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FLASHBACK – ONE YEAR AGO TODAY: Biden: “You’re Not Going to Get COVID If You Have These Vaccinations” [SEE THE VIDEO]

President Joe Biden on Thursday tested positive for Covid-19, the first time the 79-year-old has been infected with the virus.

The septuagenarian Biden is quadruple-vaxxed, having received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine shortly before taking office, and getting two booster shots since – one last September and another in late March.

Ironically, Biden made a clear assertion about the vaccines during a CNN Town Hall event exactly one year ago today.

“You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,” Biden said.

In an incredible twist, his words came back to bite him Thursday after they were debunked by a Covid-19 test administered to him exactly one year later.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. You can’t take words from one year ago and say “In an incredible twist, his words came back to bite him”
    At that time it was true. At that time, there was no omicron and the vaccine did prevent people from getting Covid

  2. Likely, as we’ve seen with others who have have been vaxed and boosted his case is likely to be very mild. That doesn’t mean we eschew vaxing.

  3. and when trump got covid, what did he, oh the great orator, have to say?
    stop finding a fault with everything biden does or says. enough already.

  4. He said that you won’t get sick from it. The immune system from the vaccine will be able to fight it. Don’t be so literal.

  5. I didn’t get Polio lite, Measles lite, Meningitis lite, (the list goes on), because I was vaccinated!

    If you get it anyway (in any form) it’s not a vaccine. Stop calling it a vaccine.

  6. I hope he gets the Diarrhea for month version so he can let out all that BS heez carrying & Jill can clean it up!

  7. Among lawyers, the ability to accurately understand and translate “medical speech” into English is a specialized skill, and that wasn’t Biden’s specialization. The makers of the vaccine claimed that vaccine would largely eliminate the threat of serious illness or death for those vaccinated. They never claimed it would prevent you from getting (testing positive for) Covid, or getting mild symptoms.

  8. Pekak, we just have a case in the news of someone who had oral polio vaccine, getting polio …

    many vaccines are 90-95% effective, even as some are higher. You may not notice that lower effectiveness that easily because those diseases are not very prevalent and also some of those not very effective vaccines are not used when there is not much need.

  9. If Biden said this a year ago, that was about Delta that vaccine protected from just a little less than original wuhan. Latest Omicron variants are even distinct from each other, so people get infected even if they infected by another \variant several months ago. Still, protection from serious illness already exists from both vaccines and previous infections. The more it is from vaccines, the less chances are you will be coughing for a long time and have memory lapses.

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