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WATCH: Trump Visits Bodega Where Criminal’s Killing Sparked National Outrage Over Crime

Former President Donald Trump made a surprise visit to a Manhattan bodega on Tuesday, where he met with Jose Alba, a worker who was cleared of murder charges after stabbing an ex-con in self-defense. Trump received a warm welcome from the crowd, who chanted “four more years” and cheered his name.

Alba’s case had sparked widespread scrutiny and intense backlash, with many arguing that he had acted in self-defense. Trump used the case to paint his Democrat opponents as soft on crime, and took aim at Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, who has been a frequent target of his attacks.

“We have to stop crime. We have to let the police do their job, they have to be given back their authority,” Trump said, adding that his election campaign is “making a big play for New York.”

Trump also took aim at President Biden, claiming that his policies have led to an influx of “terrorists” and migrants taking jobs away from African Americans and Hispanics.

The visit was seen as a political move, as Trump’s criminal trial began on Monday. He dubbed the trial “election interference” and claimed that the “whole world is watching this New York legal system.”

“It all comes out of Washington, because they’re losing very badly, did you know they’re losing very badly? They’re losing badly in the polls. People don’t like the persecution, they don’t like what’s going on, they don’t like these fake prosecutors,” Trump said.

The visit was met with a raucous welcome, with children screaming “we love Trump!” and a crowd singing the Star Spangled Banner behind him. Trump declared, “You know what we’re going to be doing, right? We’re going to be saving America.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

3 Responses

  1. Not sure even Trump can save NYC from the ghetto rulership of Fat Albert Bragg and Attorney General Queen Latifa James.

  2. You know he is right.
    The left are at best just a bunch of immature, babyish, entitled son-of-the-rich-guy crooks.
    They think they deserve credit everywhere they don’t, have not a clue what they are doing but are there because of connections, can mercilessly politically persecute an opponent because they are just so terrified that he’ll win, and that’s their way of throwing a tantrum (if they really are so good and popular, what are they scared of anyway….hmmm..), but when he takes the stand and does some bold things, suddenly he’s a crook?
    Seriously, nobody buys it anymore.
    The only possible reason that Trump will not get in, is due to the crazy kochi v’etzem yadi that people think they are Hashem and “know 100%” that hell get in, we are not Hashem and do not know 100%, but AL PI DERECH HATEVA, there really is no doubt about this.

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