Misaskim of London Holds Hachnosas Sefer Torah in Tribute to R’ Yanky Meyer Z”L


Misaskim of London held a beautiful hachnosas sefer torah on Sunday, ten years after R’ Yanky Meyer z”l first established the UK arm of the organization.

Thousands of London residents joined in the festivities, which served as a tribute and aliyas neshama for R’ Yanky z”l. The sefer torah was written at the height of Covid based on the segulah of the Baal Shem Tov, with Sunday’s procession bringing it to Misaskim headquarters in the Golders Green section of London.

Misaskim of London members tell YWN that despite being thousands of miles away, R’ Yanky z”l was of constant assistance to its members and served as guided the branch through countless trying times.

R’ Yanky z”l was to be the guest of honor at Sunday’s hachnosas sefer torah. Misaskim of London members had contacted him numerous times to find a date when he could fly out to London for the event, not knowing that he was unable to make such a trip due to an illness that was ravaging his body.

“We felt him dancing with us today,” a Misaskim member told YWN. “He couldn’t be here physically, but his neshama was with us, and his leadership continues to guide us every day.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)



  1. Never in history has there been such spotlight on Jewish wealth and growth and people think it is the only kiddush hashem when in New York the richest of places lives a whole community of one ethnic group not like China Town or Harlem that has millions of people in the USA but in New York from a community of like million people there is this ethnic group right on ocean parkway showing all world how rich and wealthy this also in London never has the Jewish people showed off it’s blessing and royal blood ever in history like this in Europe there was many in the shtetle in places that had in it already Jewish spilled blood and in Spain there was official slaves and they lived in harmony with the goyim but never in history was there such a thing as the existence in itself of Jewish wealth and royal blood like with shomrim in hungry before they went to the camps no one knew about what was happening in Poland and they bitterly lost everything now most of this could only be done with Israel statehood without it could not happen we would have no other home and these things would dissipate but the more it seems that the Jewish wealth is getting shown it seems like there is that darkness that keeps us in galus till moshiach