CROWN HEIGHTS: Jewish Man Fights Off Attempted Gun-Point Mugging; Shomrim And NYPD Respond


A young Jewish man was the victim of an apparent attempted robbery Tuesday morning on Montgomery between Kingston and Albany in Crown Heights, when three black males approached the victim and brandished a gun.

According to YWN sources, no words were exchanged between the aggressors and their victim, likely because the victim began fighting back before they could make their demands.

Surveillance footage provided to YWN of the incident shows the Jewish boy wearing a hoodie and backpack as the three black males exit a Honda vehicle and approach him.

The victim walked past the perps and, after running up to the victim, one of the males tapped him and displayed a firearm.

The boy instinctively began fighting back, scaring off the trio, who went back to the vehicle and drove off.

Crown Heights Shomrim and the NYPD arrived at the scene shortly thereafter and are now searching for the suspects.

As per the NYPD, the license plate does not match the car that was used in the incident, thus complicating search efforts.

The victim was thankfully not injured in the incident.

Shomrim are currently searching the streets for additional security-camera footage to be able to assist the NYPD with their investigation.

If you have any information which can assist the investigation, please call 911 and the Crown Heights Shomirm 24 hour emergency hotline at 718-774-3333.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The video is amazing, because (i) the targeted victim fought back, survived, drove away the perps, and (ii) the video actually shows something, unlike most videos posted by YWN.

  2. BH, he is alright.
    what you see here is NOT A SMART move.
    Presumably the gun is fake or unloaded. If it was a real/loaded gun, why wasnt he shot?

    Yes, it COULD be that they just werent ready to pull the trigger, in which case they presumably werent prepared to attempt grievous assault either.

    SO the victim here is lucky. Not heroic.

    Heroism means doing the right thing under pressure.

  3. Fighting back against a man pointing a gun at you?! Not the smartest move. Most of the time the perpetrator DOES fire the gun. We could of been reading a very different story today. One has to use their seichel. Recognize your odds, al pe derech hatevah. It is clear that this young man’s time to go was not today. Only the Aibishter saved this individual.
    Anyway, the CH community should feel safe knowing that Attorney General Letitia James is hard at work poring over former President Trump’s personal tax returns dating back to 1978. There is nothing as frightening to New Yorkers as those dangerous tax returns.

  4. He fought back well against the perps. I think it was dangerous though because they were armed; that he wasn’t shot was a complete miracle.

    What I don’t understand is how there’s always this person standing by a window who somehow knows something will happen and starts the video rolling before the incident even starts. This video is not from a surveillance as it is shaky so someone took this video with their phone. I don’t understand how these people always know before something happens and have their video rolling before the incidents and how they can even take video instead of calling the police…馃

  5. And the second saddest part of this incident – a frum Jew walking by like completely oblivious, zombied out staring at his smart phone…

  6. Meanwhile the passerby are busy pretending there’s nothing to see there. Once a bunch of guys decided to crowdsource by pouring in a cup of schnapps each for a party they were having, with each guy deciding to be a wise guy and to bring in a cup of water instead of schnapps, and consequently they had a barrel full of water and no party.