“FADING FAST”: Paul Ryan Calls Trump a “Proven Loser” Whose Influence on GOP is Waning [SEE THE VIDEO]


Former House Speaker Paul Ryan let loose on Donald Trump on Thursday, with the 2012 vice presidential candidate saying that the former president is a “proven loser” whose sway in the Republican Party is “fading fast.”

During an interview on CNN, anchor Jake Tapper asked Ryan how Republicans would agree to reform the social safety net when Trump, who was adamantly opposed to doing so when he was president, is still an important and influential figure in the GOP.

“Couple of things,” Ryan said. “He’s fading fast. He is a proven loser. He cost us the House in ’18, he cost us the White House in ’20, he cost us the Senate again and again and I think we all know that. And I think we’re moving past Trump. I really think that’s the case. I can’t imagine getting him the nomination frankly.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. the only loser is Paul Ryan himself. you can see trumps influence on the house very clearly when he got McCarthy into power. Paul Ryan is obviously delusional and needs a dr right after bidens appointment.

  2. When Paul Ryan got his start in politics as an intern in Congressman Jack Kemps office we thought that he had a bright future in politics. We used to tease him by calling him Eddie since he was the spitten’ image of Eddie on the Munster Family. Over the years he got squishy and turned into a RINO.
    He was influenced by Romney the other RINO Loser on the ticket. Today he flaps his lips but says nothing intelligent. It’s a shame when you lose your mind.

  3. RINO originally referred to the pre-Reagan Republlcans who tended to social liberalism and favored a high level of government spending. In addition, the Reagan-Bush era Republicans were opponents of the “Evil Empire” (which they vanquished, without a war) and the “Freedom agenda” (arguing that being the leader of the free world is what makes American great). A strong argument can be made that Trump (who was not even a Republican as recently as 2008) is the RINO.

    But without the “base” (the so-called “deplorables”) that Trump bought into the Republican party, it will be impossible for the Republicans to win. What the traditional (defined by Reagan like policies) Republicans need to do is to get Trump to support a ticket that is broad based enough to win. The Republicans can’t win with Trump leading the tickets (cf. 2018, 2020, 2022) but they can’t win without him (cf. 2008, 2012).