Rabbi Brudny, Rabbi Reisman and Rabbi Bender Agree: Make Yom Tov Special for Another Family


We all know how good it feels when we buy new clothing for a special occasion.

Now imagine how it feels when parents can’t do that for their children.  Unfortunately, that is the reality for thousands of families.

That’s where Bobbie’s Place comes in. Bobbie’s Place is the most unique clothing store in America.  How can we be so sure? Because everything is free!

Bobbie’s Place will provide more than 12,000 kids and teens with beautiful new clothing this month. They will leave with much more than a new outfit. Bobbie’s Place does it in such a special way that preserves their dignity, enhances their self-esteem and boosts their confidence.

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Watch the short video below to see the generosity of spirit that animates Bobbie’s Place and the dozens of dedicated volunteers who keep it running.

That’s right, not only do the customers not pay, but the staff all work for free! It is truly a magical place.

See for yourselves why Rav Elya Brudny, Rav Yisroel Reisman and Rav Yankel Bender all support Bobbie’s Place

Please donate generously HERE.

Thousands of families turn to Bobbie’s Place for assistance.  They can’t assist those families without your help.

Please donate generously HERE.

Make Yom Tov special for another family!