CHILDISH: De Blasio Imposing Mandates on Private Businesses to Stick It to Mayor-elect Adams


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Why did NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio suddenly impose a Covid-19 vaccine mandate on private businesses? To stick a finger in the eye of Mayor-elect Eric Adams, insiders told the NY Post.

The mandate, which applies to more than 184,000 NYC businesses will take effect on December 27th, just four days before de Blasio leaves the mayoral mansion.

“I think for the outgoing mayor to announce something like this knowing that the implementation and enforcement would entirely be the responsibility of the next mayor is a real big (expletive removed) you,” an Adams surrogate told the New York Post.

Adams has been noncommittal about enforcing the new mandate, saying that he will evaluate it once he becomes mayor, in consultation with “science, efficacy and the advice of health professionals.”

Several business leaders who serve on Adams’ transition team have come out strongly opposed to the mandate, arguing that “the mayor’s private business mandates means more pain for the city’s economy.”

If he ultimately disagrees with de Blasio’s mandate, Adams could easily overturn it, his surrogate told the Post.

I think anything the outgoing mayor tries to implement at the 11th hour is really on the table. This won’t be some long-standing policy that would need to be reserved,” the Adams representative said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The longer the pandemic lasts, the longer the city’s economy (and the rest of the world’s economy) will be adversely affected. Whoever made the alleged comments to the New York Post does not understand the mayor’s responsibilities. He/she must be a leader and do some things that people may not like.

  2. I read by Binyamin Bendet on twitter adaraba that it was Eric Adams that wanted it implemented and asked that de blasio do it before he leaves.

  3. The NYC of Health Bureaucracy has become completely Corrupted by political agenda and Grant money.
    Ignoring the scientific fact that Coronaviruses always mutate rapidly and has had dozens of variants since the start, and
    Renaming Covid different random names, such as Delta and Omricon which is the name of a Futurama Cartoon Planet (look it up), to try and hide the fact that the Shots Are ineffective,
    And then issuing Outrageous Mandates for an ineffective experimental harmful shot that requires endless “boosters”
    VIOLATING our human and civil rights and Freedoms,
    The New Mayor MUST HIRE HIS OWN ADVISORY TEAM, AND OVERTURN ALL MANDATES. He must look to Florida at the success they have had with no mandates, and setting up Antibody Treatment clinics!

  4. Is anyone stupid enough to not look at Israel and see what happens when everyone gets vaccinated? just look they could allow everyone to travel without problem, no Covid-19 hotels, no masks, no over crowded hospitals,non of all that it is all in the past.