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WATCH: Trump Offers Support For Israel, Says Iran Attacked “Because We Show Great Weakness”

Donald Trump on Saturday evening began a campaign rally in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, by proclaiming his full-throated support for Israel, then blasting President Joe Biden and his administration for allowing Iran to attack the Jewish State with impunity.

“Before going any further, I want to say God bless the people of Israel – they’re under attack,” Trump said, adding, “That’s because we show great weakness… It would not have happened if we were in office. You know that, they know that, everybody knows that.”

“We will return the world to peace through strength, and it will happen very quickly. I will revive American strength abroad and we will restore American strength at home. We were respected four years ago all over the world – today, we are considered a joke.”

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  1. Do not fall for the words of this con man named Trump. He is no friend of Israel and is not an Ohev Yisrael. He is only an ohev Trump. He can turn on us as quickly as he has with so many others.

  2. bronxyid:
    He moved the Zionist embassy to Jerusalem and recognized Zionist sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Seems pretty pro-Israel. He also freed R’ SM Rubashkin and also fought against the tsunami of immorality engulfing the country. Seems pretty pro-Jewish. So, TDS?

  3. More political effluent from YWN’s resident mah-yofis who defends the anti-Semitic FDR, ymsh”v.

    It is Brandon, the useless turd who is currently occupying the Oval Office. His weakness and unceasing criticism of Israel over the past few months are what has brought the world to the precipice of world war.

    Stick the the cute vertlech.

  4. bronxyid – you are absolutely right. a con-man on his way to jail tells us how wonderful he is, was, and will be. Poppycock

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