TERROR IN CHADERA: Two Killed, Multiple Victims Critical in Shooting Attack


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Two Israelis were killed and at least 10 injured after two terrorists opened fire in Chadera. The murdered victims have not been named but are reported to be one male and one female.

The terrorists, both males from Umm el-Fahm, were neutralized by undercover Israeli security forces who had been eating at a restaurant near the scene of the attack. The terrorists are believed to have been members of the ISIS terror group, which carried out an attack in Beer Sheva last week, killing four Israelis.

A video circulating on social media earlier alleged to show the two terrorists embracing in front of an Islamic State flag before the attack.

Shin Bet Director Ronen Bar, Israel Police Chief Kobi Shabtai and Public Security Minister Omar Bar Lev are at the scene, and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is also heading to the area.

Police say the two terrorists arrived at the scene with 1,100 bullets, as well as at least three handguns and six knives.

Helicopters are scanning the area to rule out the possibility of more terrorists lurking in the vicinity of the attack.

The attack came as Israel hosts a major summit in the Negev with officials from the United States – including Secretary of State Antony Blinken – Bahrain, Morocco, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates.

Palestinian terror groups have been calling for an increase in terror attacks against Israelis ahead of the month of Ramadan, which begins this weekend.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I once saw a Midrash many years ago. If there is peace amongst the Jewish nation, no one in the world can harm us.
    If we give people the benefit of the doubt and we judge them favorably, then there will be zero Lashon Harah in a person’s heart.

  2. The UN will condemn when Israel responds ( that would assume they had real leadership oops )

    Ukraine , France , Germany –
    Ukraine – and the media gang over at the NYT and CNN will join the chorus condemning Israel of course as the case past decade –

    But Israel isn’t doing enough to help Ukraine – because the New York Times and CNN think so.

    They should be providing weapons — it’s certainly their place to do that and shouldn’t be the domain of world superpowers like the US .
    Follow the NYT , CNN and the warped media narrative and Israel will be facing another Holocaust with a nuclear armed Iran in a very few years.
    I can assure the New York Times doesn’t care about that one bit .

  3. what did I tell you!? I knew this would happen

    the Israeli govt’s weakness and incompetence is to blame.

    they should have shot all the muslims dead years ago…

  4. the two terrorists embracing in front of an Islamic State flag before the attack. & now they are permanently embracing Arafat & Bin Laden in גהינום and quite likely also along with some past Muftis

  5. I know the video of the attack is all over, but why should that female police officer’s family have to see their loved one in that condition? And being flipped over to have her gun taken away? I wish this would never have gone public. Some respect for the deceased.

  6. Reaction to this second Fascist Islamic State attack by two Arabs:

    1. Some Arab students wrote supporting messages with words ” Umm el-Fahm’ and drawing of a gun. (Y. Odem in N12 chat: 28/03/22 18:56)

    2. Hezbollah and Iran celebrate. (S.J. Frantznam, JPost, Mar 28 ’22)

    4. Arab “Palestinians” celebrate. (‘On the Ground News’, March 27 ’22)