Trump Says He’d Trust Vladimir Putin Over US “Intelligence Lowlifes”


Former president and 2024 candidate Donald Trump said that he trusts Russian President V Vladimir Putin more than he does the “intelligence lowlifes” of the Pentagon.

Referencing a joint press conference with the Russian mass murderer in which he openly questioned the assessment that Russia had interfered in the 2016 election, Trump reiterated that he trusts Putin more than America’s intelligence.

“Remember in Helsinki when a 3rd rate reporter asked me, essentially, who I trusted more, President Putin of Russia, or our “Intelligence” lowlifes,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “My instinct at the time was that we had really bad people in the form of James Comey, McCabe (whose wife was being helped out by Crooked Hillary while Crooked was under investigation!), Brennan, Peter Strzok (whose wife is at the SEC) & his lover, Lisa Page. Now add McGonigal & other slime to the list. Who would you choose, Putin or these Misfits?”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. If Trump ever bothered to read his briefing papers he would have known that Putin spent 15 years as a KGB agent. That alone is a reason not to trust Putin. There have been credible allegations that Donald Trump was groomed as an asset by Russian intelligence services long before he entered politics. He has never criticized Putin which leads one to believe that there may be some truth there.

  2. “Yaakov doe”
    oyu misunderstood him, he said he trusts Putin MORE THAN the intelligence committee in the pentagon. and he’s 100 percent right

  3. “Referencing a joint press conference with the Russian mass murderer”

    Hey YWN Moderator, cut out the hype and bull

    How many people did America MASS MURDER in Hiroshima and Nagasaki ??????????

  4. He’s right. The US intelligence services have completely destroyed their credibility and their word is worth nothing. Putin’s word is also not worth very much, but he’s probably slightly more reliable than them, and he’s certainly not less reliable.

  5. If he trusts Putin over our senior defense or intelligence agents, than we know he is certifiably eligible for taxpayer funded mental health care. Look at the meshugaim he appointed to senior national security posts after he fired McMaster, Mathis, etc. for pushing back on his crazy directives.

  6. As everyone is saying, he is 100% correct. As we know, just before the election, when the Hunter Biden laptop story was heating up, 51 heads and former heads of US Intelligence agencies signed a letter stating that the story was Russian collusion and misinformation. Besides the fact that that is now known to be a lie, many of these intelligence heads have since admitted that they lied to help Biden defeat Trump. So exactly what iota of trust can we bequeath to the US Intelligence?