Gradon
Kollel Merkaz HaTorah

Rabbi Eliezer Gross
Yeshiva Gedolah

Rabbi Yochanan Henig
Kollel Yechiel Yehuda

Rabbi Moshe Kesselman
Shaarei Tefilo

Rabbi Yakov Krause
Young Israel Hancock Park

Rabbi Nechemia Langer
Shaarei Torah

Rabbi Shimon Raichik
Bais Levi Yitzchok

Rabbi Dovid Revah
Adas Torah

Rabbi Jonathan Rosenberg
Shaarei Tzedek

Rabbi Chaim Boruch Rubin
Etz Chaim

Rabbi Avorhom Stulberger
Valley Torah

Rabbi Yitzchok Summers
Anshe Emes

Rabbi Elchonon Tauber
Bais Yehuda

Rabbi Sholom Tendler
Mesivta Birchas Yitzchok

Rabbi Avrohom Union
Av Bais Din – RCC

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

9 Responses

  1. Heshy Tischler
    Canidate For City Council

    Replace the complacent
    Many recognize an injustice but lack the courage to act.

    Others do not merely recognize repression but actually speak out.

    I have tried to be a speaker and a voice for the silent citizens of Borough Park Flatbush and Midwood and Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach and really all of New York.

    As one of the leaders of the summer protests over the irrational and unjust lockdown of our community.

    The community play grounds and our synagogues became the battleground and the desperate maneuvers of the Deblasio administration were exposed and rejected by the community.

    But we fought and never gave up.
    Today, our playgrounds and synagogues remain open and safe.

    We are united in our insistence that our children be protected from predators and our streets patrolled by adequate numbers of police officers.

    We remain vigilant, as we must.
    Our community activists are to be applauded and the politicians who have been hiding out, must be replaced.

    Heshy Tischler

  2. The Real Truth – No one is manipulating anyone. They are asking them to not come to their community that has tried hard to limit the spread. Just like you disagree with them, they disagree with you, and they are the muchzak on their own turf.
    147 – No, it does not discriminate. However, as one who lives out of town, our rate of infection and spread is much lower than ‘in town’. There are less people here, making social distancing easier, we have no packed stores or shuls, we have space to spread out. We are not in and out of people’s houses. That’s what’s trying to be maintained. It’s fine if you disagree, but it’s also fine if they disagree with you and ask you to abide by their rules.

  3. truth is that flying to the usa from Israel is not easy, but there are meshulachim there already. To stop people from shnorring seems to me to be forbidden, but you do not have to open your doors to them.

  4. People have to know to stop following the main stream and start doing stuff on their own. could someone explain me how could they approve a vaccine in just a few months and give to millions of people and they dont
    know if its even going to work? plenty of people have died shortly after taking the covid vaccine make your own research you will fid out.

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