Man Smashes Car Windows In Crown Heights, Gets Arrested After NYPD, Shomrim Manhunt


Crown Heights Shomrim received a call for assistance at Albany and Carroll Street early Thursday morning over a suspect who was using a bat to smash in the windows of multiple vehicles.

Shomrim quickly responded to the scene, but the suspect was already gone. As volunteers canvassed the area, the NYPD was called in, who utilized Shomrim’s network of security cameras to see what had happened and get a better description of the perp.

The suspect was caught later Thursday afternoon after a community member spotted the suspect and alerted Shomrim.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I guess another role model for NY politicians. Probably he has dozens of similar arrests and goes to the same later the same day thanx to DA, who only care about putting in jail Trump and people who actually stand up against those criminals. And if he shot to death by another gang member, then no one who care for him, and if someone decides to protect his property or even life, and this lowlife get hurt or accidently killed, of course it would be protests, politicians cries, media buzz that he was only mentally not well and not a safety risk for others.

  2. If this thug ever threatens you on a subway train, do NOT defend yourself or fight back. YOU WILL BE ARRESTED!