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NYC: Thousands Of Businesses Given Warnings For Ignoring Vaccine Rules; 14 Businesses Fined

Only 14 New York City businesses have been fined for violating Mayor Bill de Blasio’s indoor vaccine mandate, according to a new report.

The city handed out $1,000 fines to those businesses and warned another 6,760 so far, the New York Post reported Saturday.

Inspectors has reportedly checked in on a total of 27,500 businesses since it began enforcing the mandate on Sept. 13.

The rules allow for inspectors to issue a warning for first-time violators before handing out a $1,000 fine. Repeat offenders will face $2,000 for a second violation and $5,000 for every one after.

The mandate requires proof of vaccination to enter city establishments like restaurants, gyms and cultural centers like theaters and museums.

Nearly 84% percent of New York City adults have received at least one vaccine dose, according to the latest city data.


4 Responses

  1. This can easily be seen as a consequence for NYS repealing the childhood vaccination exemption two years ago. There needs to be vaccine choice implemented for all people and for all types of suggested vaccinations (and other intrusive medical protocols). It is medical tyranny for a government to be empowered otherwise.

  2. There was an article on another website criticizing Biden for using pull to get a friend to be seen in a hospital emergency room.
    However, if that was the worst thing he did, the country would be in much better shape. However his encouragement of “liberal” control ; ultimatum’s to people with life saving jobs such as doctors, nurses, police, and firefighters to get vaxxed or not come to .work is destroying the country. These people are vital in saving lives and maintaining order, yet the liberals are pushing their control so far as to endanger the overall population; with no mention of the lack of constitutional validity of such pressure. At the same time these liberals are denying the right to life to babies; claiming its unconstitutional for women to be denied the choice of becoming mothers or not. The inconsistency of these liberals is making a farce out of our country and our constitution. They do not belong in our government, in our country, and perhaps not in this world. Along the same line of thinking, is it not unconstitutional to discriminate against the unvaccinated in any establishment. There never were laws against people unvaccinated for any other diseases whose vaccines went through far greater testing over far longer time periods, and had more far proven safety validity. It is not the government’s place to intervene with these measures, laws, and fines. Everyone has has the constitutional right to patronize any establishment. If the vaccines are so useful/efficient, than the vaccinated are protected, and if this is untrue why all the hullabaloo over the necessity to vaccinate?
    The President, Governors and Mayors are taking us for fools, or they are fools, yet succeeding in making us look foolish.

  3. Mr. Mayor:

    Your mandate has not a shred to do with safety or health. It is all about making something illegal so that you can fine them. Yiu’re a really nice guy, with some really sick ideas. I guess this isn’t turning out to be the fundraiser you hoped for. Can’t wait for you to leave office and politics.

  4. The little I know, the next liberal won’t be better, including the mega-liberal Adams, the clone of Dinkins in a more liberal, more modern version which means he’ll be worse than Dinkins.

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