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Muslim “Chosson” Interviews Again with Zev Brenner, Blasts YWN, Says He Has Jewish Soul [VIDEO & AUDIO]

The lying Muslim “chosson” who married an unwitting frum Jewish girl after claiming that he was ethnically Jewish, spoke to radio host Zev Brenner for a second time since his devious scheme was exposed, reiterating that he believes he has a “Jewish soul” and that he wants to convert.

Elya Hawila, the Lebanon-born Muslim who lied to a Chabad in Texas, rabbanim in Brooklyn and Lakewood, and a poor Jewish girl who he convinced to marry him, told Brenner that he knows he was wrong, is not the victim in this tragic incident, but just wants another chance to become Jewish.

Hawila went on to complain that he has gotten so much negative attention in Jewish media, particularly on YWN, and insisted that his only goal is to become Jewish.

“I want to be a Jew. I really want to convert. I have a Jewish soul,” he said.

He added that he keeps Shabbos fully but turns on a light so as not to transgress the commandment that non Jews may not keep Shabbos.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. He did something terrible, he seems genuinely contrite, he wants to do teshuvah and become Jewish. I wouldn’t think that beating him up is a mitzvah. But we have to be mevatel ourselves to the daas Torah of YWN.

  2. Turning on a light these days isn’t enough and likely doesn’t transgress any d’oraysas. גוי ששבת חייב מיתה

  3. Did this person try apologyzing to the family, including paying for the cost of the “wedding” and shame? Did he apologize to the rabbis for lying to them? Of course, he got negative attention – he brought it on himself.

  4. Zev Brenner is legitimizing him by having him on his show again. He’s a liar and faker. Now he has to clean toilets again to pay his bills like he did before his “marriage”. And he didn’t “fall in love” with her. He went on a Jewish dating site passing himself off as a Jew and found this girl and who fell in love with him…

    Another issue I see lately is the self-doubt that some Ashkenazi Jews have regarding their ancestry. That is YOUR ancestry that is in doubt, that doesn’t reflect on us all Ashkenazim.

  5. This is garbage, if he’s truly real he wouldn’t be doing a media tour.
    put your money where your mouth is and convert.
    and move on to a new life.

  6. @YWN I’m judiasim we clearly believe that converts are essentially Jewish souls scattered among the nations and their job is to return to their source …. Did you ask a halachic authority before publicly shaming and denying him his potential? I’m not saying the way he went about it wasn’t wrong, it was but doesn’t give us a right to treat him in a way that’s against our Torah values

  7. He sounds very sincere. I think he should be commended for willing to admit his mistake publicly. YWN may have been treating him a bit too harshly.

  8. Marriages between Jews and foreigners are not valid in Jewish law.

    When a Jewish woman “marries” a foreigner, the kiddushin does not catch on Klal in terms of Jewish law, and they are not considered married,
    Therefore his claim that she is his wife is disqualified.

    עכו”ם ועבד שקדשו בת ישראל אין קדושיהן קדושין
    רמב”ם אישות ד, טו

    Assimilation is the main enemy of the existence of the Jewish people. The number of Jews is not rising, and the percentage of Jews in the world is declining.

    You have mentioned that you assimilated from Muslim to Judaism; her marrying to you, she is assimilated.

  9. Blemish is a blemish, and under any circumstances, there’s no way back. The takana – regulation of the Syrians has been a valid takana by many Rabbanim for decades, and no one is authorized to diminish or provoke it. We understand you fell in love with Judaism. from the entire Jewish nation. We encourage you with Hashem’s help rebuild your life the way you desire in Israel. And this is the end of the sorrowful story.

  10. Although his action was extremely wrong, it does sound like he’s sincere. I think we all need to leave it up to the Rabbanim to decide if his intentions are sincere and whether he should be aloud to convert.

  11. This guy has a track record of dishonesty. We cannot make his sounding sincere an indication of credibility. I would vote to deny him the opportunity of geirus. If he wishes to be from the chasidei umos haolam, that might be okay. But he proudly displayed his propensity to lie. I am not ready to accept his checks.

  12. It is simple solution. The halacha is ger kkatan shenolad domi. Upon his possible conversion the past disappears.

    On a practical level after conversion he should change his appearance and assume a new name.

    There is one sign of sincerity. His zionistic affiliation is not in his interest, as it is looked down by most frum in the US.

  13. Mr. Hawila. This message is for you.
    I am from a middle eastern origin, and after hearing your story, and watching your interviews , I can see straight through you. You are nothing but a one big fat LIAR through and through! Every thing you say is nothing but LIES! After being exposed for the terrible things you did, you should have been completely disappeared and vanished from the public view by now. But the fact that you are still around in the spot light, clearly shows the efforts you putting in to cover up your true intentions. You do not have a Jewish soul. You do not love our Torah. You are after our Jewish girls, if not more.

    From day #1 your story was a lie and didn’t make any sense, I don’t understand why anyone would buy it. You claimed you had Jewish inspirations while you were still in Lebanon, and learnt how to read and write Hebrew. There hasn’t been any Jews in Lebanon since the early 80’s, (20 years before you were born), and certainly there was never any Jews where you lived, Shiaa dominated south Lebanon, so where in the world did you pick up Jewish inspirations from? there goes your big lie, and more lies follows. Your entire story is nothing but layers of lies over lies over lies.

    Since you grew up in Lebanon, I’m assuming you’re very familiar with the famous Arabic comedy song from the 60’s called “كذاب كذاب والله العظيم كذاب” “You’re a liar! you’re a liar! I swear to God you’re a LIAR!”

    Mr. liar, move on with your fake life and leave the Jewish people and faith alone!! Chabad fell for your lies. A beautiful innocent young girl, her family and community fell for your lies. Now that you have been exposed, I hope and pray that other Jewish people and communities learn a lesson, and be careful not to fall for your lies again.

  14. From his GoFundMe page

    > As it so happens, I’ve received an offer from Yechezkel Sivak, the mayor of Kfar Haroeh (a religious moshav located in the Hefer Valley Regional Council of the Central District), to come to Israel and be assisted in my conversion process. The moshav’s Bnei Akiva yeshiva is Rabbanut-accredited, and I would be studying under the auspices of Rabbi Chaim Zamir.

    Well now we know he’s going to the Zionists. Seems like they will take anyone I guess.

  15. WHy in the world is this guy still getting attention from the frum community, he’s lucky enough that we don’t have the power to enforce any punishments for what he did. But no more attention should be paid to him from the frum world, he should effectively be put in cheirim. It’s the least we can do after this horrid story.

  16. Mistake in tile. You cant call the guy a Muslim if he doesn’t practice Islam (which he doesn’t). You can call him Arabic but not Muslim.

  17. What I see from his talking is
    1. that he is not interested in being Jewish at all, he just likes that women. if you would ask him to convert and find a different wife he will say no.
    2.He is saying that it has only to do with the girl and that the Syrian Rabbonim shouldn’t make such a Takona against converts, who in the world asked that goi to tell for jewish rabbonim what takona they should make?, that means that he only wants to except Torah shbuksav and not Torah shbal pah.
    3. He is talking about his love for Israel. Loving Israel is not a reason to convert to Judaism. Israel is a Gift that Hashem is giving for the Jews when they do the mitzvas they should be able to do more mitzvas…..

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