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MAILBAG: NY Post Columnist Steve Cuzzo Is A Bigoted, Anti-Semite, And The Tabloid Rag Must Apologize To Orthodox Jews

Anti-Semitic NY Post columnist Steve Cuozzo slanders Orthodox Jewish community with outrageous false claims.

It seems the NY Post, is back to one of its favorite pastimes, attacking the City’s Orthodox Jewish community.

In a completely bigoted op-ed totally devoid of reason, Steve Cuozzo asks why Manhattan’s Covid positive rate is so much lower than the rest of the city. Astoundingly, he then proceeds to suggest that this may be due to ” large, often mask-less ultra-Orthodox gatherings ” and that “Manhattan has none of the huge Hasidic congregations found in Brooklyn and Queens.” In other words, Cuozzo is saying that it is the Orthodox Jews who are somehow responsible for the higher covid rate across the entire city of NY.

Yet a quick glance at the facts reveals how irrational and untrue this is. Cuozzo states that” Manhattan’s current new-infection rate is in the mere 2-plus percent range; it’s above 4 percent in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, per state data.” The question is why are the covid positivity levels in the Bronx so high? In fact, there are areas in the Bronx with positivity rates approaching 10 percent. Yet the Bronx is far closer to Manhattan then to Brooklyn and these neighborhoods have no Orthodox Jewish population. Moreover, there are areas in Brooklyn with positivity rates below 2% percent that are situated right next to large orthodox populations. None of that fits Cuozzo’s prejudiced Armchair theorizing.

And so a mere casual investigation is all it takes to completely debunk the lazy sloppy, bigoted musings of an anti-Semitic Manhattenite that somehow gets to write for a paper with the fourth highest circulation in America. This says all one needs to know about standards at the NY Post.

It needs to be pointed out that Mr. Cuozzo is a coward as well. While he has no issues blaming positivity rates in the Jewish community on behavior, he makes no such connection with regards to positivity rates in other communities that are likewise much higher then Manhattan. Rather he claims this might be due to Manhattan’s higher income levels and better overall health than in the outer boroughs. So when large gatherings in the Bronx are busted, such as 557+ people at a warehouse party this past November it is the areas lower income relative to Manhattan that is somehow to blame not the behavior of the participants. This illogical nonsense is due to Mr. Cuozzo fear of criticizing the communities in the Bronx who are protected by the establishment media. Orthodox Jews on the other hand are easy targets for gutless bigots like him.

That the NY post must apologize to the orthodox Jewish community and fire Steve Cuozzo is obvious to every sane person desiring to live in a tolerant and fair metropolis. Unfortunately, the Post being essentially just a tabloid rag, false inflammatory smears against Jews are standard fare. What a disgrace.

Name withheld upon request.

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

21 Responses

  1. no hassids live in queens
    one of the key answers is “density”
    residential manhatten is far from dense , more dogs than children , even the apt buildings have very small families per apt.

  2. The New York Post has been an antisemitic rag (in addition to being a dirty promiscuous rag) running anti-Orthodox Jews hit pieces for quite a few decades already. About every few weeks they find another reason to attack (Orthodox) Jews.

  3. >> one of the key answers is “density”

    guys, you can’t kill your parents (literally, in this case) and ask for mercy as orphans. One of the two – either continue claiming that there is no COVID and you can congregate, or blame density for it.

    Or do teshuva, if it is still possible. Maybe it is, as you can still materially affect the situation. If you do teshuva after everyone is vaccinated, it may not be relevant. As Rambam defines teshuva – when you are still capable of the same taavah.

  4. meir G March 21, 2021 10:17 am at 10:17 am

    “no hassids live in queens”

    There are many hassids in Queens. What an obnoxious statement from you…..

  5. The guy is an anti-Semite but he is saying the same things the other papers were saying too.

    Is this the first time anyone saw these accusations in a newspaper?

    I don’t see what makes him different from the New York Times and some the ostensibly frum social media.

  6. huju: Very shocking, indeed! Imagine such an example of probity, decency and morality printing such rubbish! Tsk, tsk, tsk…

  7. @Always_Ask_Questions: Did practically every single one of the 500 people living on your block/backyard get infected last year in March with many spending weeks on Oxygen and some dying like the way happened on my block in Borough Park? Or like many other VERY DENSE ULTRA ORTHODOX neighborhoods who were hit hard and fast through no fault of their own in mid March of 2020? They shut down just as fast as everyone else, but when you have such a contagious virus like Covid-19, all you need is many crowded Shuls operating for several days for it to reach most of the community- and that was unfortunately exactly what transpired.
    How can people tell “Hasidics” to ‘follow the science’ if they’ve been completely ignoring the facts on the ground themselves? BTW everyone should wear 2 masks even if you got 2 vaccines and a natural infection in the last month, because you can never know, maybe a new variant is coming and maybe we need to wait until Dr. Fauci and Cuomo, who literally begged people not to wear a mask if the first weeks, gives fully immune 20-year old’s the go ahead to ride a bike on an empty street at 1AM without 2 masks.

  8. SHAME on YWN
    “NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN”
    Why not ? ? Does YWN agree with The NY Post?

  9. I suggest that we bombard the large advertisers in this schmatte with letters that we will boycott their products or services. This will change the largest revenue source for the schmatte, and hit them in the pocket. Don’t expect an apology, and don’t believe that this writer will get canned or reprimanded. Money talks.

  10. huju: Are you less shocked when Sulzberger”s New York Times or Bezos’ Washington Post or CNN or NPR or MSNBC or CBS or ABC publish much worse antisemism, far more frequently?

  11. I just this morning looked at the COVID rates in my neighborhood in the Bronx. Low compared to the rest of the city. Most of the shulgoing Jews are orthodox. The orthodox areas in Manhattan had low rates too.

  12. Cuozzo may be mistaken, but he is not necessarily an anti-Semite. The Orthodox community did suffer disproportionately from COVID. Although there was occasional disregard for distancing and mask requirements, there are more important factors involved. We are obligated to gather several times a day for tefillah and limud Torah. We have lots of children, who may have helped spread the virus to their parents. Unlike the rest of our society, we value old people and keep them in our homes rather than pack them off to nursing facilities.

    It is interesting that the high rates of infection among blacks and Hispanics was blamed on racism, but nobody thought to call the virus anti-Semitic.

  13. אל תבטחו בחיסונים
    YEs, there were many cases of corona. But your governor chose to forbid the use of hydroxychloroquine, zinc and zpac.
    Baruch HaShem, my brother was able to get it one year ago by going to a NJ pharmacy.
    But even without that (and Chas vshalom, not to minimize ANYONE’s death!) HaKadosh Baruch Hu provided us with an AMAZING immune system that protected over 99% of those who got the sickness under the age of 75 and 94.5% of those above 75.
    WHY is anyone considering a vaccine which was patented as a gene therapy? (Look up Moderna’s patent)
    WHY did the Halacha pesuka from the פלא יועץ, the צמח צדק (I think) the משנה ברורה סימן תרי״ח etc. etc. change from
    שב ואל תעשה, עדיף!
    The area tens of prominent Rabbanim who boldly stand for Halacha and state unequivocally that we should Not take the “so called” (vaccine) gene therapy that is NOT APPROVED. It only has an EUA
    Do NOT give in to the FEAR!
    העיקר, לא לפחד כלל!!!

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