WHO ARE YOU AGAIN? Kamala Harris Snubbed by White House at Infrastructure Bill Signing [VIDEO]

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

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Vice President Kamala Harris, already reportedly at odds with President Biden over her perception that she’s being sidelined by the administration, was the victim of a major snub – or possibly flub – at Monday’s infrastructure bill signing on the White House lawn.

As Harris went up to the podium to deliver what was, without a doubt, the most brilliant political speech in recent memory, the White House announcer skipped over her, instead instructing attendees to union political activist Heather Kurtenbach.

“In a moment,” Harris quipped, before exploding in cackles befitting a hyena.

Even if the incident were a flub, which it likely was, it serves as quite the metaphor for the dysfunction the vice president’s office – and the White House as a whole – has been grappling with.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. @Chaylev Halyah you are correct. Unfortunately more and more of the heimeshe news outlets have embraced the sensationalist news, clickbait sometimes offensive titles, putting people down, and not thinking through a particular story. SO SAD 🙁

  2. Come on. I learned to watch the video myself and make my own judgement. I am no fan of Harris or Biden. But I think she handled the obvious mistake very well. I didn’t think she laughed a or giggled any more than if someone was at a sheve brochos and was standing ready to speak and the introducer said the wrong name.

  3. Her laughing here is completely normal. It is disgusting how YWN is constantly making fun of her in a mean, personal way. This article is barely worth posting, but that comment is not befitting the presentation we’d like to make of potential ‘Yeshiva World News.’

  4. It’s a tradition that a vice president stays in the background. Nothing new here. You guys just hate her and her boss. On day 2 of their inauguration, you’ve demeaned them both. Get over it – the demagogue, con-artist,liar and lecher is no longer president. thank G-d.

  5. Yup watch video , she handed it well, YWN drop half the click bate and half the adds to = self respect. I’ve seen so many posts and replies to same non response of last months, guess we writing on wrong forum, if u don’t listen to us friends critiques, don’t be shocked when the ur critics attack .

  6. The America public views Harris is inappropriate and incompetent as evidenced by her extremely low polling numbers. If pointing this out triggers you, feel free to escape to your safe spaces.

  7. she actually made THE Smartest move. anyone would do the same

    btw. what is wrong with that laugh. my mother, 2 sisters. myself and most of my kids have that same laugh. almost the same none of us were ever mocked or punished for it