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Israel’s Foreign Ministry Confirms It Is Working To Thwart Lev Tahor’s Plan To Reach Iran

Israel’s Foreign Ministry confirmed for the first time on Wednesday that it is working together with other countries, to stop the members of the Lev Tahor cult from traveling to Iran.

“The state of Israel is taking action regarding the Lev Tahor cult via a variety of channels – political, legal, and others, in coordination with a number of other relevant countries,” a Foreign Ministry official stated.

“The activities are being carried out subject to restrictions arising from the fact that the cult is located outside Israel, with all its implications.”

According to a Ynet report, the departure of some of the members of the cult was thwarted recently when an Israeli family was caught presenting forged passports for their children.

The Ynet report said that Israel’s Foreign Ministry is coordinating with Canada and the US in order to prevent the cult members’ planned emigration to Iran after concerned relatives of cult members appealed to them due to serious fears about the safety of their family members.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. For all those who are still injecting money, just look at who you are helping and where your money is going. Their three shnorerim come to Lakewood, raising money from the wealthy and regular donors. The names of the thieves from the cult: Uriel Yosef Goldman, Aryeh Yehuda Malka, Chaim Azaria Alter. Beware of them !!!

  2. Guatemala, a third world country, would either not care or actually be happy if non-Guatemalans leave Guatemala. They certainly aren’t going to force non-Guatemalans to stay in Guatemala.

  3. Ready:

    Who’s hating? Most of the members are innocent victims who meed to be rescued and deprogrammed.

    The criminals here are the ones who purport to be Torah Jews, but are guilty of adding and subtracting to the 613 mitzvos. That renders the “religion” in this cult either something other than Judaism, or it is a missionary cult that are both completely inmtolerable, unacceptable, and both are to be hated, despised, and eliminated. The people involved i do not hate. They are either sick crimials or hostages/victims. The “derech” has nothing to do with Torah Yiddishkeit, and there is gehinnom waiting for anyone who pushed the agenda that it is. I don’t hate you. But I wouldn’t be any more ready to accept having you in my presence than a shpritzing skunk.

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