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Suspect in Suspicious Letter to Scottsdale Chabad House Won’t be Arrested

cos.jpgScottsdale police investigators said the person who sent a suspicious letter to the Chabad House (reported HERE on YWN) was a former student who reportedly has mental health issues.

Police did not release the student’s name, but said he was a Scottsdale resident who will not be arrested in connection to the incident.

Police said they do not believe it was a crime, and that the letter was not meant to threaten or intimidate.

In the letter, the student had made reference to Mumbai, India, the site of a recent terrorist attacks on another Chabad House and several other institutions that left more than 170 dead. The letter also expressed discontent over classes the student took at the Jewish Learning Center at 10215 N. Scottsdale Road, according to police.

A law-enforcement bomb squad called to the center opened the package to find it only contained harmless papers, according to Scottsdale police Sgt. Mark Clark.

The center, along with adjacent businesses, was evacuated for about five hours the day it received the package, police said.

(YWN-Lipas / East Valley Tribune)

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