KASHRUS ALERT: Fake Hashgachos Being Imported From Asia


There’s a new warning for kosher consumers: rigorously check every hashgacha label seen on food products.

On Monday, Kashrut.com issued an alert warning of bogus kashrus certification labels being slapped on products bring imported from Asia – particularly ones originating from India.

“These bogus kosher symbols ares [s]ome of the ones offered by companies, many in Asia, particularly India, that sell ‘certification’ services. (No recognized rabbinical certification is behind these certications.),” the warning reads.

Curiously, one of the fraudulent kashrus symbols being used has “פשר” written on it, rather than the correct “כשר.”

As always, buyer beware.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. @Judge
    Obvious you didn’t read the article stating many coming out of India. Your Trumpian bigotry is disgusting (says this father of a Chinese daughter).

  2. As none of these symbols carry the name of a certifying agency nobody who cares about kashrus would hold by them. There are products coming out of India carrying a hashgocha which most authorities do not consider reliable. I would love to find Indian food products with a reliable hechsher.

    Obviously, you’ve not been keeping up with the news in recent months.
    If you had you’d have heard that even your liberal colleagues in the CDC, WHO, and even in Congress, are admitting that the virus probably originated in China.
    Your misplaced and self-righteous indignation does not change facts, no matter who or what your dear daughter is.
    But since when do facts bother liberals?
    Liberalism is an incurable disease…

  4. @CTLAWYER Stop being so offended when people call out China for unleashing a virus that left millions dead, while so far facing ZERO consequences. Your Chinese daughter may be lovely, but the Chinese government is a totally legitimate target for any sort of attacks. Thank you.

  5. People also need to be aware that a lot of food that’s sold from 3rd party sellers on sites like amazon and walmart is being sold from sellers in china. Probably not the original products with real hashgacha.