Italian Cuisine as a way to surprise your boyfriend


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Italy is known to be one of the most romantic countries in the world. Evenings in Italy are perfect for a fantastic date. Walking down one busy Italy Street, you jump into a restaurant with your sweetheart and order lasagna. How delicious it is with your boyfriend on your side. But did you know cooking for a gay boyfriend is more romantic than eating out. If you ever met a man in a gay chat online and promised to cook for him, Italian cuisine is the way to go.

There are so many reasons to go Italian when it comes to cooking. But when you are with someone you like then there are more reasons for Italian cuisine. Here are some reasons that Italian cuisine will make your boyfriend enjoy spending time with you;

Italian food is at the heart of our Romantic culture 

From the old days up to date, Italy has been a country known for passion and creativity. Feasting is part of life in Italy. It sounds wrong to mention Italy without mentioning food.

Food is a language of love in this land. Food is a form of seduction in the mind of your loved ones. Gay couples can use Italian cuisine as a way to bond. 

Italian food is sensual and hands-on

A candlelit dinner for two men. Just you and your boyfriend at home. You can try out risotto. Since this type of dish requires a lot of stirring to be perfect, you and your boyfriend can take turns in the stirring. Some smooth music and a little whisper of something like “Tu sei una stella..La mia stella – You are a star….my star.” won’t hurt. 

Risotto Alla Milanese is one of Italy’s old recipes that has found its way to the modern world. There are so many ways of recreating this dish. Its preparation requires wine, making it perfect for a date. Its recipe requires 115ml of white wine, not sparkling so ordering a bottle will be perfect.

Preparation of Risotto Alla Milanese takes a maximum of 45 minutes. You can choose to drink the wine as you prepare your dish preferably from the same glass. He opens a bottle of wine, pours into a huge glass for his boyfriend…

Cooking together is the best way to get closer

As explained previously some Italian dishes like Risotto Alla Milanese are well prepared by two. As you share the cooking duties you keep on getting closer and understanding each other better. You get to understand what your boyfriend loves talking about and they can share some secrets that you knew nothing about.

In cooking, is where people get to give some of the tips they learnt from their mothers. Gay couples can use cooking to get closer and share deeper secrets about each other. 

Cooking together is a form of bonding. Maybe it will be that one thing will be bringing your boyfriend to your place over the weekends. 

Dishes that ignite passion

There are many recipes in Italy. It is worth mentioning that some ignite passion. They make one feel special. Here are some that you can work with;

Tomato, Mozzarella, and Basil Bruschetta

This is easy to prepare. It requires pulsing to something smooth but chunky. This needs passion, as one pulse and check if the level is right, you get to see the hidden bits about your partner.

After baking, the cooks have to work quickly on placing mozzarella cheese on top of the baked toast.

This dish will leave one or both of you licking your fingers especially the tomato. If well prepared, the tomato should taste very sweet on its own.

Sardinian Stuffed Eggplant

Eggplant is a vegetable that brings back childhood memories. Many Italians will have a story behind loving any food that includes an eggplant. This way you get to talk to your boyfriend in the process of preparation. The preparation of this meal is simple. A gay couple can work together here. As one works on the eggplant, the other works on the potatoes or the other ingredients. Please remember that a little wine is magical in Italian cuisine.

Lasagna Bolognese

You definitely love lasagna but have you tried preparing lasagna Bolognese? Where instead of filling with ricotta and cheese, you go for some chunky meat sauce with more cheese to please your tongue.

This cuisine takes you out of your comfort zone. You may be used to preparing normal lasagna but this will be different with the toppings and fillings.

Seafood salad

Some lemon and seafood with vegetables can turn a simple night into a memorable event. Try this recipe with your boyfriend and you won’t regret it.

Panna cotta with strawberries and ice cream

Yes, don’t end the night without some ice cream. Panna cotta with strawberries is a smooth way to end the night. Although it does require attention, it is easy to prepare. It ignites a passion for the cook. It is beautiful to look at and enjoy.